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September 9, 2012

Time to clean the planet

Esotericist and healer, Armenian Ruben Papian, who was here last time two decades ago, some people in Slovenia recognize for his contributions in work with bio energies, the mental world and researching mankind. He is an advisor to several companies in Europe and the U.S., a researcher of the human brain, dreams and emotions. He researches shapes and colors that affect us and he is the creator of tools for detecting new talents. He looks mystical, almost magical, and very confident.

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July 25, 2012

How to “fix” the brain

Ruben Papian is a man who “fixes” brain. Born in Yerevan, in the heart of Armenia, thirty years ago, he came to Yugoslavia three years ago. In Yerevan he was preparing to be an architect but, in light of “wonders” around him, he left the faculty and completely dedicated himself toward his new profession. Armenia is, according to Ruben, full of wonders and healers. Ruben studied the technique of energy therapy from his mentor for two years so that, afterwards, he spent ten years researching, modifying and perfecting his knowledge. He found new solutions and new methods and only then did he went into the world with his new found skills and abilities.

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