From Time Machine to the Portal to Other Worldss

Trece oko naslovna mala

World traveler and extrasense Ruben Papian formed a special place in Belgrade filled with extraordinary constructs made by his own design – constructs that allow people to achieve optimization and improvement of their consciousness.

Ruben Papian used to work as an extrasense for former government of SSSR. Since then, he traveled a long way, constantly changing and improving his work. He can be found everywhere a bit: Serbia, USA, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Russia, Netherlands, but mostly in Belgrade where he formed his own center “SFERA”. “SFERA” emerged from the ongoing development of “mental correction and communication” method by Ruben Papian himself.

What is this methodology used for?

– Times are changing, everyone knows that. Everyone knows that some things are happening in the world, some that nobody can control – the world is changing, whether you like it or not. Some are left poor, some got rich, but everyone is worrying for the future. It is not about the future being different. It is necessary to adapt to it without any fear. If the world is changing, it is necessary for people to change as well. This methodology is dealing exactly with that, its goal is not to make you happy, because nobody knows what happiness actually is.

Adapting to the New Age

If the goal is not happiness – what is it then?

– The goal is to be operative, optimized so that our system is easily adjustable to changes and to avoid its breakdown. For example, something as banal as stress can tear our system apart. “SFERA” lifts the system and optimizes different layers of the human being. Physiological layer, emotional, psychic and mental plan. Then the doors to the past are opened. Past doesn’t include things someone learned about something in school for example, but what specific human being is made out of, what can be found inside – why he or she are as they are. When that is lifted to the higher level – we face the term consciousness.

Ruben Papian explains that, during the forming of the “new humans” one of the more interesting aspects is “software”.

– Really people are hardware and software. There is no difference between us and the common computer. Human hardware is genetics while software is represented by signals that are constantly gathered and absorbed thanks to which our body is formed as it is now. So far it was accepted that the prototype of our body can be found in our genes but it isn’t so. A tiny cell doesn’t know in which direction to grow and split, and yet it happens exactly as it should – without ever knowing the right direction.

In depth knowledge of the correct software enables people to be the beings of tomorrow, machines that are creative in life. It becomes necessary for wishes and desires to be modified, for needs to be changed and, most importantly, to optimize consciousness itself. As we know consciousness is formed in children up until they are five years old and after that it is impossible to influence it – but perhaps not completely impossible. Considering consciousness is not an organ but artificially created function – it very well can be modified.

So what is preventing us from doing that since we can modify it? Ruben has a ready answer to this question as well.

– Environment we live in always wants us to remain as that environment intended us to be. We are not as we are because we decided so. But we can change ourselves. Consciousness can be constantly modified – it’s like gymnastics of fitness, you can practice that. Practices are adjusted to each day because you don’t know how it is going to be in advance.

Everyone expect what is best described as global changes. Even if we knew what these might be, it doesn’t mean we will adapt to them. People are vulnerable, they need to train to be operative – they can do so in “SFERA”. In contrast to other methodologies, “SFERA” is not learning. You will find short, specific exercises that take very little time to do. You can find people who meditated for twenty years without any progress. “SFERA” is much more dynamic, you can see the results and exercises are constantly modified and adjusted. It is a ten-minute daily commitment. If you want to be a human being of tomorrow, only ten minutes a day are required for you to dedicate to yourself.


Backyard of the house where “SFERA” is situated is ornamented with strange constructs. Ruben wanted to talk to us about those. They are, as he says, constructs that are functioning in the world of their own and are doing their “thing” without any human input. We already wrote about Ruben’s Pyramid but in the meantime, as he says, it has been improved.

– We call it the pyramid because of its shape but the secret is not in that but in what is inside of it – that which is capable of modifying and applying biologically stimulating effects. I built the first pyramid back in 2005 but this is its third iteration, now improved with a spiral and crystals.

What is the pyramid for?

– Let’s say it is made to strengthen your ego that should become strong and flexible at the same time. It is like being connected to the ultra-fast internet and your systems is uploaded and downloaded at the same time. It’s like an automatic update of your system, the construct just needs some time. It’s like someone from the street enters the room, it needs some time for all the different smells to combine and mix. The first time you step into the pyramid, your interior mechanisms are jolted and jump started – every next time you come the system is updated. In short – your “ME” is strengthened and your physical body is improved.

The second construct is called the “Terminal” – a time machine. It is something only I am testing for the time being. It will enable me to form precise conditions to download the necessary data. Usually something like that we call “looking into the future”. In this case you don’t have to “look”, just download the signal and the “looking” is done by your mind. In the end, even the so called reality is not seen by our eyes, it’s just the projection in our heads. Currently I am working on the precision of geographical position as well as time interval and I do believe this setting up will take another year and a half. For now I am adapting “Terminal” for my own use. I will later on see how so called “normal” people react to it.

And then, there is “The Black Cube” – a black construct one of Ruben’s friends called “portal into another world”. What is “The Black Cube” doing to human consciousness?

– While in the pyramid “I” becomes primary, in the black box of ours it disappears. As soon as you get in, you get disintegrated, you wake up in another world and “movies” commence in your mind. Currently I am not going in there very often so that, as weird as it sounds, I wouldn’t fall into my own suggestion. But, more then 130 people went through the “portal” which is currently updated with another resonator.

Why this particular shape? To that end, Ruben reminded us of the famous painting “The Black Square”, painted back in 1915 by Kazimir Malevich and proclaimed one of the most genius paintings of the 20th century. From the distance it is just a white canvas with black square on it.

– Exact interpretation of reality used to be considered art. Then artists began to invest their emotions in creating images and impressionism was born – paintings were painted in such a way that the emotional attitude of artists, as they experience reality, was imprinted on the artwork. Then Malevich said that by doing that the artist is limiting the viewer – instead the viewer should form its own emotional state. And so, he painted a black square where there is no meaning or emotion – painters emotions. Malevich said that every viewer will find own thoughts and emotions in that painting – even if they are bad. That was my starting point. I updated Malevich square with a third dimension and got “The Black Cube”. Everyone sees something different in it.

Ruben Papian wants to rule a kind of “mathematics of emotions” with which the emotional spectrum can be fully understood and used to its highest potency.

– Emotions are biological vibrations. There is a whole spectrum of biological vibrations that can be influenced. 150 years ago people weren’t aware of the electrical currents even though the effects of electricity were known before its discovery. Why then, in some recent future, “bio-electricity” and “bio-current” wouldn’t be possible to exist? They would be used to “set-up” emotional state of the entire space – space that is made out of vibrations that can be influenced. You could also use them to regenerate someone’s entire biology, to solve specific problems. Something similar I called “The Healing Room”. It was made way back in 2009.

About his new creations, Ruben is often consulting with man and women of science, as well as other professionals from numerous fields. Still, he says that science is stuck in a dead end because it can’t explain numerous things. It gets to a certain point and then “dugs in” and gets stuck.

– There are a lot of secrets and everyone should, during their lives, “dig” and find something in and around themselves – to give meaning to their lives. People need to “upgrade”. You need to change and adapt, as fast as you can and as precise as you can. All the time.

Eric Blakeney and the Books of Essence

Ruben has a lot of interesting friends, one of which is Eric Blakeney, American direction and screenwriter, known to the general public by the movie “Agent under Stress” with Sandra Bullock and Liam Neeson. He is currently staying at Ruben’s.

– Eric is a very good friend of mine, we met by accident in 2010. I was in Hollywood back then and there were talks about a movie made after my life – producer and screenwriter of which was supposed to be Eric. However, things took a sharp turn – the movie was never made but Eric and I remained friends. Eric was surprised when he learned that I didn’t publish a single book so he decided to write one about my methods. He said “I am a writer and it is mine to write”. Eric is the filter to my stories, he absorbs them and rewrites them to make my method understandable and approachable. Our first book “How to Wish” was published in English, Serbian, Russian and German language while currently we are finishing the second book called “How to Feel”. There will be nine books in total in the series called “The Books of Essence”. All books will represent a chapter in the life’s manual for people.

Source: “Trece Oko magazine – From Time Machine to the Portal to Other Worlds”, 2015, September, Serbia

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