Is it magic

Ruben Papian, a man with special powers has healed many from incurable diseases

Ruben Papian is a man with special powers. Some consider him an esotericist, but he says that, for him, magic means only using natural processes. Ruben, Armenian, has become aware of his extremely developed intuition in his childhood because he could unmistakably predict the future. At the age of 20 he decided to start working on his gift. He helped many by curing them from incurable diseases. With only 26 years he became extrasensory of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of USSR, and later many world’s people in power requested his help. Ruben says that his strength doesn’t come from paranormal abilities, but from knowledge about people that he then uses to help them. In period from 1990. to 1994. year, Ruben established a development center in Belgrade.

There is no secret, the point is in the fact that someone sees it and someone doesn’t. The choosen ones are those who have more unusual characteristics from others. Many make mistakes by stepping away from their religion. Mankind today doesn’t need religion, it needs comfort. And when you have comfort, what do you need religion for?

His thesis “Theory and methodology of finding and developing talents of gifted children” met with interets of Netherland’s diplomats, so he very quickly opened an experimental children school in Amsterdam, where his methodology is applied. He is the author of thesis named “Operating system of using brain potentials” with subtitle “Systems analysis, forming a system of thought and proper negotiations in the economic units”. Because of this thesis men in lead of oil company “Shell” wanted to reach Ruben. They suceeded and this amaizing man had trained their managers for three years. Ruben lives and works in Amsterdam. He is married with two children, daughter and son which got married in Belgrade.

That’s why this special man visits our capital so often. His life is so amaizing that even one Hollywood’s producent decided to make a movie about him. It is rumored that he will be played by famous actor Johnny Depp.

Is it magic?

We are climbing staircases of science for a very long time now, reaching for collective prosperity and personal growth. We believe in science because it gives us proof, that undeniable fact that leads to the top. Based on evidence, we believe that we are smart, rational and wise, and then we live to see it disputed.

But we don’t mind, because over it there is already a shadow of new that is growing… Staircases are sometimes spiral and sometimes even, but we’re still moving. At some age, sooner or later, we question ourselves: where to? What is at the top of these never-ending staircases? And yet there is no answer, at least not in the form of tangible proof. Whole truth is out there, and we can sense it. That’s why we search for it.

I imagine what would happen if I would meet a divine creature in my everyday life. What would I do? I would ask for a proof. A science based proof, because I could be easily fooled if I relay only on my senses.

It could be an illusion, fallacy, manipulation… Good words get around about Ruben Papian. His personal space is the whole world. He, people say, makes miracles. I don’t believe that they are lying. But let’s not forget, a legend is by bigger or smaller part also untrue. Or at least that’s how it says in the dictionary.

-Who are you?

-Ruben Papian.

-What are you?

-They say I’m a human.

-Who says?

-Other people.

-How do you feel?

-Very comfortable in my own skin.

-What do you think, where’s the catch?

-There is no catch. Absolutely. Just someone sees it and someone doesn’t.

-What’s the point of life?

-Point of life is to die. That’s what you call recycling. You should die to give your place to someone else who is also going to die.

-Who decides how do we recycle?

-The boss. It’s his specialty.

-How much is the boss smarter and of greater quality than us?

-Category of smart is strictly human category, and so is quality. If there is quality, we can define it as good or bad. And that’s limited. The boss is not limited, he’s absolute.

-And what is love?

-Love is very pleasant diagnosis.

-How did it happen that bigger part of mankind doesn’t believe in the boss?

-Mankind doesn’t need religion. It needs comfort, pleasure, water, food, money and feeling of security. When you have comfort, what do you need religion for?

-What does the boss request from us?

-He only requests for system to work. If system doesn’t work, He doesn’t exist either. Actually, his food is the system and he is an initial part of the system. But system does not depend on an individual. Though, individuals can move the masses and make them function adequate.

-Does lack of faith destroy humanity?

-Humanity destroys itself anyway.

-Who is the chosen one?

The one with more unusual characteristics than others.

-What do those characteristics apply to?

-Sometimes even a stupidity can revert the system. We, people, define something as smart or stupid, and all our categories are actually absolute egocentrism and self-pleasuring.  We shouldn’t be aloud to underestimate stupidity. Stupidity is exceptional and specific. It is hard to understand. A smart people works systematically, they are easy to understand. By the logic of reason, every artist is stupid. Thoughts that Picasso shows in his works doesn’t have anything to do with brain, and that exact stupidity is what we call art and we are aware of how much it emotionally enriches us.

-What are men like?

-They are great. Too bad they aren’t aware of it.

-What should women do with them?

-Support them.

What are women like?

-They are great as beings. They are more creative, dynamic, operative, movable, patient, non-standard.

-What do you advise to our readers?

-My advice to all people is to believe in themselves. Do not doubt because, trust me, your head knows a lot more than you can even imagine. And you don’t have to know it.

This conversation is only a surface, but all you hear from Ruben is different, and his depth is strong, unknown and endless. For me Ruben remains a secret. I was raised in society based on science, but still with all my heart I believe him, though my mind keeps reminding me not to be foolish. For the love of God people, I have no proof!

Science today acknowledges existence of paranormal

For a man of esotericism, Ruben, at first glance doesn’t seem secretive. But at second glance it is obvious that this man lives in the world beyond normal, in paranormal area in which communication, reality, consciousness and life itself show themselves in a completely different way.

Ruben has dedicated himself to this field in early youth and advanced in it. And that sort of journey requires changes, deep and radical, and then turning back to normal and average becomes impossible. Paranormal was until recently unacceptable to science.

Today situation has significantly changed. Now science is capable of decoding these phenomenons, but also to challenge them by engaging so far mostly unengaged parts of human brain.

Blocked by our genes and society in which we live in, we still don’t spontaneously develop in such way because any advance in that direction would change a lot of things. Imagine if all of us would be trained for extrasense perception while we were young, for telepathy for example. We would get a society with no lies. And what would people do without such a useful habit?

Source: “Blic žena – A da li je to magija”, 2008 September

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