Health programming

Every man is a computer; illness is just a wrong program. This is the basis theory of Ruben Papian that uses his thought method to reprograms the ill and directs them toward health. Results exceed the powers of energy therapy by far.

Gordana Zveržhanovski operated her lymph gland in 1987 and after doctor analysis it was established that she shows signs of Hodgkin’s disease. They told her she has very little time left. In the same hospital there were five more patients in her condition. Gordana went through the series of serious and tough treatments before she gave up. She wanted to function in the every day life with people she cared about. The only thing she accepted was to drink promizones but she soon had to quit that too because it affected her eyes – she started to lose eyesight. As time went by she fell more and more into depression until eventually she went into a vegetative state awaiting death. In 1990 she met Ruben Papian. She didn’t fully understand the “method of mental correction” but she was willing to try. Treatments began and in the beginning she felt very light changes. After two months break the treatments were continued. Today, Gordana is a spirited sixty year old, cheerful and in a good mood, willing to socialize. Eyesight loss retracted and is not progressing further. She is the only out of those six patients that survived.

Zoran Jovanović first came to the treatment about a month ago. He was overweight, had trouble with his gizzard, digestion and heightened anxiety because of increased secretion of stomach acid. On top of all that he had trouble with hearing ( he said it was because of gunfire in the army ) and felt constant sensation similar to aerial travel in his ears. After a few days of treatments, gizzard problems were removed, his hearing improved and he lost 5.5 kilos without any diets. At first his weight jumped up and down for a kilo or two but eventually his state of weight loss stabilized.

Zoran explained how Rubens treatment looks like. It all begins as the patient sits down and closes his eyes. Zoran felt a pleasant sensation in form of a blood rush through his arms and legs and slight pressure in his head – in his forehead at first but then also in the back of his head. He was sleepy for a few days afterwards but when Rubens work was done he felt reborn. He brought his sister to treatments as she was constantly suffering depression mixed with neurosis – both of them then brought their parents. Their father had a problem with heightened pressure and mother suffered from spondylosis, duodenal ulcer and repercussions of kidney stone removal. Today, the whole family seems pleased and happy.

One of Rubens patients is a famous singer of the group “Odila” – Igor Dunjić. Like most of the musicians he drank a lot and his overburdening work and constant shows created a lot of pessimism and sense of uselessness in him. Today Igor is not drinking any more and all the effects of leaving alcohol ( weight gain, anxiety ) are not present.

Examples are many, and they seem fascinating and hard to accept. Is this the work of a miracle or miracle worker? What is a method of mental correction in the first place?

Correction of wrong program

Ruben Papian is horrified by the characteristics of miracle workers and charlatan healers. He characterizes his work as the most basic and natural process of communication. A man reacts like a computer – basis of his life is giving and taking thoughts – signals. We can exchange our thoughts with words, movement and mime but we also exchange the symbolic nature of it all in every form. People do not differentiate with their natural capacity but rather possibilities to use them. The most recent example of this thought communication is when you are talking with someone and you are missing a word and that someone connects to you and fills the missing word instantly instead of you.

As for illnesses, none of them is independent and isolated. All organs are interconnected and all of them are connected to the brain sending him information. Illness is information to the brain that there came to “some mistake in the computer” either due to genetic material, environment or wear down materials.

It is possible to slow down the disease – that was the case with Rubens mother who had illness in such a late stage that her “wounds” could be seen on her body. Watching the energy therapy he became interested for alternative medicine but he didn’t like the systematical energy therapy so he went on to invent his own thought method. He managed to close his mother’s wounds and extend her life for eight years. She died in February of this year.

Ruben Papian left his position of architect and turned to studying of unimaginable powers of human thoughts. He presented his work to several famous alternative practitioners on last years congress in Switzerland. Reactions were different but for the most part those who questioned his method and had suspicions soon became fascinated by it. This method, in this form, is unknown to current science and practical work. Number of students is slowly rising and they are training their own thoughts. For now you can find them in Hungary, Switzerland and in our country in Belgrade and Ljubljana. The whole work is released of any notion of mysticism and is based on personal understanding of anatomy and physiology. So far nobody complained about negative aspects after the treatment. It’s not only healing, it’s a new form of culture. Communication of the future – the one with no words spoken, just thoughts. It is important to note that for this to work there is no subjective mood requirement as the subject, patient, is not active but, unlike hypnosis, his consciousness is not turned off.

Rubens ordination in Belgrade is echoing with phone ringing every day. People came to five to ten minute sessions where they sat in silence with their eyes closed. Papian occasionally asked them how do they feel. Some didn’t feel anything, some felt a pleasant sensation and one woman grabbed her head and said that something was banging in the back. She was better after 10 minutes of the treatment.

Desanka Janković came from Trebinje. She stayed with her daughter in Belgrade. She has a problem with duodenal ulcer and this was her fourth visit. She complained about vertigo and sickness from the other day but already after the first question she felt a slight rush inside of her. Then she felt coldness in her chest area. All the time Ruben was walking around the room lost in his thoughts.

Twenty year old Gordana Mišić is one of those that felt nothing during séances. She survived head tumor operation in 1983 after which it turned out it was just endemic. She was feeling good for two years and then came large epileptic attacks. Since she is coming to these treatments he didn’t have a single attack.

Like we said, every computer has its own story but they are all functioning relatively properly at the moment. Ruben Papian is waving his hand and says how they all helped themselves.

Source: “Programiranje zdravlja, 1990 Beograd”

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