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March 14, 2016

Mental Geography

Treće oko.jpg

When I say “shape your own future” – it sounds like the future belongs to you in equal measure as the past and present do. However, before this statement comes into play you need to “take a peak” into your own feelings.

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August 10, 2012

Sex is absolutely important for brain functioning

Sex is extremely important for brain functioning. I can say that it is the exact reason why the concept is much more appealing to human than animals, where such actions are mostly for reproduction functionalities. Hormones that activate during sexual relation are like food for the brain. I talked about three different areas out of which every one is important for a happy and successful life. Barely anyone manages to align that well with his partner, to have everything in one package.

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August 10, 2012

Armenian Merlin in Belgrade

Born in Armenia as descendant of Armenian tsar Papa in an appreciated family of intellectuals. He studied architecture, medicine and psychology, he paints, sings, plays several instruments, speaks five languages and but what he is the most famous for is esoteric work that he dedicated more than two decades of his life to. We present you Ruben Papian.

He says that his profession is wise man. He reminds us that in ancient times wise men were right next to kings, like Merlin next to king Arthur, “not because the king is stupid or ignorant, but because he is alone and in his thoughts he can lose orientation and focus.”

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July 25, 2012

Is it magic

Ruben Papian, a man with special powers has healed many from incurable diseases

Ruben Papian is a man with special powers. Some consider him an esotericist, but he says that, for him, magic means only using natural processes. Ruben, Armenian, has become aware of his extremely developed intuition in his childhood because he could unmistakably predict the future. At the age of 20 he decided to start working on his gift. He helped many by curing them from incurable diseases. With only 26 years he became extrasensory of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of USSR, and later many world’s people in power requested his help. Ruben says that his strength doesn’t come from paranormal abilities, but from knowledge about people that he then uses to help them. In period from 1990. to 1994. year, Ruben established a development center in Belgrade.

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