Energizing Herbs

I tested all of my teas on my organism first

Ruben Papian, world’s expert for esotericism and energies, reveals for “Magical herbs” magazine how did he decide, between many of his activities, to start making his, already well known, teas. Here’s what he says:
Friends consulted me about the teas they started to produce. I just felt the smell of dried herbs they showed me. While they were looking at me with astonishment, I asked them – would you like to hear my opinion? They said yes. And then I told them – your tea could help people with this, this, and that problem! They were amazed by the fact that I actually knew that. They asked me why don’t I make my own line of teas, when I can already tell which herb helps with what health issue. Until then I didn’t even thought about it, because I only loved to drink them and I wasn’t an expert in herbs.

This is how Ruben Papian, world’s expert for esotericism and energies, reveals to the reporter of “Magical herbs” magazine how did he came up with the idea of making his already well known teas and how does he know how will they affect human organism.

-And that’s how it began?

-I loved the idea, especially because a war has just ended in this part of the world and I knew that people here needed something efficient for their nerve system and immunity. I asked my friends to get me 100 types of plants from this region, mostly from around mounting Tara and area of Sokobanja. I insisted on that, because herbs in Serbia are very diverse, but not only because of that. Plants here are up to 10 times stronger than the same species that grow in Europe. Soon they brought me all I asked for and I started sniffing them, one by one, just like a dog. I was saying: this one is for the brain, this one for bloodstream, that one for….

-How would you describe your detection process?

-I have trained well my sense of smell. I send the signal that I get from the plant to my brain, and then from there to the whole organism. Soon as every sent has a different frequency, I spot the place in my organism where the vibration becomes stronger. I see it all, like if I’d use magnetic resonance imaging.

-What does that vibration tell you?

-I know exactly where will that vibration and that plant work. I examined all 100 types of plants and made a long list of what could every one of them do. And then I told to my associates – we got some art work to do here.

-What does that work consist of, when it comes to you?

-You don’t make a tea to cause certain effect, you first imagine what effect you want and than try to make a tea that will make it happen. First I search for a basic layer, a fundament. Every tea is made of four layers. When I make a tea, I create it layer by layer, first the basic one and then the others. Each layer shoud be made of two or three plants. I asked myself also what will happen to those plants once they get mixed with water. To get the answer, first I tested my teas on my own organism. And just then when they worked exactly how I wanted them to work, I knew I had the right tea mix.

-Did you consult the literature or some experienced herbalists?

-Of course, but I noticed that in some books it says that some of the herbs that I put in my tea don’t match with other herbs that I combined them with. And that’s the main mistake in those books. Because not every single herb has to be compatible with all others. Combinatorics gives us a lot of possibilities. And then there are colors and their matching: yellow and blue give us green, but if we add bordeaux… And that’s how OFA, GROM, MAGOS and SALSA teas were made. I can’t decide which one is more efficiant in treating the health problem he was made for. Besides, they all have long-term results and expiriences of consumers behind them.

You certainly heard of Ruben Papian, famous european expert for natural and alternative methods of healing. Today we will let you know more about his products that are being produced in our country for more than six years and the extraordinary results they give. Their main characteristic is – magical herb power! We’re talking about Ruben’s teas, four of them with wide spectrum of effects.

GROM activates the energies inside your organism and helps with focus, memory and bloodflow. It will help you work faster (physically or mentally). It is great for students in exam periods or older people that have bloodflow problems or tend to forget often. It also gives good results when it comes to flu, high temperature or exhaustion.

OFA is a tea that makes you calm down, relax and sleep better. Sleep that you get after drinking Ofa is of higher quality than usual sleep and you will wake up well rested. It has a calming effect when it comes to anxiety, digestive organs and muscles. It goes very well with any theraphy that needs a sedative as a complement.

MAGOS balances emotions and energies in your organism and decreases mood swings during the day. It strenghtens the immune system of both grownups and children and reduces bronchial asthmatic symptoms caused by alergies. It gives the feeling of security and stabilises negative effects of hormons in later age of women.  Uncomfortable heat waves, depression and irritable conditions decrease with consumement of this tea until they completely dissapear.

SALSA tea is a hit of this pallete of teas. It regulates metabolism, endocrine glands, colon and small intestine and also cleans blood vessels from toxins and fat layers. It also takes care of liver and kidneys,  and has a small diuretic and lacsative effect. It reduces body weight and had a good cosmetic effect too (increases the quality of skin, nails and hair). It is recommended to those with diabetes, high blood pressure, hormonal disbalanse, women in menopause, nursing mothers that aren’t aloud to diet because of nursing and so on.

These teas can be mixed together because they complement eachother very well. They are made from domestic medicinal herbs with high energy potential and they have a certificate of European uninon that they are organic, ecologically safe and tested.

Source: “Magično bilje – Energetska moć bilja” 2005 November

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