Ruben Papian – Esotericist

He was 26 years old when he became an extrasense of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of USSR. He trained selected managers of oil company Shell in negotiations area. The unusual biography of this 46 year old Armenian from Yerevan left one Hollywood director wanting to make a movie about him, and he just came back from Los Angeles with a very interesting experience from the movie industry world.

Ruben Papian, esotericist

Because of his abilities, some think of him as a God, some as a Devil. For some of them he is a catfish and for some chocolate. In Europe, and now in America too, he helped many people with various health, mental and business problems. Some call him an esotericist, mage, and he says that for him magic is only using natural processes. When he told me about a case where he stopped the death of a father of one famous actress, he also concluded that he actually makes deals with death. He says that he came inside the head of a man who suffered from cancer, who was in coma for days and was waiting for his end every moment. I asked him how and he said:

“Don’t ask, that is like going online”.

His definition of abilities that he owns, and they are parapsychological before anything else, comes down to the following:

“I have a charisma, that’s for sure. And I am using it thanks to the knowledge I own. Let’s not keep it a mystery – my knowledge is knowledge about the human that I gain everyday. I have an extended ego, I am psychically and physically very stable as a person and I am standing firmly on the ground.”

Who actually is Ruben Papain?

Papian originates from Tzar Papa who lived and ruled in the 7th century. Like when somebody here has a surname Popov. Ruben’s uncle lives in America and is a famous violinist, brother of his grandfather was the president of Armenia and very close to Stalin… But, as Ruben says, none of them did anything similar to what he does, none of them dealt with this imprecise sciences.

He was born in Yerevan, capital of Armenia, in the 1962 in the family of architects. His father was a head of a big construction company at the time. It was expected of the son to become an architect too, though he had a huge painting talent and he had exhibitions:

“Nothing came out of that architecture for me. I got the necessary education, but I never did that because I was never interested in it. When I was young I was a musician, a very good one and very famous in Armenia, I had a band, I sang, arranged… But not even that was my lasting choice. “

As a boy he had a very expressed intuition, sometimes he said: “This and this is going to happen” and it really happened. When he was 20 years old, as a rock musician with long hair, he started noticing a difference between how he sees the world and how others see it.  He couldn’t explain it, but he remembers the moment when it all came out:

“My mother was sick, I came home and found her in her bed, with this man standing over her and waving his hands above her head. For me that was a shock and that’s when I had my first live contact with something paranormal. I instantly took all the literature about it that that man had. I started learning about something at the time called bioenergy. I advanced very quickly, because I simply wanted to. I was ready to enter some secrets of human nature that I was very interested in.”

Few years later, that is when he was 26 years old, he was already strong enough that he became an extrasense of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of USSR. Minister was Severnadze. Nobody asked him if he likes it, it was considered normal for him to move to Moscow instantly and that’s where he began to live in the closed circle of the world he serviced. Well paid and well protected:

“They treated it as alternative medicine. That means, there were conventional doctors there, but they also asked for services from people like me. Dzuna was taking care of the health condition of family Gorbacov, and I was taking care of the Ministry. Nobody knew anything about me, nobody wrote about me and beside me another older man was hired of which I knew nothing about.”

Ruben says that it’s too bold to say that he healed people from the world of diplomacy, but he did help them. Ambassadors and their families asked for his services.  That’s how he met one highly ranked diplomat from Yugoslavia “but international” as he noted, and he invited him to Belgrade in order for him to help his granddaughter in 1988:

“1989 arrived, a year when I was planning on moving to America with my family. At the time, since I came to Yugoslavia and in the next year and a half, I came here five times. People started talking and writing about me, I felt at home here and I asked my wife why would we move to America anyway when we are doing quite fine here. And that’s how we moved to Belgrade in 1990. I had from 150 to 200 people a day asking for my help. Results were satisfying in general and that gave me the possibility to find out more about the matter called man and his nature.”

He claims that his strength is not paranormal ability, but the knowledge about a human that he uses to help people. Knowledge about medicine, physics, chemistry, astrophysics… And the knowledge from the most complicated area called esotericism. There are no exact laws there, there is nothing you can touch, you can only sense:

“The base of my profession is an answer to the question of how does nonmaterial world function. And the base of survival on that road is for me to stay normal. There is a lot of us dealing with this so called paranormal phenomena, and some of them sidetracked. Some ended up in a psychiatric institution, second think that God has nothing else to do than to talk to them, third turned their qualities into arrogance and superiority, fourth turned into complete frauds, because they are no longer interested in the base of their work, they just deal with mechanics that repeats. And all that because of money, glory…”

Ruben thinks that his normality was saved by his Armenian genes, good origins and strong bloodline. He defines himself as parascientist, because he is never satisfied with results he gets and he is more interested in the answer to the question why something in a human’s psyche works the way it works. From 1990 to 1994 he founded a development center in Belgrade where he dealt with different cases.

“I’ve met a lawyer that came from Vienna to talk to me. He sometimes asked the stupidest questions, like, is there life on Mars? And from there we would move on to the Dutch queen. And I didn’t even know that Holland has a queen. It’s not a strange thing when you come out of the Soviet Union where you knew only about Breznjev. I told him that the problem there was not connected to the queen, but to her husband, and that he was sick because of this and that.” The lawyer mentioned what Ruben said to the Dutch ambassador and after a month Ruben was invited to dinner at the Dutch embassy where the ambassador of the Netherlands in Belgrade told him that a letter from the queen concerning him arrived.

“Before that ambassador wrote a letter to the queen where he told her that there is a guy roaming on the streets of Belgrade, knowing things concerning the court, that not even in the court were known. And that’s how the queen wrote a letter to the ambassador asking to meet that mister. That’s when I became a mister. I was 31 years old.”

At the time Ruben had some works done about how to use brain potentials and what the brain at all is. Those works, after this story, also found their way through an international lawyer to Dutch government. That’s how Ruben got invited by their Ministry of culture:

“The conversation they contacted me was about an area of my work named: Theory and methodology of finding and speeding up the development of talents of gifted children. They were very interested in it, I talked to the Dutch Ministry of culture, they suggested for us to open an experimental school for children where we would apply my methodology.”

And that’s how Ruben moved to Amsterdam with his family where he lives today. New chapter in his work began:

“I didn’t leave because I wasn’t doing well in Belgrade. On the opposite, I love this country, this is my city. But I achieved much here, I had no more possibilities to learn, to improve myself. I needed new air, new energy, new breath. Unfortunately, the program they invited me about wasn’t carried out, because the administration in that country is so slow and heavy that I couldn’t wait for it anymore. I was about to leave, but then again, for God knows what time in my life, a case decided for me. In the package of my works that were in Holland government, there was a work called Operative system of using brain potentials with a subtitle System of analysis, forming thoughts and system of proper negotiations in economic units. Oil company Shell was interested in it. And they contacted me. People came, we talked and they bought me, literally. We signed a contract with some significant numbers for me as a consultant and I started training their older buyers and older managers. I was absolutely with them for three years and I consider that an amazing success. Because oil, gas and nuclear industries are very vital, important and very closed industries. Besides, I came from countries on the East, without any reputation in that world, with my theory that I designed based on my work but never tested before.”

Within a year, Ruben trained 76 people in this company, that started giving results. After half a year of training, Shell’s top management asked him to train top managers, and after a year of work, he was offered to take part in most important negotiations, not as an expert, but as a consultant.

“I had to learn everything about oil and business, I had to come to information about literally everything in order to create something. I was with them for three years intensively. And then I started investing in myself, using my own methods.”

Based on this a reader could conclude that both high politics and high industry are equally ready to put health of their people in the hands of not only doctors, but people who have these abilities. Ruben Papian denies that with an explanation about exception that proves the rule:

“You should see these stupid European industrials. It’s pathology. I just came out of a very closed club of European industrials because of the level of stupidity of those people. They don’t need me, they don’t understand me. Industry of western countries is a mechanism, you don’t need to be smart there, the dumber you are the better. Stupidity and money are basic parts of that mechanism. When it comes to politics, the situation is a bit different. Politics is a game of chess that has its rules and many sneaky moves. And that’s why level of intelligence is very important in politics, because you need to know how to communicate, in a good or in a bad way. Though we today see that politics is turning into  industry where politicians become irrelevant people that preform their duties. Mental creativity isn’t necessary. I can tell you that I am not talking about countries in the East. Russian politics is very intelligent, Russia functions independently in a way, like a world of its own.”

Ruben Papian insists on knowledge and education. He developed his methods in areas he deals with, called bioenergy, esotericism, magic… And they are very useful and simulative for a man. It’s about simple exercises for harmonic development of personality, after which your biology works differently.

“It’s about balancing emotional, physical and energetic condition of a person, so a man could function in the best way. My patents help with that, there are 6 of them that I developed and protected in Holland. It’s about, actually, a form of energy shower and other instruments that I use to help people.”

Recently Ruben came back from America. That was the fourth time Ruben went to this continent. And the most interesting one. Through his Armenian friends in America, he made contact with an American director and he helped him solve a problem he had during his shooting. The director got interested in Ruben and when he heard a part of his biography, he wasn’t thinking long. He called him after a while and offered him to make a movie about him. Johnny Deep was mentioned as the main actor. Ruben would write the script together with the team of scenarists.

“The last time I was there, I can freely say that Rubenomania ruled in the closed circles of Los Angeles. My workday began at 8am and ended at 10pm. I was in a few big TV shows, and I was wanted by many people from all social layers. By the way, when it comes to the movie about me, movie is my old love. In America I was the director of one modern Armenian movie, a comedy about three Armenians who met at L.A. airport and that’s where the story begins.”

This year, Ruben spent his first few months in L.A. and that was a special adventure. He was in contact with people from the world of the movie industry and those who invested money in it. For this knower of the human soul it was a new experience.

“I can’t say that’s America, because Hollywood is something completely different. That narrow social layer, very powerful and present in public, has its laws that are mostly unknown to regular mortals, and when you get to know them, they remain pretty blurry. I have, for example, made a mortal sin when I asked one famous actress who wanted to meet me how old she was. I made a scandal, because among those people that is absolutely forbidden topic. And I can’t offer a human my services if I don’t know how old she is. What an amazing experience. It happened that I told one powerful financier that he doesn’t have cancer that he was treating for years, but he didn’t believe me, because he was used to paying expensively to doctors, herbalists, energy therapists and other paraexperts, and he was sure that was keeping him alive. Of course, during those few months of work in that world I saw and lived a lot, but I didn’t learn anything. Or to be precise, what I learned was completely superficial and without any serious sense. The behavior and way of life of people who are a part of movie industry is far away from me. It was nice, I was wanted there, but I simply couldn’t live and work there.”

It’s interesting how our interviewee interprets some modern event, like appearance of swine flu and other flu viruses that are spreading on our planet.

“There is something unclear and weird about it. A new flu appears, and pharmaceutical industry already has a cure ready. How? How is it possible to have a cure for a virus that was unknown before? On who was he tested on for his effects to be confirmed? Those are questions that nobody asks, and I am afraid that they are very unpleasant for many powerful people in few industries.”

According to the doctors, depression is one of the most common sicknesses today. Many people around the globe ask for Ruben’s help. We got an interesting answer from him to the question if there is a social layer that is more affected by this sickness:

“If you think that there is a social layer that doesn’t suffer from depression, you are wrong. Poor people asked for my help as well as very rich people. Maybe the middle layer is stricken the most with it, because in this time of the economic crisis the most has been taken from them. It’s hard to live normally while knowing that if you didn’t lose your job or your house yet, it might happen to you tomorrow morning. It’s true that very rich people lose billions of dollars and property over night, but I know that even with those, let’s call them safe billions, they can be equally depressed. One Russian billionaire asked for my help a few years ago because he didn’t want to see people anymore, he locked himself in his house and stopped communicating. One other scientist, that made huge money in the industry, wanted to get out of it, but they didn’t let him. When something starts working and making money, it’s hard for it to stop. And that, until yesterday a humble scientist, didn’t know what to do with his life anymore.”

Our readers are very interested in who Ruben’s clients are, if we call them that way, who from the world of rich and famous from here and from outside of Serbia asked for his help, but our interviewee absolutely refuses to talk about it. It is similar to doctors or ethical confidentiality actually.

“In this business the most important question is mutual trust. Without that there is no help. In Hollywood I met many people who were astonished with what I told them about themselves, and they had a panicking fear afterwards that people will start talking about those things. For example, I knew that one of those famous persons tried to kill herself when she was young and she was in a shock when she realized that I knew it, when the only other person who knew about it was her mother. She never wanted to see me again. But, that is the paranoia a lot of Hollywood stars are waking up and going to bed with. Anonymous people are normal and aware that our personal relations stays a secret that I will take to my grave, in case I end up there at all.”

There is another interesting detail connected to Ruben’s stay in Los Angeles this year. There are serious indications that Ruben might be a guest in the most glorious TV show in the world – with famous Oprah Winfrey.

Source: “Isidorine Ženske Strane – Ruben Papian Ezoterik”, 2009 June

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