Reprogramming of the brain – unreal reality of the 21st century

In the last issue of “AFISHA” we have published an interview with Ruben Papian, exceptional brain researcher, specialists in the field of parapsychology and esotericism. After that we got so many comments from our readers that it became apparent – we couldn’t limit ourselves to only one conversation. Today, we continue our talk with Ruben and we promise that you will be a little surprised after reading these pages.

-Reprogramming of the brain – how is that possible?

-I’ll explain in simple examples. Let’s take a phone call as an example. How is it working? The parameters of one device connect to parameters of other device – and that is the whole secret of the phone conversation. It is exactly the same with a brain in your head. My brain has unique ability to adapt, to adjust to the brain of another person. However, I have a code of ethics, according to which I would never go into someone else’s head, except if they ask for it. If they ask me, I begin a treatment and make a diagnosis. If I find organic disease, after seven sessions begins the healing process – it can’t be faster soon as sick body cannot sustain such an effort. In the treatment process I use the method of energy therapy or I indirectly affect the damaged organ.

If it is not a disease, but simply a person in whose life everything goes wrong, to restore information balance only one session is necessary after which the life of the patient rapidly improves. Therefore, it is mandatory for a parapsychologist to use intelligence that is given to him and to constantly improve his skills.

-With what kind of health problems most people turn to you?

-With all sorts of health problems. Headaches are common complaint. They can be cured quickly and effectively. Let me tell you about one of my last cases. I spoke to a 33-years old woman who was struggling with enormous pain in the head which at least 2 times a week provoked attacks of vomiting in the last 7 years. I’ve done 7 treatments. The woman said that the pain disappeared and that it was like those 7 years of horror never existed. There were a lot of similar cases.

In addition to that, people with sick stomach, liver, etc. always turn to me. Those organs regenerate very quickly, but they need a required impulse to begin with.

-And can you think of a more severe case?

-Of course. Just to warn you: I will say things which are quite difficult to believe in and that will to uninitiated people sound a little strange.

Recently I was in a TV show where a woman with a child approached me. The girl was constantly complaining about severe pain in the head. I diagnosed activity in her gene, that is, in her past. The mother complained that her daughter is behaving very aggressively towards others and that she simply can’t cope with her. During the interview it became clear that this girl is one of the three children. Beside her, her parents have another girl and a boy. Second daughter was ill, mentally retarded, she was stuck on the level of a child at the age of four months. The boy was healthy, but very aggressive, with strong inappropriate behavior. The two healthy children – brother and sister – couldn’t coexist together: they were literally fighting with knives. When the mother brought to me the other kids, I diagnosed them and understood that something was happening with the children because of a single gene. Here I am obliged to clarify: the gene in the cell never dies, it is transferred through the global information field to other people. So I explained to the mother that children inherited the faulty gene from the middle century, from a 30-year-old witch woman who was tortured and then killed. In the current generation the following happened to the triplets: pain of that medieval women was divided into three parts, on the three children. Girl-invalid has “received” direct physical pain, the boy – aggression, and healthy girl – great spiritual power.

And then the mother said a surprising thing: it turns out that the boy dreams constantly of this poor 30-year old woman and every time he wakes up in horror.

Of course, I started to work with the triplets. I stabilized the behavior of healthy children and I managed to adjust the sick girl enough for her to go in a specialized school.

-That’s incredible, is the ability of our brain really that great?

-Yes, and you cannot even imagine how great. Several years ago I spoke with a woman who had a very difficult climax period with disturbed menstruations, fever and very unstable emotional state. What could be done in this situation? The best solution was to speed up climax. And so I did – the woman has passed climax in a short time. You can’t imagine my surprise when a few months later the patient came back to me with new request – to bring her menstruations back because since they stopped the sensation she had during sex have changed, but not for the better. I tried to do it – and it worked. Of course, not for long, a couple of months only… When we want to, our brains can do wonders, you just need to be very competent and careful in how you affect it.

Biography in several dates

Ruben Papian was born on 6th June 1962. At a very early age he began to experience a sense of a very different reality.

In 1982 he accidentally met a man who waved his hands over his mother. He was an extrasense. From this moment he began the process of self-education and working with esotericism.

In 1988 he became an extrasense of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow.

In 1990 he moved to Yugoslavia, where the first publications were made, after which began “rubenomania” – Ruben Papian as a parapsychologist treated from 150 to 200 people a day.

In 1994 he moved to the Netherlands and began working with Shell, he participated in major projects worth from 50 million to a billion and a half dollars.

In 2005 Ruben Papian’s Center in Belgrade was transformed into the Institute for esotericism and parapsychology. He employed staff and conducted research works by the Ruben Papian method.

In the year 2008 Ruben Papian moved to Los Angeles.

Source: “Афишa”, 2008

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