Serbians live in a fairy tale!

These days in Belgrade we managed to catch up with famous extrasense Ruben Papian. He held a presentation from the area of communication, visited his son and granddaughter and gave an interview for Third Eye (“Treće Oko”). We discussed how he began healing with the power of thoughts and how it was when he worked with the government of USSR in the company of Juno. He also announced a movie that is in preparation where Jonny Depp might play the character of Ruben Papian.
Ruben Papian became famous to our public in the beginning of 90’s during the surge of “prophets”, psychics and extrasens who were of questionable qualities. Time showed that Ruben doesn’t belong in this crowd of people and in the meantime even the incredibly suspicious businessmen from Holland started taking him seriously. But let’s start from the beginning.


Ruben Papian was born in 1962 in city Yerevan in Armenia. He is a distant relative of Armenian tsar Papa (seventh century) which is how he got his last name (“ian” is in Armenia like “ić” in our country). Later Papians weren’t any less successful with Rubens grandfather Macak Papian got to the position of a President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet Armenian USSR (in the time of Stalin). Ruben was born in the family of architects so he studied architecture himself up to graduation. He spent the next two years studying psychology which served as his introduction for esotericism.

Even though he claims he recognized his special powers since the early days of his life, it all began when he in his twenties met one extrasense who could heal people with his hands.

– Before that I was a musician with long hair. And that is when I was reborn and started to study again – now I study all the time, every day, twenty-four hours a day.

Studying bore fruits in terms of positive results while healing the hardest cases like cancer and addiction illnesses. In his twenty sixth year he began working as exstrasense in the Ministry of External Affairs in Moscow.  So how does it happen that they call someone to work as a therapist and exstrasense for a country?

– It wasn’t something ordinary, back then there were only three of us. Juno was directly connected to the Gorbachov family, I worked for the Ministry of External Affairs ( they followed my results before their suggestion – actually it wasn’t a suggestion, they just took me ) and there was another man but I never met him who worked for the Ministry of Defense. Work for the government of USSR is not really a job position, it’s more of a commitment. They just suddenly call you, send a car for you and expect you to see a diplomat or minister’s grandmother or aunt. The Prime minister himself though didn’t use my services, he was a healthy man.


In the year 1988. Ruben visited Belgrade for the first time – he was called by one Yugoslavian diplomat whose granddaughter he previously healed.

– They asked me to diagnose one man and then another one and then the press got interested and a whole public ruckus was made. Actually the ruckus got so large that, instead of USA, we moved to Yugoslavia in 1989.

He began a truly hard labor as he had up to two hundred patients a day! He then took a step further. He started asking “what was going on in a person’s head” and developed a method he called “Mental correction and communication”. It’s a method that influences mental processes and produces both organic and psychological changes. All knowledge of his he passed on to hundreds of people that went on his courses and teachings. Rubens activity during 90’s transferred over to Slovenia where it seemed that everything was good in Belgrade. The family of three (wife Natalia and son Sergej) eventually, by circumstance, was sent to Holland. Papian’s discussion with his friend and lawyer specialized in international law somehow included one queen.

– I said that as long as her husband has a problem nothing could be done. After a month or so a friend called me to tell me that there was a letter for me in the Holland embassy. In short, our previous discussion was told to the Holland ambassador who was intrigued by the information because that particular problem was only known to the members of the royal family and very close friends. In a slightly comical way they told to the queen that there was this man running around the streets of Belgrade and talking about her personal problems. And thus a letter arrived asking for my official presence.

Materials about Ruben’s methods, theories and their application arrived to Holland government and out of all things what stood out the most was a project for more efficient finding of talented children and their speedy development. Project was really interesting to the Ministry of culture. In 1994. the whole family moved to a small place near Amsterdam. In there Ruben began his co-operation with Shell Company. Since Ruben’s passport problem prevented him from going to Germany, a fact he mentioned to one of the directors of Shell, he was called for a meeting.

– I was called to a meeting with a general director. I became a specialist in the department for negotiations and communication. After half a year of communication with company leadership my expertize spread on other segments and areas. Eventually I was involved in every negotiation where decisions needed to be made and papers and documents needed to be signed. I started dealing with finances, management, economics and geo-strategy. I was involved with large projects worth from fifty million up to one billion dollars.


Ruben never loses contact with his students from Serbia. In the year two thousand and five Association of citizens “Golden Staircase” ( “Zlatan Stepenica” ) grew into an Institute for Esotericism and Parapsychology in Belgrade township Višnjica. Three years ago, in July 17th 2005, Ruben activated his pyramid with a very specific effect on human organism. What separates this pyramid from the rest?

– It actually works! (laughs) Pyramid as pyramid is no secret, the secret is in what is in it and how does it work – there are six patents that work within it.

You sit inside the pyramid for fifteen minutes and package of frequencies that is carefully selected works behind the scenes. During two thousand and four over hundred people visited it to test changes and reactions. Sexual activities increased, hormonal image changed… Effects became evident even on plants that simply flourished around the pyramid. A new project of a larger pyramid was created, the one that will be placed on a hill near Amsterdam.


The next step Ruben Papian took was visiting USA in the middle of May and the reason is – a movie. A documentary based movie about Ruben’s life. How did it came to that?

– Last time I was in USA I was a guest on four different TV shows and I had a lot of patients, not to mention I invested in a small budget Armenian movie that was shoot in LA. You will find over a million Armenians living there so I asked a friend is it possible to see how shooting a movie looks and feels like.

With the help of his friend Ruben visited a set of one movie and met “real” Hollywood producer. He was introduced to the producer as an expert in esotericism, which sounded very interesting to the American so he asked Ruben in further explanation.

– I talked to him for ten minutes about my life and the man said, “Well this is a movie! Are you perhaps interested in a movie?”. I saw him a few times since then and told him most of my life.

Scenario will be worked on in the following months and then, of course, they need to choose an actor to play the main role.

– For now Jonny Depp is considered but we will see later when the time for casting truly comes. Director is most likely going to be Ronald Jeff ( “Fields of death” ) as he is very interested in esotericism – we already talked several times about it. Still, it is not my decision, but the producer’s.

How will Ruben be represented in the movie is the big question because nobody actually knows truly who he is and what he is like. What is the biggest misconception about him we asked Ruben?


– It’s not about misconception so much as it is about enigma. Nobody knows who I am. Some say I am a god, some – that I am a devil, but nobody can say I am in the gray zone. In any case, everyone color me how it suits them. As such reality is unknown and there is no need for it, everyone sees what they want to see.


– Who was your first patient?

– A sister of one of my friends, then his aunt, which was a more serious case – breast tumor. The tumor was gone but I was struggling for forty-five minutes. That was really long, these days I would kill a human after a forty-five minutes long session. After that I started healing other relatives of that friend of mine, they were guinea pigs.

– How much of your knowledge do you transfer to your students?

– I am throwing my knowledge and everything I know around. Our matter is as easy as it is hard. It’s easy because its natural but what is natural lasts for a lifetime. You have to dedicated to it for your understanding and personal structure to change. Not everyone is ready to change their entire life and further more not knowing what will become of it. It happens that students say to me “this requires constant training” which is true but because of that there are a lot of talented people but not one I could point out to and say “that is the next Ruben”. Character is very important, the strength of concentration, you have to be possessed by this matter but very, very reasonably possessed because in parallel you have to lead your life – your wife, kids and neighbors. You should combine both so that neither of them are sacrificed in the slightest.

– Can you describe one therapy of yours?

– First I talk to the patient, he tells me the history. Once he tells me his opinion on his illness, and that of his doctor, I look to see how it all really is. Then I describe the best way I can help my patient and how good are the odds of solving his problem. Sometimes I recommend someone else instead of me. The work itself? I don’t talk; I smell, listen and look for specific things. There has to be some kind of transformation because you can’t do a lot with your human senses, hands and legs. I transform and focus completely to adjust myself to someone’s organism and brain so that the communication between us is of utmost quality and precision. In that moment I am not there, I am gone.

– Is your method completely original?

– It doesn’t mean that bits and pieces of it are not present in other sciences, but I came to my method on a very individual way. And my way of studying is so specific that it can’t be replicated – it’s a special approach to every student where he doesn’t change but I do according to him.

– With what do you “sense” illness?

– With all the senses you possess, it’s just that their range is broader. It can be a mental image of color, sound or smell but it’s all just a depiction of information.

– Is there something that you can’t heal?

– Of course. Not everyone can be healed. Do you know how often people get used to living with their illnesses? Sometimes people don’t know anything but their illness to occupy their thoughts from morning to night. It’s like taking away their main toy. Still, that happens rarely because I usually treat people that have nowhere else left to go. I absolutely don’t want to be imposed onto someone. I don’t want to spend a minute of my life on that. Life of others should be respected. People dealing with alternative sciences and medicine often think that they should help everyone and they push their noses into the lives of others with their powers or non-powers, and that is a matter of principle and morals.

Serbia – without problems!

 – Are you a psychic?

– Yes, when it is necessary. Even though I have such talents I don’t peek around “into every hole”. I am not wasting my talents just to impress someone.

– How is the situation in Serbia looking to you?

– Not bad. Yes it will be worse but the element of worsening is nothing compared to what is currently going on in the whole world. Serbia is in a good position, even though in the world that negative virus is spreading and that surely affects the country.

– Virus in what way?

– Depression! Everyone thinks that it is evil but it’s not, instead oversaturation of Earth with humanity and its pathological nonsense and idiotism. This doesn’t describe the situation for everyone and for individuals, but for humanity in general. On some places you can see this being more intense perhaps because of geo-location or perhaps because there the civilization reached its peak and is now falling, just like every civilization.

– Where is the USA in that depression?

– In the phase of falling down.

– What is the characteristic of this area or Serbs?

– I am pro-Serbian oriented and with that it doesn’t mean that my depiction of Serbia is correct. I can talk about specifics of mentality: Serbs live in a fairy tale. That fairy tale doesn’t have to be pretty but it must be emotionally filled. Life is either great or a complete failure, Serbs doesn’t allow for it to be gray. Life is colorful, there are elements of art in it and Serbian mentality is art on its own, even though it clashes with reality. If you want reality go to Holland, you will see the gray color then.

– Since you are psychic just in some cases, are you psychic in the case of American elections?

– Yes, but I am not telling (laughs).

Source: “Treće oko – Srbi žive u bajci”, 2008 May

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