How to be successful and beautiful

So prepare yourselves for a little “shock”. It’s all true, and our reported testified that, and a bit down these lines you’ll understand why the names of Ruben Papian’s patients aren’t mentioned and why did we use quotation marks.

How to be successful and beautiful

Judging by the interest of our readers, looks like Ruben Papian, Armenian known for healing his patients by contacting them through thoughts, is going to take some more space on our pages. We wrote about him in edition 914 as one of the representatives of alternative medicine, but with specific work methods.

There is no doubt that Ruben Papian became a sort of “media star”: magazines write about him, he makes guest appearances on radio stations, we see him on television… He doesn’t mind that sort of publicity, but he really wouldn’t want for people to see him as some kind of “popular” healer, but as a man who takes his job seriously and responsibly. He also notes that in his line of work there is no mystification.

Soon as we wrote about his method a month ago or so, we won’t be going back to that this time. He agreed to that when we met with him again, and then made a statement that left a big impression on us. To be honest, he almost gave up on doing this interview that was already planned. But he faced undeniable evidence, so he made a decision.

So prepare yourselves for a little “shock”. It’s all true, and our reported testified that, and a bit down these lines you’ll understand why the names of Ruben Papian’s patients aren’t mentioned and why did we use quotation marks.

On the edge of imagination

“In an article about my work that was published in “Practical woman” magazine I was shown to people as a man who makes contact with patients with his thoughts and helps them heal themselves, which is all true” says Papian. “At that moment that was the most important information, because health is of biggest importance to people. However, method of mental correction and communication shows great results in other aspects of human life too. First of all in work organization in companies: it helps speeding up the communication between business partners, finding out the best way to make and maintain business contacts, raising the productivity level in working places and so on. Of course, all that in some normal boundaries, and not as a result of any sort of mysterious manipulations.”

That’s what Ruben Papian told us, and you’ll have to admit that, even beside the note he made, people who are prone to rational thinking usualy consider all this to be a product of wild imagination.

But we made sure that’s not the way it is. Papian made business contracts with companies (not only from our contry) that use his services. It’s clear that we can’t tell a lot more about that in this article because all of that is considered to be a “trade secret” and Ruben is obliged to keep it.

“Even without that obligation, I wouldn’t tell anything more” says Papian. “First of all, I don’t want to encourage all sorts of “false prophets”, that will do damage with their amateur work  to the atmosphere and people they actually should be helping.“

That’s about it for now.

Papain’s “Elixir of youth”

One of Ruben Papian’s activities that we didn’t mention last time we wrote about him are face and body treatments.

From what we heard from him, that means face and body rejuvenation, healing and skin tightening (as much as it is possible), estetic breasts changes (lifting, enlarging, reduction), cellulite reduction and losing of body weigh.

Beside these, Papain says that, depending on the problem, combining these with classical cosmetic treatments would be good.  There is even a cosmetic saloon that provides services that complement his treatments.

Little note: Soon as Ruben says nothing in wain, he familiarized us with a case of a girl (reasonably, we won’t mention her name here) who is just about to do a photo shoot for famous “Penthouse” magazine. She had to change her bra size in just four days.

These treatments last from 5 to 7 days, no longer so that the organism wouldn’t get overburdened. After a while treatments can be repeated.

“Sometimes cosmetic problems occur because of different health problems” says Papian. “That’s why in those cases I have to make a correction of their health condition, and only then proceed with cosmetic intervention. My patients must also be patient, because I am no miracleworker. Nothing happens overnight. In seven days we can make preparations for changes to happen, but nobody can really rejuvenate in that time period. That would be science fiction, or more popular, devil’s work. Luckily, I think I’m talking to reasonable people here…”

Ruben Papian compares his patients to a child that is learning how to walk. When it learns, it still needs observation but at least it can walk by itself. In other words: once you get to understand how to take care of your health and preserve your youth, in the future you’ll take care of it by yourself.

So much about that too.

To those who want to study

We already wrote last time that Ruben Papian underlines that he is no supermen and that what he can do, anybody (or at least almost anybody) can learn how to do. That’s why he left his phone number available to all those who are interested. And it’s needless to say that he received a lot of phone calls. In the meantime, he moved to Belgrade permenantly, and he has a new phone number now. All of you who are interested in the course that he holds or healing treatments can reach him during the whole day.

When it comes to healing courses, we already wrote about it. Ruben says that it’s been done in two groups. In the first group he put those who are interested in informing about his Ruben Papian’s method (and that can sometimes be a really lot of people), where he answers their questions on fluent Serbian language that he perfected. That program generally provides everything we wrote about it in this and previous article. It’s needless to say that during those classes author talks a lot more thorough.

When it comes to training, it’s not simple and it demands a lot of hard work and selfdiscipline. But those who go through it become experts at “Ruben Papian’s method”.

When you apply to this school, there is no testing or limiting, because selection is being made during the classes, when some of the students realise that they don’t have desired abilities, so they give up on their own.

That would be it for this edition of our magazine. It looks like this won’t be the last time we write about Ruben Papian.

Until then.

Source: “Praktična žena – Kako biti uspešan i lep”, 1993

Find out more about Ruben Papian:
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