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December 25, 2015

Turn on your Parallel Consciousness!


In this series of articles we will present the “SFERA” system by Ruben Papian and publish specific exercises for self-help.

Ruben Papian is the founder of center “SFERA” and self-help method by the same name developed further from the “mental correction and communication” method. It’s use is, first and foremost, dedicated to changing oneself, to adjust to the new age and new world.

– The goal is to be operative, optimized so that our systems are better at adjusting to changes, to prevent eventual fallout. So that, for example, something as banal as stress doesn’t carve up the whole system into pieces. “SFERA” as a system lifts and optimizes different layers of people. We are talking about physiological, emotional, psychical and mental plan.

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December 3, 2015

From Time Machine to the Portal to Other Worldss

Trece oko naslovna mala

World traveler and extrasense Ruben Papian formed a special place in Belgrade filled with extraordinary constructs made by his own design – constructs that allow people to achieve optimization and improvement of their consciousness.

Ruben Papian used to work as an extrasense for former government of SSSR. Since then, he traveled a long way, constantly changing and improving his work. He can be found everywhere a bit: Serbia, USA, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Russia, Netherlands, but mostly in Belgrade where he formed his own center “SFERA”. “SFERA” emerged from the ongoing development of “mental correction and communication” method by Ruben Papian himself.

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