Ruben’s pyramid affecting flora

Bilje kraj piramide neverovatno brzo raste

Interview: Martin Pelgrom, biologist and biochemist from Netherlands, an expert in horticulture, who decorated the garden surrounding Ruben’s pyramid in Belgrade in township Visnjica, tells our “Magical herbs” magazine all about his new experience:
Starting from May this year, Belgrade is richer for a very unusual building: Ruben’s pyramid, constructed by Ruben Papian, world’s expert in esotericism and energies. His student and close associate, dutchmen Martin Pelgrom, projected and decorated beautiful garden around it. All together – herbs, pyramid and people – are living in peace and harmony.

In only four months large bushes grew out of miniature seedlings

Most powerful plants are sage and monad

Astrology aspects of seeding are important for plant’s development

Martin Pelgrom took reporters of “Magical herbs” magazine on a tour through this garden that he projected together with his teacher. They chose plants that energeticly complement this almost unreal environment.

At the beginning of our conversation, he said that he started decorating gardens 20 years ago and that it was only a hobby for him in the beginning. As a biologist and biochemist, he always felt a strong connection to plants.

“At first I started decorating my own vegetable gardens. I combined plants in interesting ways, for example, vegetables with flowers or spice herbs of certain form. People saw it and they loved it, so they asked me to do something simmilar in their gardens too. That’s how it started. I developt a personal style that couldn’t be found anywhere else in Amsterdam.”

You’ve met Ruben Papian 20 years ago. How did his knowledge of energies affect your work?

“Ruben had a great effect on my work, not only on my approach to plants but on my personality too. I can’t tell those effects one from another, because when a man changes his attitudes about life itself, everything else changes with it. That’s when I realised that beside estetic looks of my gardens, energies of flowers and herbs in general that affect the environment are also very important. In my line of work I always do things the same way: first I set a good ground for my plants, and then I do the rest and get positive results. That is also the way I treat people today.”

Explorers believe that every plant has it’s own energy seal. Which plants have the strongest one according to you?

“Maybe I will answer that question a bit more personal, but I think that sage is a real energy bomb. Also, monad, a type of bergamot, is very powerful. They add a lot to garden’s harmony when combined with other appropriate plants.”

Is the color of the flowers also important for harmony? What is your combining of flowers and bushes based on?

“First of all, needs of the owner of the garden are something I must pay most of my attention to. Usually in the beginning they don’t even know what exactly they want. So I aks them about their habits, for example, in which part of the garden do they like to sit. That might seem irrelevant, but it’s of great importance to me because with different combination of plants around that place I can make people feel more relaxed and cheerful. And that leads me to my main goal: owners are in harmony with their gardens and plants are in harmony with the house, and that leads to making of positive atmosphere.”

Is there any difference in the way you project gardens depending on the age of the owners?

“Certainly, for example, if there are small children in the house, I must make large green fields for children to play on, lots of small paths for running and so on. I must also avoid plants that can hurt them. And when people are older, then I choose more colored flowers and bushes, and I pay special attention to the part of the garden which they use the most.”

Astrologists claim that every plant has it’s own astro-characteristics and symbols. Do you pay attention to that too?

“In Germany lives a great author Marija Tun, creator of fantastic astrology calendar for every plant. In that calendar she also mentions when is the right time in the month to seed it, according to the planets. I checked her theory myself, and trust me, plants do grow better and faster if you follow those rules. For example, more flowers bloom and they are more colorful than usual.”

Do you pay attention to zodiac sign of the owner of the garden you are decorating?

“Of course, but not directly. In Netherlands people aren’t that much into zodiac as they are here in Serbia and it is considered to be impolite to ask someone about his sign. But then I just ask for their birth date and make my own conslusions. Disconnected to the owners of gardens, I made small astro-gardens for myself as a part of an experiment I conducted. I made circles of plants compatible with each sign. And it’s quite uncommon thing in the world, there are no books about it, I simply came to that idea by myself one day. Sometimes I even ask owners about their favorite plants and then try to figure out their sign according to their answers.”

African Tahetes is the best plant for cleaning

According to Marting Pelgrom, vegetables, except for Tomato, should be seeded in different places every year.

“This way we avoid for plants to experience the same problems that accured on that part of the garden last year. For example, you can plant potatos on the same place every four years. In the meantime, you should plant Tahetes there, powerful rejuvenator of the ground.”

“If you want your roses to be colorful and very well developed, you should plant lavanda next to them, because it will protect them from parasites and insects that destroy their buds.”

Source: “Magično bilje – Bilje kraj Piramide neverovatno brzo raste”, 2005

Find out more about Ruben Papian:
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