Energy healing school

Skola bioenergije

In Belgrade’s Institute of Esotericism and Parapsychology – Ruben Papian you can find expert education for all interested that would like to learn more about energy therapy. Everyone from future energy therapists as well as those who want to improve their knowledge on numerous subjects and gain a certificate is invited to come. Studying “Ruben Papian method” is knowledge that is applicable in diagnostics and solving of numerous health related problems, illnesses and issues.

It is a familiar fact that people from these regions are recruited to work with people as use their talents, among other things those who are talented with energies. With all the talent, will and abilities they can’t achieve maximum results and precisions because they lack professional and quality guidance. They lack people who will show them how to rule their emotions, how to work quick and precise, how to have control over situations in their lives and how to achieve maximum results no matter what they are doing in life. Greatest strength comes from knowledge and organization and that is precisely what you can get on our institute – trade in arms!

There are three courses that represent three levels of proficiency, with three-month break between each of them. After every course you get a certificate where students level of education is displayed. Courses are mixed and include theory, practical work, exercises, challenges and homework. Between every level is a graduation exercise that will precisely test all the knowledge acquired. Between every two courses a student can see additional studies from the subjects of anatomy, physiology, pathology, psychology and numerous others that Ruben Papian insists are mandatory for correct use of energy therapy.

After successfully completing all three levels and successful demonstration of practical work, institute will dedicate a certificate of completion. This will give the student a written and official form to prove his skill and knowledge and will allow him to work with people. Those who were already working will simply increase their knowledge further and improve their services as well as quality of life of themselves and those around them.

As he previously stated in Nedeljni Telegraf about a month ago, founder of the Institute Ruben Papian, expert for esotericism and energies, created a socializing program in the institute with interesting teachings about different areas of esotericism, history and the occult. Currently they are held every Wednesday from 17:00 to 21:00 when the members of the club are joined together. So far the topic has been ancient Egypt and how this ancient civilization performed their mystical secrets and what history correctly told as well as what was fabricated due to misinformation. The theme of the second serial of séances was dreams.

About the work and achievements of Nikola Tesla, Aleksandar Milinković will hold a presentation on nineteenth and twenty-sixth October as someone who has a lot of unreleased work of his at his disposal. Later, second and ninth November will be dedicated toward Serbian history and history of Serbian dynasties where those seeking to learn secrets of Serbian rulers might find a lot of interesting information, some of which were never published.

Alongside signing new students for expert education in energy therapy, which holds Ruben Papian himself ( applying will be organized from tenth to sixteenth November ), you can currently sign up for classes of astro-numerology. Tutors name is Stevan S. Lakatoš and he will show you and pass on to you knowledge of ancient numerological schools like Pythagorean, Cabal, Egyptian, Mayan and so on.

Except for bioenergy studies on the institute you can also visit school for personality harmonization Golden Staircase (“Zlatna Stepenica”) that exists since 1994 and has seven levels of education. Unlike the Institute, you can always visit the Golden Staircase School and teachings are organized as two regular classes held in one day, two times a week in the afternoon. Visit us and discover a new balanced life!

Source: “Iscelitelj – Škola bioenergije”, 2005 October

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