Dealings with death

Kako lecim otpisane

The strong radiating energy, the expressive stability of personality, piercing black eyes and captivating smile – this is the first impression one can get about Ruben Papian, widely known magus, born 42 years ago in Armenia. He lives with his family in Amsterdam, but his residence is the entire world, as he claims, because he spends more time in airplanes, traveling, than at home.

Exclusive interview:

Ruben Papian, expert in esotericism and energy, the last hope for many.

How do I heal the hopeless?

Ruben Papian, expert in esotericism and energy, the man who removes problems unsolvable for official medicine and saves lives, exclusively for The Healer reveals:

The hopeless come to me because I deal with death

The strong radiating energy, the expressive stability of personality, piercing black eyes and captivating smile – this is the first impression one can get about Ruben Papian, widely known magus, born 42 years ago in Armenia. He lives with his family in Amsterdam, but his residence is the entire world, as he claims, because he spends more time in airplanes and traveling than home.

Serbian language, which he had learned over 15 years ago, during four years spent in Belgrade, is just one of five which he speaks perfectly. He has a lot of interests: nuclear industry, management, computer technology, television show programs and financial constructions, producing tea, alternative medicine… Alternative, he says, brings the least income. He is adviser to a several powerful widely known corporations; he is working with scientific organizations and academies from many countries.

–     Are you using alternative methods to prove that the official medicine is not always right?

–     Absolutely not. I have great cooperation with official doctors. I am not classical alternative man, I’d rather say I am a scientist who goes parallel to science, but I cannot be in it because it doesn`t have wide enough spectrum, as I have. Scientific organizations are ready for cooperation only when they see that someone can present in their language what they consider as alternative or supernatural processes. Healing is just one part of it.

–     Can I call you a healer, then?

–     Don`t. I`m not a healer in the classical sense of the word. It`s better to say that I’m an unusual guy that can perform a miracle. I solve problems. Very often, medical issues do not have root in man`s body, but in something else, like social environment, educational system, communication… In that case, no matter how long someone takes treatment, medical issue cannot be resolved.

–     How do you diagnose a problem?

–     At first encounter I listen to the version of present state from the patient. This is important, but more important is how the patient experiences that problem. Often those two do not match. The third factor of, let`s say, diagnostics are the thoughts and analyses of classical medicine. After that, I create a realistic image I can see, in a literal meaning, to the last capillary I am interested in.

–     Isn`t that the ability to scan?

–     It`s even more than what can be achieved by a scanner or MRI. Problem does not have to be seen, it can be heard or smelled. Those are detailed developed perceptions that enable me to detect a problem, no matter where it is. Then I compare my vision of cause, the opinions of the doctors who use different methodology and the patient`s notion of how they see that problem. Only then, based on all these can I create my own system and find a way that helps.

–     Which systems are you using?

–     My own brain constructions. I have operational system of analysis, constructive memory and operational memory… I begin to construct in my head the most optimal system, the most adequate for a given case. It`s not just about one methodology, about one approach to a human being. With people every diagnosis has a different picture. When energy therapy is being performed, then you can say – there are changes. But changes can occur when you give a thousand dollars to a man. Waving hands during the treatment is not quality nor a condition for a result. It is important how long that hand waving lasts, in what intensity, the sequence of when and above which places on the body the hand goes is important.

–     What are the diseases you have to stand up to?

–     People mostly come to me when they run out of possibilities for recovery. For many of them I am the last chance. The most important thing for success with patient is comprehension of my own “machine”. If there is just one segment of myself that I cannot control, I won`t be able to control it in the other. Self-awareness and control are the basic conditions for success.

–     So, you accept only the hopeless?

–     I take the most difficult cases, but not quantitatively. This means that if there is such a case in a country and they hire me, I fly to that country just for that case, or maybe one more similar patient. That has its time obligation and a financial value. I do not wish to overload my brain that has to be hyperactive. My biomachine must not be burdened from any side, so it could be fully dedicated to the problem solving and only in that case I can get the best results.

–     And how do you do that?

–     The first thing I do then is “getting inside” the sick person and calculating where the organism`s trigger of death is, what the disturbed functions are. There is something in the brain not many people know of – a center where the process of death is being formed, that is the transfer from the state of living matter to a state of dead matter, and that process begins when several parameters align. My job is to calculate those parameters, find the main ones and make a clear estimate is there any chance to affect them so they can be moved.

–     This sounds incredible; can you describe a practical case?

–     I am mostly wanted in carcinoma cases. So, for instance, doctors said to a 75-year-old man that he had two more days to live. I fly to Sweden, see a situation, the person already smells like death. Medical findings show that he has a stomach carcinoma with a metastasis on other organs. I saw that two or three parameters that are the main death triggers hadn`t aligned yet. I make, like a computer, an estimate of a way of action. In human world that is a miracle. That happens only in nature, at a natural function level, not at a conscious human level. I work shortly, at once, on what I call “plugging” and “unplugging”, moving of parameters. Treatments for regeneration of matter come later, when the death is avoided.

–     And what was the result of that particular case?

–     The next morning that man, who couldn`t see me, nor talk when I first came, woke up not just alive, but he was talking, moving his arms and legs. He said to his family: “I was supposed to die last night and that man you brought in saved me”. His son asked him: “Why do you think that?” and he answered: “I saw dead relatives, they were waiting for me, but that man didn`t let go of me, he was with me and brought me back to life, he told me that it wasn`t my time.”

–     All the religions say that the date of birth and the date of death are bound by faith but you stopped death in this case. How do you explain that?

–     I do not stop death, I deal with it. Maybe that sounds like a science or non-science fiction for many, but it`s like that.

–     Do you work on distance?

–     Everyday people call from various countries with whom I work. Actually, I follow them. But I prefer the first contact to be face to face. Not because I think that it`s impossible to work if I haven`t seen the person. It`s possible, but I wish to check myself, that man and diagnosis in that personal contact.

About magic

–     Do you consider yourself a magus?

–     Yes, because magic is nothing else then using of natural processes. Everything functions well in nature. Cat comes back home no matter where she is. Isn`t that magic? Or a little spider that warms water inside his body up to 100 degrees Celsius? All those energy processes are magic. Magic is nothing else but a system of distributing energy and a time period of such actions. That is not just biological energy; it is also cosmic, natural. And a knowledge of using that is either a part of genetic heritage or a result of studying old writings of those who knew a long time ago how to use that in living with nature. Today it`s much harder to determine a concept of magic because we live in a world of energy conflicts, beginning with quality of water, food, social environment….

Ruben`s pyramid in the middle of Belgrade – unique place for good health and good mood

Few years ago, Ruben Papian decided to use the information about Egyptian pyramids that have been gathered for centuries and with help of his huge 25 years long experience in the area of frequencies to make of it all something practical and useful. He built a pyramid, first in Holland about a year and half ago, and it showed great results, and recently one more was built in “Institute for Esotericism and Parapsychology Ruben Papian” in Belgrade.

Ruben`s pyramid was built using dimensions of Cheops`s pyramid as a model, because that mother of all pyramids has the ability to gather and refract the biggest amount of frequencies falling at its sides under a strictly determined angle. This is the same at Ruben`s pyramid, with a difference that this unusual magus and scientist examined to the smallest detail quality and types of energies and frequencies in this unusual building. With help of his scientist colleagues– physicist, astronomers and mathematicians, he found a way to extract and bring to the people energies and frequencies of the highest quality for a human body, so that people sitting beneath pyramid can experience an “energy shower”. This means that the energy of the highest quality that can be found in our surroundings flows through their bodies. The task that every person under the pyramid has is to direct energy with his or her thoughts to solving a current problem, regardless to the nature of the problem.

The first Serbian Ruben`s pyramid, built in Višnjica, a township of Belgrade, two months ago, already has excellent results for many medical problems. In that way the troubles with bones and joints, such as rheum, arthritis, gout, dislocations and mechanical problems with spine are solved remarkably well. Besides that, miraculous energy of the pyramid relieves hormonal problems and misbalance of thyroid gland, various stressful and irritable states, depression and insomnia. It has good effect in healing the skin diseases like eczema and various allergies.

There is no need to list further more. Come to Višnjica, sit down and feel it yourself. If you are healthy, a “charging” with fantastic energy will do well for you in order to better and with more quality do your duties, because after the “energy shower” head works better, the thoughts are clearer, it`s easier to find better solutions, there is no wasting energy on pointless and excessive thinking.

Source: “Iscelitelj – Kako lečim otpisane”, 2005 September

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