Ill mind – ill body

The method of mental correction consists of all possibilities of intervention in direct contact with the mind of the patient. Following and finding of problematic control functions as well as their correction and establishment of new systems is also included. This whole process doesn’t involve any active involvement of the patient and therefore is not dependent on his mood, state or degree of trust in expected result of the treatment.

Armenian Ruben Papian is in our country since few months ago and he is using mental communication to heal his patients. He is one of the representatives of alternative medicine but with specific methods of work.

– Illness begins that moment when you start believing in it – says Ruben Papian. – In that moment she becomes an authority in body, and fear of authority lives in every man. He is born with it settled in his mind, it can influence his actions and it most definitely influences his health. To be more or less fearful, means to be more or less healthy. Every psychic problem begins in the brain and can very easily transfer to other organs, which then manifest as different illnesses.

Defining the origin of numerous illnesses like this, Papian tends to remove any notion of mysticism in his work with patients. That is why he returns to talk about brain functions.

– Brain should be looked as center of a large computer system where all the informations gather. When, for whatever reason, and from whatever part of the system, wrong “codes” start pouring into the center, electric circuit gets disrupted and that starts causing a slew of errors. In those instances you need a help of a programmer.

When it comes to human organism, the goal of “programmer” is played by Ruben Papian that brings order to that “biological electric circuit”. He achieves that with thought contact. But before that, a few words about Ruben.

It began accidentally

Ruben Papian has 29 years, son Sergei and wife Natasha that lives with him in Ljubljana where they registered their firm by the name: Center for mental correction “Ruben Papian”. They have a representation in Novi Sad, where Ruben often comes because of his patients. That is how we managed to meet with him and asked him to come to our redaction.

To avoid any confusion, it should be noted that Ruben doesn’t have any diploma; he is an architect, musician, painter and numerous other things – you could say that he is multi-talented. As such, ten years ago, he became interested in energy therapy. He studied that area and read all the books he could find about it. After a while, he came to a realization that when it comes to alternative healing, the key to healing should be looked for in the human brain.

That is how it all began and resulted in one, now, anagogical case: Ruben sat with his friend and in one moment, maybe to confirm his thoughts, said – I am sure I can raise your body temperature. As you can guess that is exactly what happened. It was a definite confirmation of Papians attitude that human brain is not as large of an enigma as people think; you just need to understand it.

Be that as it may, Papian decided to do some research. He tested his skills in numerous applications and cases where, eventually, one woman from Belgrade came asking for his aid. Her examinations confirmed that her illness was a dire one. True to his words Ruben affected her brain with his thoughts. And, look and behold she got better! Her new official medical examinations confirmed that she was indeed better. This very thankful patient wasn’t his first, last or only in Serbia.

Protest of the body

– When the soul ( mind ) suffers, the body will talk and negative thoughts always hurt. What that means is that the soul needs help and to take the victory over body. I don’t do something hard to imagine, in fact everyone could do it if they learn how to keep their brain under control. Of course, I have students as well, perfectly normal people like any one of us. I teach them how to listen to the cries of the ill body and make brain corrections without the scalpel. Somewhere in each mind you can find the creator of all troubles and problems – I can’t stress that enough. I don’t believe in an almighty power of the pill or chemistry, but I believe in self-defense system of the brain that starts natural barriers of every live organism that is attacked by diseases.

However, Ruben doesn’t neglect or deny official medicine, what it did and what it continues to do today. “Far from it – Ruben said – Only an idiot would ignore scientific achievements. Because of that I ask from my patients to bring me their examinations and results provided by their official doctor, if anything to see if my help is beneficial to them.”

We should note that based on both superficial and laic view of the problem there are positive results. It is not really far-fetched that a third party observer might think about the concept of autosuggestion. Ruben is not troubled by such thoughts.

– OK but doesn’t all that steers you into thinking about functions of the brain? Every illness is exhibited before it is manifested. That moment when it does appear, that is when you have to hastily react. As soon as a person learns about what the trouble is, and in most cases you will find it in ones mind, the problem becomes clearer. Illnesses don’t come from the outside, but from the inside!

In this treatments Ruben Papian is using the so called method of mental correction, thought process that jump-starts weakened immune strengths in the organism but also teaching human brain and whole organism how to heal himself. Of course the method can be used as prevention and not only as a means of healing.

Ruben Papian method

In words of our interlocutor the method he is using is announcing new movements in contact and communication and is vastly different from any other alternative method ( energy therapy, hypnosis, reflexotherapy… ).

– The method of mental correction consists of all possibilities of intervention in direct contact with the mind of the patient. Following and finding of problematic control functions as well as their correction and establishment of new systems is also included. This whole process doesn’t involve any active involvement of the patient and therefore is not dependent on his mood, state or degree of trust in expected result of the treatment.

Ruben Papian wanted for us to note that his method is completely harmless and in no way brings the patients intellect into dependency of the intellect of the healer. Damaged control functions are brought back into their correct order and nothing else.

How does one treatment looks like

– I am working through thoughts – Ruben explains – Actually it’s a communication between mine and patients brain through thoughts.

For all the skeptics out there Ruben says – I am not selling mist here and I heal existing illnesses. Back home I have a whole collection of kidney stones my patients threw out and without any prescriptions or medications. I can’t even subscribe them any medication because I don’t have a diploma that would allow me to do that.

With that, Papian is emphasizing that who ever wants to deal with healing simply must learn, read and have perfect understanding of anatomy and physiology. He says that, in general, he has nothing against any alternative as long as it’s based in existing scientific proofs and facts.

– If it wasn’t like that – he claims – some doctors wouldn’t call me for help. After my treatments not one of them had any complaints and they were even amazed by what they experienced…

Here is one of many examples of his help. He was called to heal a forty-year-old man from epilepsy – his attacks happened only while he dreamt while he was perfectly fine during the day. As it turned out he had one trauma in his childhood that he forgot – or chose to forget. He recalled these unfortunate events during the treatment. He lived through several nightmares in that moment but after that the epilepsy completely withdrew.

Loosing weight without troubles


Ruben can also help with weight problems. During the treatment the patients can eat whatever they want and how much they want for the simple reason that while they are under his treatment a new boundary is set in their minds that will dictate how much food is enough for them. One of his patients lost 25 kilos in three months while the other one lost 14. They were happy of course because they didn’t have to suffer in any way.

Asthma is also one of the illnesses that Ruben is successful is dealing with as well as all types of migraines. He helps hearing problems with ease (100 percent) as well as sight (80 percent). He doesn’t reject drug addicts, smokers and alcoholics or rather anybody who wants to get rid of some vice.

Every séance lasts for 5 to 10 minutes and for seven days. Then there is a break of at least two weeks and after that, if it’s necessary, there is another cycle of séances. At first you need personal contact, after that the communication can be done via phone. Ruben constantly underlines that he is no superman and others can learn that whatever he does. That is why he holds courses for those who are interested.

– Every illness has its own cause, there is always some process in organism – says Papian. – I am seeking contra-process; I am finding a way to that illness so that it can withdraw. That is all.

Source: “Praktična žena – Bolna misao – bolesno telo”, 1991

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