How to “fix” the brain

Ruben Papian is a man who “fixes” brain. Born in Yerevan, in the heart of Armenia, thirty years ago, he came to Yugoslavia three years ago. In Yerevan he was preparing to be an architect but, in light of “wonders” around him, he left the faculty and completely dedicated himself toward his new profession. Armenia is, according to Ruben, full of wonders and healers. Ruben studied the technique of energy therapy from his mentor for two years so that, afterwards, he spent ten years researching, modifying and perfecting his knowledge. He found new solutions and new methods and only then did he went into the world with his new found skills and abilities.

How to “fix” the brain

Once the process of “fixing” of brain begins, it cannot be stopped. Several thousand people went through methods of mental correction and communication. For now, in Belgrade, an exclusive circle of intellectuals and artists is involved.

Is the chaos we live in affecting us in such a way that we have a need for strangeness and wonders – the unexplainable or is it the spirit of time? This dilemma is on every skeptic’s mind these days in light of recent unexplained and unusual people and events. Who knows, if these were some simpler times perhaps these things would be viewed differently.

Today, the method of Ruben Papian for mental correction and communication is well researched and well used method that helped several thousand people, not only from Yugoslavia, but also around the world.

The correction of damaged functions

The key of Rubens method is in “fixing” of the brain, or rather its damaged functions that lead to numerous illnesses and issues. According to Papian, the brain is left to bring itself back to work. If brain functions with both conscious and subconscious, damaged, the method is used to correct them and normalize. After that you can see improvement in the whole organism.

The most interest aspect is that discussion is not necessary. What that means is that this is not some psycho analytic or psychiatric therapy. Since the therapy with patients is often group effort, they sit there for five to ten minutes, of course in the presence or Ruben Papian. The whole treatment lasts seven days. These treatments are visited not only by those who have issues but also healthy people who just want to keep the piece within them and balance between their mental and physical potentials. I do the thinking for him –  Ruben explains – the head of my client is like a receiver.

At the same time Papian denies that this it telepathy because in telepathy, he says, both the receiver and transmissioner are aware of what is going on which is not the case in his method.  The patient doesn’t have a clue what I am doing nor can he comprehend it – Papian says – I converse with the brain and with the brain only.

After first treatments clients usually have a sensation of slight tightening in their head, sleepiness and vertigo and very rarely brief headaches. Once the process of fixing the brain starts, there is no going back – highlights Papian.

Against habits

The method of mental correction and communication gives away the best results in treating several bad habits – smoking, alcohol and drugs, then losing weight – all of which can be done without organic crisis. It is important to note that the clients are not forced to do anything or stop doing anything. If people want to smoke or drink after the treatment – Ruben says – they should do so; they should fulfill their wish and leave the brain to take care of itself without such thoughts slowing it down.

After seven days of treatments, the process begins and goes on its own. There are of course people in which these processes go faster – some get better after three days, but some come back after a month with same problems. Ruben says that he prefers to work slowly, detail by detail and jokes that he could fail only with a person that has no brain but he never met one like that before.

While ex-Yugoslavia was a single country and while there was piece and order in it, Ruben traveled a lot and had organized teachings in all major cities. In Ljubljana he even founded a center for spreading and prolonging his method that was very popular.

In Belgrade, where Ruben lives for three years already, his method is slowly exiting the exclusive circle of intellectuals and artists. He plans to open another center for spreading of this method – especially since it represents a philosophical view on the world.

This method, apparently, is not any kind of method that is used to strengthen your self-control or emotions or fixing of isolated mistakes in thinking or understanding. Ruben says that you shouldn’t strive toward removal of fear from your system, on the contrary you should just be free enough to think when to be afraid and adjust the intensity of fear you feel.

If his method manages to do just this, then it would already be a major success because fear is, miraculously, one of the things that “breaks” our brains the most.

Source: “Kako popraviti mozak” 1992

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