The ultimate weapon

Some people think that paranormal abilities are a fraud while others believe that sometimes those who have them have it all. Some people believe that it’s a gift from God while others believe it’s secret knowledge from ancient times that is available only to few chosen ones. Ruben Papian is an esotericist with special ability to control energy flows outside and inside of human beings. He claims that the explanation of these phenomena is not that important as what they can give to people.

-What is the nature of paranormal abilities?

-In order for you to understand, I will tell you shortly, connected to our topic, about an interesting period in the history of Earth. As a result of natural cataclysm, one continent, Atlantis, fell apart, and a huge civilization of people from Atlantis started decreasing. After the catastrophe living conditions became worse and more difficult, so basic survival became dominant. Overall degradation was monstrous. Luckily, part of that elite not only managed to survive, but they also saved a part of the knowledge of their ancestors. At some point it became obvious that renaissance for people from Atlantis was amazing. And in that case, if their knowledge would get in the wrong hands, consequences would be fatal. Then the elite made a decision to store them until the time comes. One of the storages was Egypt. But with time it became inevitable: the key got lost, the algorithm or however you want to call it, to the place where the object was. Generations of priests stopped being the guardians of the secrets and their caretakers. Luckily, Egypt wasn’t the only chosen place, Israel and Armenia were too.

-Probably nobody would deny it about Egypt and Israel, but Armenia?

-It’s hidden a lot deeper there. In east Armenia excavations were conducted at the time and then they were stopped. And not only in Armenia. Through the whole history of modern mankind different countries, religious organizations, secret societies were searching for ancient knowledge and roots of mankind. Maybe Templars, about which a lot is written lately, managed to discover something and that was one of the reasons for their persecution. Masons continued it, but not only them. In that same direction the Nazi were working when they established strong organization Tule and Ananerbe.

-But there were no sensational news. It looks like, either that secret knowledge doesn’t exist or it is still locked somewhere under the family key.

-Of course. The expression “under the family key” is not coincidental. That means that understanding should be reached slowly. The “accessing code” is very complex, it will obey only the person (or the whole society) that has reached certain level. And then, but not always, they will pick one lock and see what’s behind it because they want to reach the next one.  It’s not strange that Nikola Tesla and Leonardo da Vinci took some of their inventions to the grave. By the way, Tesla used to say that he is not the author of his ideas, that higher forces were giving them to him and he was only the conductor. Maybe people became wiser and realized that there are things they shouldn’t touch.

-Destruction by an ultimate weapon would become a threat?

-Yes, but not literarily. Who needs a weapon of mass destruction – nuclear, chemical, bacterial – if it represents a threat to his own success? That’s how the world is protected by an agreement about not using it. Control – that was the purpose. Control over the masses is based on energy level that they don’t even notice. Control of the consciousness of the society – that is the ultimate weapon. And people aren’t searching for it in the past, they are trying to create their own.

-You are talking about brain washing – commercials, media etc.?

-Brain washing – it’s like manipulating. The formula is very simple here – “hope and fear”. In the middle century it worked like this: the hope will get you to heaven, the fear will get you to hell. In our time it is the hope to earn huge money and fear of losing it. Those are examples of manipulating because, first, formula is not applied completely, and second, instruments of applying are verbal and visual. That means that today’s form of control is almost formal. The whole effect is possible if the instrument – subtle energies affect a man without him noticing it. That’s where limitless possibilities hide.

-You think that people do not care where they will go and that they won’t fight?

-Human as a human is easily and completely subjected to control.  An instrument would be necessary. Actually, controlling and managing is a lot easier when you are not taking, but giving. Our modern human – he’s a “consumer”.  Something is offered to him all the time – “the more the better”, cash and credits, for tomorrow and for the years that come.  Consumer’s society is formed in a way where emotions are connected to earnings, in order for people to get higher quality goods and have more prestigious boredom. His whole strength is wasted on that. And in order to maintain the idea that you don’t get ‘’the crown’’ only with the way of life but also with worrying about “global problems”, a “catharsis” is organized for a human in front of his TV. Exactly like that, information is made so that it solves emotional problems, but leaves a mess in his head.

-It turns out that those dark forces that are manipulating our consciousness aren’t paying attention where it’s necessary, and the light forces are sitting on the box of secret knowledge because mankind is not ready for it yet?

-There are no dark and light forces literarily. The point is in the proton that is positive and electron that is negative. That is the conditional symbol that can be changed. And the thing is, every “plus-minus” system has a tension, a conflict of incompatibility. But exactly the union of plus and minus builds the system, atom for example. And some atom, or better said an atom of an element, depends on the quantity of pluses and minuses. Even simpler: a glass of water for a thirsty man is very good, but if you pour 5L of water into him, that might be fatal.  I am not talking about poison. The understanding of light and dark forces is necessary for a human to fight, to stay in shape.  The human loses his immunity when he loses the ability to fight. You can grab him with your hands, in physical and psychical sense. And there are enormous forces in a human that he can’t control (there, again – control!). Instead of that, he deals with scientific and technical inventions and destroys everything around him. But human’s adaptation coefficient is very high, he can adapt to the worst conditions. With complex environment he can’t adjust that fast. The harmony is violated. And a conflict between the human and his environment occurs and he pulls energy out of it.

-And what, in your opinion,  is the global challenge thrown to people on this stage?

-Overpopulation. Between ’70. and ’90, that is in 20 years of the last century, the planets population reached 6 billion. And for the next 10 years – from 1996 to 2006 – it has increased by a billion. That’s a huge increase, considering that the Earth can support only 17 billion (first of all with drinking water.) So now through various forms and by various methods with varying success are carried out many projects connected to birth control.

-On the one hand there is the possibility of self-destruction, and on the other – overpopulation. That is a problem. What’s the solution?

-Revaluation of values, restoring.

-And formula?

– “Join Now!” After all, human is the most powerful source of energy.

-How? Not everyone rule over your type of ability to manage energy.

-Nobody knows how to fly. And it does not diminish the fact that people are travelling. In airplanes, rockets. So yes, it is a question of methods. I’ve built a pyramid in which one form of biological energy transforms into another. When one enters it, caused by devices that are placed there, his body begins to find its weak points by itself and to regulate his energy flows. It turns off all frequencies that have bad influence on him and reinforces positive impact. As a result, it strengthens the immune system, heals diseased organs, enhances the potency etc. Pyramid is useful for healthy people because it has an emotional impact too – in it there is a very different perception of time and space. There is a surprisingly healthy “inner ecology” in there.

-It should be noted that the form of this “health machine” is not such by a coincidence?

-Yes, just as a form of Egyptian pyramids, as well as “non-accidental” presence of pyramids in other ancient civilizations. In essence, it is an universal form of an energy generator and numerous experiments confirmed that.

-As far as I know, you’re not the only one who practiced pyramid. Why is your design specific?

-Form is not everything – within the effective structure there can be energy chaos. So it was not a problem to build a pyramid, but to find an effective method of filtration and control of energies within it. Otherwise, it can even hurt you. By the way, the upper part of my construction, pyramid, is not the most important. Components are the ones providing filtration and control of energies, and the effectiveness of the methods, which are located outside of it. It can be said that there are 6 patents that I’ve made for various parts of my structure.

-Basically: acupuncture, Chinese sheet metal, electro acupuncture can also trigger human’s energy therapy. The difference…

-Is huge! In these methods, between human and energy there is something else – a doctor. No matter how much doctor is “positive”, his energy also affects the process. If he is in a bad mood, his mind is occupied with something else and so on, the coefficient of the effect may be with a minus sign in front. My method is clean because it excludes the third person.

-What are the most striking results of your method?

-They are many, but I would not make examples of the effects now, but that what changes the human’s view of the world. For example, one patient was suffering from terrible allergies and psoriasis. Her entire body was covered with horrible scabs, some have already turned into wounds. After a few sessions in the pyramid, she was transformed, her skin has become absolutely clear. It’s like a fairy tale where a frog turned into a princess. I remember a teenager who had no way to cure his enuresis. Can you imagine him with his 15 years suffering from incontinence, what kind of inferiority complexes can occur. Couple sessions in the pyramid and the guy got rid of his horror.

Then came the couple that was on the verge of divorce: they have entered the stage of complete mental and sexual incompatibility. After the third session, they could not understand why they want to get divorced. Problems with potency in our time, unfortunately, is not rare, but here, the experience shows that they can be resolved in a much more pleasant way than drugs.

My pyramid opportunities are so obvious that at the direction of the Dutch government a very powerful structure will be built there too. Another began working in Belgrade. There is a suggestion from several countries and individuals who want to have a personal pyramid. It seems to me that over time people will learn to manage their own energy. It can happen that they will bring us to the ancient mysteries.


Ruben Papian was born in Yerevan, where he finished school and entered the Faculty of Architecture at Yerevan Polytechnic University.

In 1988. he came to Moscow where he was psychic of MID in USSR.

In 1990. he opened Centre for Alternative Medicine in Belgrade.

In 1994. at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture of the Netherlands, he participated in the pilot project “Development of the potential and speeding up development of  abilities of gifted children at an early age.”

From 1995 – 1998 he worked in the international company Stork (Netherlands), where he was preparing cadres in the sphere of effective communication and negotiation.

In 2004. he transformed Centre for Alternative Medicine into Institute, adding a section for research and experimentation.

He lives in Holland and engages in the esoteric field.

Source: “Без границ   Экстра – АБСОЛЮТНОЕ ОРУЖИЕ, интервью ДАВИД ГРИГОРЯН”, 2006 October

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