Energy exercises

Institute for parapsychology in Belgrade – Energy exercises

Not so long ago, some twenty years ago, parapsychology was a taboo. We knew for certain that Russians meddled with that and Americans even more so. It was even said that they had employed parapsychologists in Pentagon. In here, there wasn’t even “P” out of parapsychologists. And then, few years ago, it was introduced as a teaching unit in high schools. A miracle indeed.

Since the middle of September in Belgrade an Institute for esotericism and parapsychology Ruben Papian was opened. In the beginning the Institute will focus on development and application of program based on energy exercises. “It’s a developed complex of special exercises focused on support of mental functions: control of sense sensitivity, focusing of mental potentials, analysis of personal decisions, maintenance and piling of information in personal memory, awakening and stabilization of passive and active concentration and a slew of other techniques. Their goal is to bring everybody in balance with themselves and their surrounding in time”, says mister Papian, creator of the program and founder of the institute.

Source: “Reporter – Energetske vežbe”, 2005 October

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