In every Slovenian are 24 volts of fear

Ruben Papian is Armenian by origin, he lives in the Netherlands, and sometimes in Slovenia.

He is a healer, he deals with internal and external mental communication and he provides consulting services to many companies… We wanted to know how.

Ruben Papian is a 41-year old man who says he is happy, wealthy and successful. His only problem is time. It says on his card that he is a businessman, and that is reflected in his neat appearance, in clothing of prestigious fashion brands, polite behavior, communication in many languages ​​and acquaintances in the international economic and political circles. He understands Slovenian and speaks fluent Serbian.

You are Armenian, you have opened your centers in several countries, and you live in the Netherlands. Why there?
I came to the Netherlands at the invitation of their Minister of culture. In Belgrade I met the Dutch ambassador, who thought that my work is interesting and useful. Of my Program for the development of gifted children and Program for the development of managerial skills he informed his government and this has led to an invitation. I had a job to help their community, their state with my knowledge. And if you ask me what am I doing now as an Armenian in Belgrade, let me say that I came when a former Yugoslav diplomat invited me. In Moscow, I cured his granddaughter, and so we made initial friendly contact. Anyway, I’ve already opened more centers in different countries and I work as a consultant for several large companies in the world.

You are an advisor for economic, political or social problems, but your knowledge is much more complex. Do you also have, for example, magical abilities?
I work with very subtle energies that are a part of the natural energies and I have the potential to use them. These are natural forces that are all around us and they affect us, though one can not see and can not detect them. We are able to turn them to our advantage, but only by small and sensitive steps, small movements, which can cause significant chain reaction. But the exploitation of biological processes requires carefully planned action, on the basis of a lot of knowledge and prior experience. It is not only a gift, a special ability! This requires long and serious hard work.

There are many evidence that these forces exist. They do not have a magical effect, but like conductor’s stick, for example, which is still “only” a stick, but it could change the sound and direct an orchestra! High heels function similarly. Woman in high heels stands straighter and shines with femininity, even though she walks more difficult in high heels than in low heels. Even more suitable is the example of a teapot, which we always keep in the same place, which is close to the wood. The steam is coming out of it and eventually it will change the look and texture of the wood. In laboratory experiments performed by chemists, the ones people call science, changes are also made ​​with natural, biological forces, which people like to call magic.

When it comes to advising companies, what are their main problems?
Large companies are like powerful, carefully designed machines, they are complex and slow. They do not usually have large, visible problems, but small errors. However, those are difficult to detect and correct. We know that people are the most sensitive part of the communication and the business system, and that’s why they need the assistance of external experts. I start working with a comprehensive and detailed analysis and, of course, at the same time I insist that managers strictly respect my knowledge, that is the first condition in order for me to accept the job. My goal in counseling is to create the best possible communication and interpersonal relationships, to make an impact on employees and their relationships with the right people in the right places, to let the work be carried out without interference, and that way to make it more efficient.

You are a healer and many people are trained to use your methods. How to heal?
For many years I have researched brain function, not on a chemical level, but as a concrete structure, as a “machine”. It’s all in your head! Much depends on your thoughts and emotions, including sickness or health. Because the imagination is as real as the reality itself, at least as far as consequences go, when a human in his mind moves from condition A to condition B when at the same time his senses are involved. If someone imagines something often enough, it can lead to strong emotions, and soon begin to show the effects on physical or mental level. So I need to know thoughts and feelings of my patient, so I can try to feel those thoughts and experiences myself and analyze them. For me it took many years of hard work to get there, especially for the development of my brain capacity. First I analyze the exterior of the patient, because it tells a lot about the processes in the brain, and then I go deeper. I affects the patient’s brain so that he or she changes attitudes, ways of thinking and feeling. That’s how I affect the problem, disease or problem. That is a direct transfer of information from brain to brain. Sounds simple, and it is, but only if the circumstances are favorable. Sometimes, one is so used to emphasize his illness that it becomes a real problem for him, because he has set his peace with that fact and he is no longer ready to heal. He think he wants to live, to be healthy, but in fact, he already decided to go down a different path. Those are, of course, the happier examples of when everything runs smoothly.
To our minds these days comes a great deal of information and a lot of them are unnecessary, or even harmful to the individual, they are like junk, they can be a virus on your computer as well. A human has only a certain amount of energy, and with more and more information, he or she is using more and more energy for processing. And that reduces functions of the immune system. In addition, the brain can not simultaneously identify harmful, unnecessary information or ‘virus’. So the damage of consciousness or unconsciousness reflects on the physical, emotional, mental or organic level. It can be said that the human is suffering from his mental processes.

You are talking about the specific knowledge, but it sounds rather abstract, almost like magic. You say that the magic is the successful application of natural forces, but the term is today used in a derogatory sense. Does that bother you?
Magic combines the knowledge of how to use biological power to do good to people. Sages used to be able to use this power to “correct” weather, for example to drive away heavy rain. Each nation has its own magic, their knowledge, used in order to help others with the biological forces, as well as self-healing capabilities. A hundred years ago, unfortunately destruction of this ancient knowledge began. In whose interest is that, I do not know, but the fact is that it happens in the name of economics. Magical formulas work quickly and are very efficient. Industry needs organized mass of people for mass production and mass purchases. Imagine what would happen if people could heal themselves! Remains of former magic skills are retained here and there, but, unfortunately, it is a complex knowledge that once belonged to educated elite circles, who were aware of their ethical and moral responsibilities, and then it moved to the bottom of the social ladder. The magic that was once used to create a better, more successful life, was now used by the poor people, often without any knowledge and ethical principles. Magic has become a tool for the revival of hope. It is now widely understood as a landfill, where you can find a lot of stinky mess, with maybe a few lost gems in between… Knowledge is the true magic that is fortunately still preserved in some circles, especially in some of the global institutions that explore this behavior and development.

What part of it is your talent, and what part is your own work? How did you develop your skills?
Certain skills I got with birth, I worked a lot on it, I developed, I got trainings in various fields… I first met with alternative forms of healing as a student. My mother was treated by an energy therapist and of course I was interested in how it works and whether I can do it. He discovered that I have a strong, active and red aura which was a good basis for that. I began to search for relevant literature and learnings. When I gained a lot of experience, I moved to Moscow, where I worked as an energy therapist of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Later I expanded my knowledge, especially in the area of the brain, and it’s been my field of work for a while now. For many years I worked almost constantly on myself. Judging by my very dense schedule this sounds unbelievable, but my brain was working 24 hours a day. Mentally I can work on more than one channel. For the development of these skills I needed twenty years. There are several techniques that allow such development, but there certainly aren’t any shortcuts. My development is going in the direction of self-defense. Human is like a computer, the better he is, the more he needs to be protected from viruses that could harm him.

Are you a psychic?
Yes. I am able to see the past, present and future. This, of course, should be understood in the context of my knowledge of brain functions and the way I can lead him to health. In Slovenia, there are some people that I have helped in this way, and with my help, they are still alive.
They say that the Holy Augustine, who prayed to God for the ability to change what needs to change and prevent changing of what shouldn’t be changed, prayed for the wisdom to know how to distinguish between the two.
That’s exactly what I’m doing.
Can you look at virtually every soul with your knowledge?
I do my job profesionally, and when I am not working, I “turn off instruments” in my head and live a normal life. I do not go into the personality of others, including my children, respect for the person I deal with is my first and greatest commandment. My skills require high ethics and my moral responsibility is huge. I work very carefully and I am completely professional. I am very selective in the choice of the people I let close to me.


Are you meant for something more?
I’m not like most people, that is I am not quite an ordinary man. Even as a child I showed signs of something different. My favorite game was thinking. I keep thinking of new ways, new solutions, changes, improvements… But, despite of dealing with non-traditional healing and non-traditional ways of personal growth, I am very honorable and very down to earth. My parents wanted for me to become an architect, as they were architects themselves, but I soon learned that I was born for something else. Later, in Moscow, I studied psychology, but again I did something else. Of course I’m glad that I have certain skills and a lot of knowledge and I will develop them further. I am aware of my abilities and my position and I am working according to that.

Probably the pressure of companies and individuals on you are big. Do you feel an obligation to help everyone?
I founded centers in different countries, where people who are trained by me work. With me personally not anyone can work with, after all, the prices of my services are very high. Not because I need money, I have enough of it, but simply because my value is big. Bvlgari jewels are cleaner and nicer, and also more expensive than any others. Anyone who wants to listen to a concert can listen to any concert, but only the concert in which the cello is played by Rostopovič provokes emotions so rich and gives a unique pleasure that has high value. These values we ​​must be aware of and respect them. Together with their price. Occasionally I work with individuals, but only when they have already been through everything before they came to me. In traditional medicine, which has developed for 2000 years, I have gained great knowledge and experience. It is also a matter of trust. Often it means a lot to have a conversation or a meeting with a certain person. At the first meeting I analyze the situation and I list all the possibilities: the changes that person needs to make, then, where he or she can receive adequate assistance for less money, if he or she can also be helped by someone else who has the specific knowledge. If I decide to take the case, I always state the percentage of chances for success. Some things even with magic can not be achieved.

What do you think is the easiest to manage?
A mass of people. That is well known and does not require any special skills or magical effects! If false dollar bills are thrown out of a plane on some protesters, for example, those people will at that moment forget why they are there. And when they find out that the money is fake, the main topic will be why, who, where… They will already forget what did they gathered to protest about.


And what of most value to you, what is worth fighting for?
The most valuable thing is a successful partnership and family. For me it’s my family. My wife is half-Armenian half-Russian, a fashion designer by profession. We have two children, almost 17-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter, who has inherited a lot of my abilities. I think it’s difficult to achieve a successful partnership, but it is one of the greatest values ​​we need to put effort in and it’s worth it. So much effort is required only to ensure that two completely genetically different people begin to live together in harmony, but that each of them keeps their own personality! It is indeed a great success. Emotions are of course very important. People are, unfortunately, very poor when it comes to that. On average, an individual has developed ten kinds of emotions, in order to fully understand everything, but he should have developed a hundred! So, they are very important because they are a reflection of the entire human energy situation. They are our reactions to the information from the environment. They are our colored energy respones and they are our personal expression. A common way of life, of course, does not allow the development of emotional connection. In short, happy life together is the result of hard work. It is very difficult to overcome differences and so on. Here even more than, for example, in the Netherlands.

Obviously you know a lot about us. In what way are you dealing with Slovenia?
I’m in touch with Slovenia since 1988. Currently, I’m here for talks with ship owners from several countries, and one of your companies will also attend. Very often I am in Slovenia. Here the potential of biological powers is higher, which is usually correlated with higher IQ which can be attributed to the Slovenians. You also have a national peculiarity, which is characteristic for each of you: in every one of you there is a 24 volt fear. Fear causes tension, enhances the immune system and seeks the enemy. That’s all, but it requires a lot of energy. Because of that there is so much violence, suicides and negativity on other, more complex levels.
To break out of this vicious circle is sometimes enough to get a new point of view. It is best to get a new source of information. Think about it, how much would a meeting with people from other civilizations, from another planet, offered a different view of our civilization! If we would only be able to evaluate and see ourselves and our problems, and our world! So I want to get into this new dimension, to promote the endless possibilities that exist, but that people are often deaf and blind to.

It’s probably hard for you not to care. What do you do if you feel that people don’t like you or that they don’t understand your work?
I can say I’m a happy man who has enough of everything except time. Of course, there are attacks on my work, on my theories, but the competition is fierce. I mentioned that I do not allow many people to come close to me, and if someone surprises me unpleasantly, I withdrew. That’s it.

Source: “Nedelo – V vsakem Slovencu je 24 voltov strahu, Lidija Jež”, 2003 April, Slovenia



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