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Ruben Papian cannot be categorized in just one human term, but let us say that these are the closest: intuitive healer, connoisseur of the future, erudite, philosopher, humanist, fantastic spokesman and the star of esotery, that recently answered the readers calls of Ona Magazine, after the previous article “Mankind has reached puberty”, to continue with unriddling the puzzles of the near and far future. He is an Armenian, that because of his work or visits, now is in USA, tomorrow in Holland, Kazakhstan, Serbia… he finished three faculties (architecture, medicine, philosophy), fluid in six languages and recommends: The human will accomplish the most if it learns from itself.

One thought can change the world


-Did the story about the end of the world seem realistic to you?

-Very realistic. It seemed like that for the last 500 years. Not just for this generation, but also for the previous generations.

-So, the human didn’t make the end of the world up so that he could spread the fear. That story has a base?

-The human didn’t make up anything. Let’s take the example of dragons that were, allegedly, fictional. It is interesting that in every culture dragons exist. How come 1000 years ago, when there was no Internet, or communication in today’s understanding, dragons were so alike? Fairytales cannot just appear in different places, similar to each other, when people didn’t know that there is another city 2000 km away from them. The ghost that lives in a house and keeps the house safe – that also exists in different cultures. The ghost that lives in the forest – also exists. The humanity didn’t make up anything, it was just re-telling the stories. The minimum basis for believing has the Atlantis, only one note of the philosopher Plato, but humanity absolutely believes that it existed. There is a lot of writing about the end of the world. The fact that it was announced to be on 21st of December 2012 is just the commercial moment. The end of the world cannot happen on the precise date. Surely, there has to be before and after phase. One day for the Earth, it is like a microsecond for the human. Even the end of the world needs time to become the end of the world.

-You said that you were pro the end of the world?

-I didn’t say I was pro the end of the world. I am not that stupid to be as some micro human that is pro or against the global cosmic events. If we don’t search for human logic in everything (as we should not do!), then we would get what we have today – potential end of the world that we somehow managed to avoid.

-You claim that “the cosmic council” had a meeting and that the softer route, which we are following, won and that the humanity got another chance. Who decides about the humanity?

– A dominant race. That race manages the project called “The planet Earth and the humanity”. The time will come (in three and a half, four thousand years) when the humanity will join federation, non-earth one and they will participate in keeping the balance, in cosmic sense.

-The dominant race, who are they?

-They are far from humans.

-Do we somehow meet, scratch, touch with that race?

-Yes and no. You look at that very materialistic, humanly, very ordinary. A touch can be formed in your head in a dream and you will absolutely have the feeling of a physical touch. What you consider to be a reality is nothing else but what the eyes see, ears hear, the skin feels, but all of that also happens in a dream, which means you don’t need to use those senses so you can get the result. It is necessary to find a system of infiltration of something in your head. Did you see the movie “Avatar”? Imagine that it is possible – to place information with software into a human. Call it a dream, no one knows what happens when we sleep anyway, where we are, what we are, what goes in, what comes out…

-We will fall asleep as humans and wake up as…?

-A human will fall asleep as a human and wake up as a human, because the meaning of his existence on this planet is to be the human. The meaning of any race is for her consciousness to form itself. No one will make the slaves. Having total control, making the quality of a meaning to be like a robot, you will get the perfect machine, the perfect animal, but you will lose the creation, you lose the development, there is no evolution. The evolution implies the creation of something that didn’t exist yesterday. Conscious machines or races evolve the Universe or specific parts of the Universe. Thanks to the conscious creations, first come the revolution and then the evolution.

-Where does the revolution begin?

-Every revolution begins in the head of one human, because of one thought and the human doesn’t know where it did come from. American revolution, French revolution… They began because of one thought. One little thought in the right time is enough for a revolution to start. When revolutionary mass becomes the critical mass, it is called the new order, new structure and evolution occurs, no matter if it’s good or bad. But when someone wants to pour fresh water into a glass, he needs to pour out the old water first to make room for the new one.  The old water doesn’t like that. Old evolution fights for its place under the Sun, but revolutions say: Your time has passed. And that revolution will turn to the old water after a while too… Now multiply that with x billion.

-But if human didn’t make anything up, where did the revolutionary thought come from?

-What we call consciousness in reality nobody saw or knows what it is or where it is, just like a soul or Atlantis. And just like consciousness evolves, the whole Universe evolves, thanks to millions or billions conscious units of the race that lives in it. Any thought, yours too, is present in that mass called Universe. Now multiply it with x x x billions and you will get the whole Universe as a database. Thoughts (that is how we call them, but they are actually diapasons of frequencies) are present everywhere, just like light.  The only thing we need – it’s an instrument called consciousness, that works as a receiver and receives frequencies depending on the precision of the receiver.

-Can you clarify that for us?

-My cell phone is not ringing right now, even if there are a billion of phone signals in this space. Its “consciousness” is limited to a small diapason. And only when in its diapason one of the frequencies familiar to it appears, it will register it right away. Data is there, it is stupid. It’s the same with mankind and other races too. Every evolution expends and changes the cell phone.  It registers more and more. But when a phone is supposed to receive a revolutionary thought, when adequate conditions occur, avatar appears and a human head out there will be “set” to get a thought and say: Hey, I have a great idea… It doesn’t know that everything that it figured out as new has already been figured out three billion years ago.

-Was there another race on Earth before mankind that experienced the apocalypse?

-Not one, not two, not three, a mass of them… They weren’t races, they were populations, geographically located. They developed in their own way and did theirs. A rose blooms in August and that’s where it ends.

-Does that mean that mankind has greater chances to disappear than to evolve completely?

– The other way around. Mankind always has a chance, nobody will eliminate life. It is still a primitive way of thinking of very young and simple race called mankind, that doesn’t even know the phenomena of life and death and what they mean. It’s still in the extremes: black/white, yes/no, I want/I don’t want, good/bad… Ultimate primitivism. Five is better than two, and ten is better than five. When it is a hundred, that’s the best. Many years will pass before mankind realizes that not everything is “yes” or “no”, that there is no black or white. There are so many variations in between…

-You often make a joke that this is the McDonalds era. Big Mac is not that good, but how can you bring down the McDonalds system?

-All of us, including Obama, Putin and the president of any country, understand that this is the end of the system as it is. Nobody says it was bad, it was phenomenal, mankind made huge steps while working on the infiltration of that system, but now it comes to an end. This system is not made for seven billion people. New values should come and they can’t come just like that. There has to be destruction.

-Does that involve life losses?

-Well, that happens today, as much as you like, we don’t pay so much attention to it. A thousand died, poor people, but you will forget that in a minute because another thousand will appear on the TV screen. Two years ago there was peace in the East, and today we got 12-13 countries in war. Today’s numbers used to be catastrophically big earlier. An army that went to war counted 10.000 men. Today 10.000 men is not a big deal. It’s a bit bigger village. Over 5 million people die in car crashes during one year. Even more die from cancer. Mankind has spread, our planet became too small.

-Many see 2013 as a new beginning?

-I don’t know if it’s a new beginning, I would rather view it as a quarantine. 20-30 years ago we felt what time is. Today nobody feels time, some people don’t get old, yet they don’t stay young or change… The days are empty. It doesn’t occur to a man that the day passed by in vain, that he lost that much time, time doesn’t get lost, it freezes. Mankind was given a certain amount of time, and we’ll see, maybe it will get organized. Evolution will go slower, it won’t be as radical, as fragile. But anyway, revolution must occur. There is no second chance, the system doesn’t allow it. It’s like a bloodstream, with tiny blood vessels that feed every last cell. Nobody can change bloodstream just like that.

-What will win, the system or the revolution?

-Revolution will win. I am all for it. With the soul I don’t have and body that I have only temporary, I am a part of the revolution’s victory. Because I don’t have any problems with religion, I am absolutely convinced that it is not in vain that this adaptation period was given. It won’t be easy, but mankind will be there… The more of you change today, the easier it will be for the new system.

The joke from the Universe: Two aliens are talking. Where did you go on vacation? I went to Earth. And how was it? It was fun. Imagine, they printed large amounts of some paper and the whole planet is collecting them. Why is that? Well, who collects the most is the smartest!

Source: “Ona – jedna misao menja svet” 2013 January, Serbia

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