Possessing information – owns the world

Today it’s hard to impress anyone with anything. Me included. That’s probably why a man, who’s interview I will show you right now, did not only impress me – he simply shocked me, but that was in a vital way and I felt very calm. Our guest is Ruben Papian – famous researcher of human brain, expert in parapsychology and esotericism, who helps hundreds of people worldwide. Take your time before you turn the page – you haven’t met a man like this before.

-Ruben, how does a parapsychologist work?

-Human brain contains amazing amount of information (in every moment brain of every one of us receives information about million processes that are happening in the world, but consciousness doesn’t register all of that so mankind wouldn’t start to panic). Even when only a part of information turns out in our brain as something destructive, problems begin – with health, with family, work, relationships. I as parapsychologist (rather as parascientist) possess the ability of literally entering human brain, of “adjusting to his frequency” and releasing him from destructive information.

-In what kind of situations do people ask for your help?

-People come to me with all sorts of problems, some even so serious that it’s almost impossible to help them. I am talking about conditions right before death. From time to time I fly all over the world and I literally save people. For example, a month ago I was urgently called to Europe because of a nine-year-old boy who fell from a tree. He hit his head on the asphalt, got a huge hematoma and fell into coma. He barely had a 10% chance to survive and that would be a miracle for him: he had no resources left in his organism. I started working mentally: I carefully entered his brain in order to activate hidden strenghts of his organism and mobilise them in a fight for life. After the treatment I flew away. A miracle happened: after two days patients reflexes esablished, on the third day the boy came out of a coma. In six weeks a mother entered my cabinet with his son – I had a completely healthy boy in front of me.

-That simply takes your breath away… How is that even possible?

-I’ll explain. Let’s take, for example, a telephone call. How does it happen? Parameters of one phone make contact with parameters of other phone – that’s the whole secret of phone’s company. It’s the same with human brain, and my brain has unique ability to adapt, adjust to brains of other people. But I have a moral codex of not entering someone else’s head unless they ask me to. If they do, I begin a treatment, I diagnose. If I discover an organic disease, after seven treatments already healing process begins – it shouldn’t be faster because the organ couldn’t keep up with that stress. In the healing process I use methods of bioenergy or I directly effect the damaged organ.

If there is no disease, but it all simply goes wrong in one’s life, one treatment is enough in order to make information balance, after which patient’s life improves very quickly. But it’s not all that simple – it’s important that signals which we send to each other are weak, because instead of helping, they can hurt you severely. That’s why parapsychologist is obliged to use intellect which is given to him and to keep developing his abilities.

-Probably, it’s not like everybody was given that strength…

-You are wrong. Absolutely every human can find those abilities inside him, on my Institute there is a special training for that. But it’s true, not everyone was given the right to wake up those abilities inside him, even among those who are trained in extrasensing and esotericism. Only a few will show amazing results. Thousands of people learn how to play a violin, but there is only one Paganini in our history.

-Where do you get the information from, directly from patient’s brain?

When you are on that level, like I am, you are obliged to master the instruments used for getting information, and by that I mean extracting them from human brain. I get much information, I analyze whole life experience of a person that I am working with at the moment.

-Do you use your intuition? And what is intuition?

Intuition, that is also one of the instruments for receiving information. But it’s important for you to control the intuition and not for it to be the other way around.

-In what way do you clean your brain from all those information you process? And is that necessary?

It’s necessary. If I feel something mixing up, I carry out general cleaning in my head. How? I learned to forget what’s unnecessary. And literally, I spent more time learning how to forget than how to remember.

-Do you live like a billion of other people?

Of course not. I have other priorities, you understand that yourself. In that way, you can be joyful about na event, but not me – because I already know the danger of that event.

-What is your main principle in life?

I don’t have one. I don’t have the right to have principles. They are situational because I keep adjusting to someone. And yet I remain who I am – that’s a fact.

-If you could start your life over, would you pick the same path?

No. Conditions would be different then. And according to that, results too. And I don’t need other results…

Some autobiographical data:

Ruben Papian was born on 6th June 1962. He started examining other realities very early.

1982 – he accidentaly met a man who was waving his hands over someone. He was an extrasense. That’s where vertiginous process of selfeducating and esotericism began.

1990 – he flew to Yugoslavia where first publication about him appeared after which real “rubenomaina” began – parapsychologist Ruben Papian preformed therapy on from 150 to 200 people a day.

1994 – he moves to Holland where he starts working with SHELL and gets involved in big projects – worth from 50 millions to half a billion dollars.

2005 – Center Ruben Papian in Belgrade transforms to Institute of esotericsm and parapsychology. Staff is employed and research work is being done with Ruben Papian method.

2008 – Ruben Papian moves to Los Angeles

Source: “Афиша – Владеющий информацией владеет миром, Екатерина Алексеева“, 2008 August

Find out more about Ruben Papian:
Educational websites:

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