Ruben’s Biography

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Ruben Papian was born in Yerevan, Armenia. As a very young boy his affection to paranormal sciences made him different from other kids.

In Armenia, Ruben attended the Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction. In addition to this he was also interested in painting and music. His musical career began when he was 12 years old. Ruben is the founder, leader and singer of a student rock band called Oleess that projects progressive ideas.

A turning point of his life was when his mother was diagnosed with a serious illness. Ruben could not do anything to help her – at the time he was only 18. One day an energy healer came to their family house to help cure the disease. Ruben expressed a wish to learn everything about the method he was using. The healer gave him a book called “Caucasian Yoga” by Count Stefan Colonna Walewski. It was hand-written in Russian and was the first step in Ruben’s self-tutoring.

In 1987 Ruben was invited to come to Moscow where his energy method gain quality and efficiency in the area of anatomy, nervous system and mind functions. He developed a method called “Mental Correction and Communication”.

In 1988 he was invited to go to Yugoslavia and in 1990 he decided to move to Belgrade. He formed a “Center for Alternative Healing” in Belgrade where he performed personal and group treatments using his method “Mental Correction and Communication”. By 1993 his knowledge had become enriched and he began to understand human complexity. It led to the formation of the association for personal harmonic development “The Golden Step”.

In 1994 the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands involved him in a project called “The theory and methodology of finding and developing the talents of gifted children”. The same year he moved to the Netherlands, and from 1995 to 1998 he continued energy healing, mentored different courses and worked in an International Dutch company as a negotiation trainer for high management.

From 1998 to 2005 the name Ruben Papian became well-known worldwide. In 2005 Ruben developed “The Golden Step” into the first “Institute of Esotery and Parapsychology Ruben Papian” in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. The Institute offered educational programs such as Energy Therapy Healing, Mental Correction and Communication and Harmonic Personal Development.

In 2004 in the Netherlands Ruben developed a construction called “The Energy Pyramid”. Ever since he started researching cosmic energies, he had become interested in pyramids, the way they function and affect the human organism. In a short time he developed an energy flow concept and understood the basis of the mystical powers of those large monuments that could be found anywhere in the world.

In 2008 Ruben produced an Armenian movie called “Welcome Papa”.

Since 2010 he has been Senior Advisor to the International Challenge:Future competition.

At the very start of 2011, the “Institute of Esotery and Parapsychology Ruben Papian” in Belgrade, Serbia became the “SFERA movement”. Thanks to his great success and to the people who were interested in his unique training methods, Ruben opened another “SFERA movement” in Kazakhstan, Almaty in December 2011.

In 2011 he wrote his first book, “How to Wish”. This book is in the first part of a transformational series called “The Books of Essence”. The book is published in May 2013.

How people describe Ruben Papian: Driven, spiritual personality with entrepreneurial spirit. Energetic professional with international experience as an independently operating business analyst, negotiator and trouble shooter at multinational corporations. Capable of identifying with the problems of a company and acting as a negotiator in high urgency situations. Capable of analyzing the problems on every level of the company and to translate these analyses into tailor made coaching and training programs.

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