Ruben Papian: “I always do everything that’s in my power”

Modern civilization has given incredible opportunities to humanity: the Internet, mobile telephony, super fast cars and many other things, without which in the twenty-first century we just can not imagine ourselves anymore. But, for all we must pay. And we pay – with the accumulation of stress that disrupted the lives of thousands of people, diseases that come out of nowhere and do not give in, even under the onslaught of excellent doctors and effective medicines. Today we are talking with Ruben Papian – extraordinary brain researcher, a specialist in the field of parapsychology and esotericism, the man who through his many years of practice proved – life can and should be managed. It is important to do it correctly and start all over, of course, from the head.

-It is fashionable to talk about reprogramming the brain today. Is it indeed possible to do that?

-Yes, and not only is it possible, it is sometimes very necessary. How is the process going? We explain with a simple example. Let’s take a phone call as an example. How is it working? The parameters of one device connect to parameters of other device – and that is the whole secret of the phone conversation. It is exactly the same with a brain in your head. My brain has unique ability to adapt, to adjust to the brain of another person. However, I have a code of ethics, according to which I would never go into someone else’s head, except if they ask for it. If they ask me, I begin a treatment and make a diagnosis. If I find organic disease, after seven sessions begins the healing process – it can’t be faster soon as sick body cannot sustain such an effort. In the treatment process I use the method of energy therapy or I indirectly affect the damaged organ.

If it is not a disease, but simply someone in whose life everything goes wrong, to restore information balance only one session is necessary after which the life of the patient rapidly improves. Therefore, it is mandatory for a parapsychologist to use intelligence that is given to him and to constantly improve his skills.

-With what kind of health problems most people turn to you?

-People turn to me with all kinds of problems that are sometimes so complex that it is almost impossible to help them. Now I am talking about near-death situations. From time to time I have to fly to different places in the world and, it can be said that in the true sense of that word, I save people. For example, a month ago I was called urgently to Europe when the 9-year old boy fell from a tree. The child hit his head on the asphalt, got a huge hematoma and fell into a coma. He had a 10% chance of survival and even that would be a miracle: there were no more reserves in the body. I began to work mentally: I cautiously entered the brain of the boy in order to activate the hidden power of his body and mobilize them to fight for life. After the session I flew away. A miracle happened: two days after, the patient has recovered reflexes and on the third day he came out of the coma. After six weeks, the mother with her son entered my office and I saw in front of me a normal, healthy boy.

There were a lot of similar cases in my practice. For example, one day patient suffering from cancer came to my office. It was a 60-years old man who was horrible to watch: the man’s face was the color of yellow brick, even the whites of his eyes were yellow, while the body was normal color. The patient was coming to see me after all chemotherapy treatments, which did not yield any positive result. As I could see, his body was still functioning, but the sad outcome was already near. I started working with this man. In 30 minutes on his face and in his eyes appeared white spots, whites in his eyes began to brighten. The next day his relatives called me and told me that yellow parts dropped to 50%. On this day, the patient’s skin is normal and his liver has recovered. But most importantly – all symptoms of the cancer retreated. It was very difficult, it was an atypical case and I am glad that it was over just like that.

-And despite these difficult cases, at the edge, what else were you dealing with?

-For a very long time already I’m dealing successfully with diseases such as myomas, migraines, internal organ diseases, cancer and so on. Practically every disease is subjected to correction with the help of my methods. It is important to believe in the possibility of healing and to have confidence in me. Of course, everything does not always depend on me – the human with whom I’m working at that moment and his inner system also play a major role. But I’m still confident. I always do everything in my power.

Biography in several dates

Ruben Papian was born on 6th June 1962. At a very early age he began to experience a sense of a very different reality.

In 1982 he accidentally met a man who waved his hands over his mother. He was an extrasense. From this moment he began the process of self-education and working with esotericism.

In 1988 he became an extrasense of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow.

In 1990 he moved to Yugoslavia, where the first publications were made, after which began “rubenomania” – Ruben Papian as a parapsychologist treated from 150 to 200 people a day.

In 1994 he moved to the Netherlands and began working with Shell, he participated in major projects worth from 50 million to a billion and a half dollars.

In 2005 Ruben Papian’s Center in Belgrade was transformed into the Institute for esotericism and parapsychology. He employed staff and conducted research works by the Ruben Papian method.

In the year 2008 Ruben Papian moved to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles


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