When doctors turn to Alternative Medicines

Belgrade citizen dr Zdenko Arsenijevic and Armenian Ruben Papian are helping people to get better with an alternative healing method, that nobody else in our country used until now. They affect human brain to make him trigger the defensive immune system of our organism. Big part of his patients are other doctors and their families.

Mental healing

When doctors turn to alternative medicine

They say that it’s an exclusive news when a man gets bitten by a dog. It’s even more exclusive news when a well known Belgrade’s doctor quits a safe job in a hospital so that he could practice alternative medicine! And not on a whim, but because he wants to help his patients with other methods unknown and uncertified by conventional medicine, which are far more efficient than all known to science so far. We’re talking about dr Zdenko Arsenijevic, 32 year-old intellectual, who is about to finish his postgraduate studies with a thesis named “Mental psychotherapy for diseases of bones and connective tissue and migraines”. Destiny wanted for him to meet Armenian Ruben Papian two years ago, also an intellectual with more than one diploma in his pocket. They found a mutual language instantly and decided to open an unique firm “Alter” that has a purpose of tracking, populising and spreading the alternative. Ruben also heals successfully and he came to our country on a request of one of his patients. He cured her from polyarthritis, a diseise that is uncurable according to conventional medicine.

Brain learns his lesson

“Our methods is significatly different from all other methods that are currently applied in Yugoslavia. We aren’t talking about energy therapy, we are talking about mental psychotherapy, that is, healing. That is a thought process with a goal to initiate immune potentials in a human, that have been decreased, weakend or unbalansed in any sort of way. We cure the causes of diseases on one side and on the other we teach brain and the whole organism of that human to heal itself from that disease. That also works as a prevention of diseases that we discovered on that patient and that still didn’t show any visible signs. In other words, we are preventing those diseases from showing and escalating. Ruben and I work at the same time and treatment is very short, it lasts only for a few minutes. Usualy a patient gets seven treatmens one after another and then pauses for ten days. In that time we send him to regular doctors for an examination, to see how much we helped him. Within those ten days our patient gets a chance to see for himself how much did his organism learned his lesson” says dr Zdenko Arsenijevic and notes that some people feel better right after first treatmant, while others take more time, which depends on the type and intensity of the disease.

What matters is, dr Arsenijevic tells us, the fact that they don’t cure the disease, they cure the cause of it. One of treatment’s main characteristics is that most of the patients feel sleepy for a whole week after the treatment. Beside that, the quality of sleep improves – they sleep longer and more peaceful, with no nightmares. Patients react differently on treatments, some feel the pain, which is rare but is still a positive sign that signalises that healing is working, other experience dizzyness,  nausea, they can feel cold or warm, they can shiver or feel sleepy and some even get the creeps. They have around 40 patients every day in periods from 11h to 14h and 17h to 18.30h. Sometimes they even do house visits, but only to those patients that are immobile. They don’t work on weekends and all their servises are charged only symbolically, enough for them to take care of the costs of renting the ordination and phone bills.

Dr Arsenijevic and Papian also say that this method can only be applied by people who studied medicine, that is anatomy, neurophisics, biochemistry, immunology and patology. That’s why only the ones with the knowledge of medicine should apply to the courses they sometimes hold.

Doctors are their often patients

Many doctors and their families are patients of Dr Zdenko and Ruben. Most of them didn’t find the cure they needed in conventional medicine, so they came searching for it here, and according to what we saw and heard, they found it and acomplished excuisit results. They achieved best results in healing headaches, migraines, neurosis, cysts, chronical bronchitis, spondylosis, dissorders in bloodflow, hearing or vision. Also, they don’t heal, because it’s impossible to heal, but they do prevent from spreading, metastasis of malignant tumors. Many patients are a living proof of it, because according to conventional medicine, they were supposed to be dead long time ago.

Doctor Manojlo Kosanovic, 63 year-old who specialised in physiology, suffered from endemic to the lungs since September last year. He experienced suffocations and losses of balance and also he suffered from block of left branch of his heart and

astrocytoma – tumor of supporting connective tissue of the brain with a cyst. He had a surgery of it in February and then he went through 7 radiation treatments. From those he got headaches and nausea. He kept losing weight and walked only by holding onto a wall and often fell down.

“After first treatment, my headaches were gone already. I sleep better, I walk better and I have no problem with my digestive system. I was helped by alternative medicine” says dr Kosanovic, and also mentions that he has great respect towards it because it helps heavily ill people like him.

General doctor Dusanka Cemerikic-Jovanovic brought her 9 year-old son to Zdenko and Ruben because of his 5 years long problem with bronchial asthma. Even with regular conventional treatments, he still had often seizures and suffocations. After two series of seven treatments, seizures stopped – claims dr Dusanka. She also says that she lost her trust into conventinal medicine that she herself works with and that these miraculous people cured her from migraine and spondylosis that she suffered from for years. “After I saw for myself that these therapies really help people, I gain interest in it so I finnished a course about it, not because I plan to practise it by myself, but only to be able to help myself and my family in the future.” – says dr Dusanka.

At Zdenko’s office we also found Slavko Bozic, undergraduate of medicine, that had a problem with moles that were spreading all over his body. They were dark and even.  “I had only three treatments and my problems were gone. I was so delighted by it that I decided to join this scientific project. What I want to say is also that I don’t understand why conventional doctors deny the existence of alternative medicine, when they use it to heal themselves too when they get sick. I guess they do that because they know very well how much is conventional medicine unable to help the patient sometimes” – says Slavko Bozic.

8 year old Vladimir Janjic, son of a medical worker, had a otitis of both ears from the day he was born. Three years ago that significantly damageded his hearing, around 60%. After seven treatments his hearing is just fine, that is, he can hear 100%, which is confirmed by ENT departament of “Zvezdara” hospital where Vlada went for an examination few days ago.

Pensioner Ljubica Bozovic had two gallstones size of 16 and 20mm and doctors advised her surgery. She refused that idea and came to Ruben and dr Zdenko, where she had seven treatments. Later she went on an examination in Belgrade’s clinique center where they couldn’t find gallstones anymore. Thought they did find sand in the kidney. And what is also important, this woman can now prepare food for herself without any restrictions – she eats everything. And her husband was cured from rheumatism and diabetes by them, and her son also from myopia.

40 year-old S.K. from Belgrade suffered from difficult infectious disease – systemic lupus of psychosomatic character. She was treated in Switzerland, but with no success. She also took cytostatics but it was all in wain. After seven treatments she became a completely healthy woman. She was also very happy to show us medical documentation that testify it.

Bosko Spasic, translator at “Invest-import” firm in Belgrade suffered from stones in the gallbladder and hernia in the groin. He went through four series of seven treatments with ten days long breaks in between. Now he only has one smaller stone in the gallbladder, needs no drugs and eats everything with no restrictions. He says that he is feeling great and is on his way to cure hernia too.

40 year old lawyer A.R. sufferes from ossification of the spine, headaches, and flat feets. And one of her toes got smaller. After her first treatments she claims that she feels better and different inside her head, like she is under an inhaler. And her toe is going back to his normal size. She is still in therapy, but she believes that she will manage to cure all her problems this way.

Momcilo I., machine engineer from Belgrade had an ishue with hives for years. Doctors he visited couldn’t identify the cause of his disease. He even went abroad, but with no success. He also suffers from spondylosis. He is one of the newer patients of dr Zdenko and Ruben. He says that he feels the vibrations in the areas of sinuses during the treatments, together with intense relaxation of his whole body.

It would take a lot of time and space for us to describe all the stories of those who were helped by dr Arsenijevic and Papian. Many of them are doctors themselves. Only three of them wanted to talk to us. The rest are probably still ashamed of admiting that alternative medicine has won over their covnentional medicine and that they got to be the one to testify it.

Source: “Treće oko – Kad lekari pređu u alternativce”, 1990 September

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