Adolescence of Mankind

There will be no ending of the world, but difficult times are upon us. There will be catastrophes and climate changes. Another things that might surprise you is that there will come to even bigger emancipation of women. Look, they are already so strong, smart and confident! Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with that, but it’s sad that men are loosing their own position – says Ruben Papian, esotericist.

Adolescence of mankind

Let’s start with a “galactic” joke: two aliens are talking and one of them asks the other one:

“Where did you go on your vacation?”

“I went to Earth.”

“And how was it?”

“They printed out a lot of paper in there and now the whole planet is pilling it up.”

“And why is that?”

“The one who gathers the most will become the smartest one.”

This funny but yet sorrow words are our intro into a serious conversation with Ruben Papian, who dislikes when people call him an exrtasense because, as he says, he came to this world as a mentor. He’s been proving that for decades and he is well known in Europe and USA. He established an Institute for esotericism and parapsychology in our country two decades ago.

This conversation started with a joke on purpose because, as Papian says, this world dislikes people like him. In this system of economics, the only thing world needs are the consumers.

“Look at its state, it’s falling apart. Today’s society is a highly develop society of slaves. From the day of his birth, a man owes something to someone. First he studies so he could work. Then he works so he wouldn’t starve. He has no decision to make when it comes to his freedom – he is forced to be a part of the system, and system uses him. If he doesn’t obey, he will die. Feeling of freedom depends on the size and bars on the golden cages we are in.”

In explaining of his attitude, Papian reminds us that people created a habit of changing their cars every two years. “Both here and in the West something changed, because it’s not raining and still it’s a storm outside, so we don’t even consider buying a new car. We have no desire to buy it, and yet car factory expect 3 millions of buyers annually.  Which means, production is decreasing. Employees get fired and the atmosphere is getting worse. This economic system which is not built to work like this, collapses. I’m talking about so called “anglo-saxon economic model” where greed is the main emotional stimulation.

In the whole picture of forecasts for next year and years upon us, Ruben sees some unusual and unexpected moments.

“There is no need to panic, world won’t end this year. Still, difficult times are upon us. There will be catastrophes and climate changes. Another surprising thing is the rise of matriarchy. Personaly, I see nothing wrong with that, but it’s sad that men are loosing their positions.

Planetary diagnosis

If only human values could be expressed in the right way, we wouldn’t find ourselves in the middle of a huge crisis like this one, explains Ruben Papian.

“Earth is entering her fifth cycle of existance. Modifications like these already happened. Planet is reorganising, poles are changing from plus to minus. This happens every four thousand years.”

According to Papian, mankind is very young. “When you would look at a whole life, mankind would be around 16-17 years old right now. Now it is transiting. It used to play out on the street, and now it’s playing with technology and computers. In the next part of evolution which is upon us, mankind will get to know itself better. And I’m not talking about physiology. A human has 75 billions of cells and every one of them is a living organism. Every human is a product of those cells and a lot of things happen in there…”

“We know ourselves very briefly. Our past the least of all. And we pretend that we know it all, but we actually know so little. We’re not talking about a breakfast somebody had yesterday or why a loved one left him. We are talking about the past of our cells. Human didn’t begin with a body that he has today. Or with a body he was born with or even with an embrion inside his mother’s uterus he once was. He began with cells of his parents, as did they with cells of their parents. A human can’t even understand how chaotical he actually is. And all those information that transoformed for thousands of years are still inside us. They talk for us, they dictate our behavior. They control eveything until we get to know them and realize that we can’t be ready for a real life outside if we didn’t get to know ourselves first.

Knowledge is the key

Ruben says that everyone is gifted, but not everyone can realise that and put their abbilities under control.

“We don’t know how to open a treasure chest that hides inside us, but I know how to help people to became aware of it. In fact, in the beginning I didn’t even know how to use this force inside me. And through many long years of work I realised a simpe thing – every person can discover his talents, no matter how magical or unreal they might seem to that person.”

Answer to the question how does Ruben help people is complicated. He personaly proved himself by curing people many times using nothing else but his own energy and then he established “Sfera” school in Belgrade in 1993. In Alma Ata in Kazahstan there is an identical school. Ruben is a very welcome guest on many places worldwide.

“People often get depressed nowadays when they want something and they can’t get it. Tell me, how come that in war times there is no depression, when then there are a lot more reasons for it? Because then they think about surviving before anything else.  If you throw a man that lived in a warm appartament to the street where it’s cold, you’ll see that in a week he will be more than eager to fight over a bone with a street dog.  On the other hand, take a look on the life of average modern man. He gets up at 8, drinks coffee, goes to work, comes back, watches tv and then goes to sleep. Once a year he takes a break, goes on a vacation (which is interesting – what is he taking a break from exactly?) and then goes back to his regular schedule. Where does this sort of life lead us? Is life really so pathetic and monotonous? That is the main reason why 80% of people get suicidal thougths sooner or later. Those thoughts change his inner life a bit. But then time passes and a man gets used to it, soon as his life is still boring and monotonous. And what’s the only way out of it? Change of conditions!”

Ruben Papian thinks that personal development of every human is possible. People are trying to entertain themselves with conditions from outside world.

“They read, go to the cinema, socialise with others, travel – according to that logic, if they are more entertained, chances for depression decrease. But that’s not how things really work. Because, while he is entertaining himself, people forget about their personal development. A book won’t help them develop because they didn’t write it, movies won’t help them develop because they didn’t make it. That’s why everybody should make their own movie in their head, because that’s how they can develop themselves, by becoming their own movie directors.”

In “Sfera” Ruben explains us how you can learn this:

“A human can understand and educate himself. He can enrich his world, but not with factors from outside world, but by “starting his own journey” from the beginning and understanding what he consists of. That’s way he can also understands others. Then he will realize that  his inner world is so much richer and more interesting that the outside world. And in that cinema you can observe others and talk to anybody you want to talk to. And there is just no room for depression in there. From dawn to dusk, he will dance of joy, because he has so many reasons for it. When everyone could take over their inner worlds, they would forget all about depression instantly. But people always search for an easier way. And of course, freedom of choice in that case is all ours.”


The world is divided into egsoteric and esoteric parts. According to Papian,the egsoteric part is the outside part of the world that you can see with you eyes, and the esoteric part is the inside part that you can not see, the part that builds the whole esoteric world. For example, you can see a man, you can look at each other, but you can’t see his inner esoteric processes that makes him a human.

Esotericism, as a knowledge system, has always existed and will forever exsist. Practicaly, everything that mankind knows was once a secret, esoteric knowledge. A thousand and a half years ago, people thought that they see light because it’s coming out of their eyes and that’s how they could sense objects around them. And after only one Newton’s experiment esoteric knowledge of the fact that light doesn’t come from our eyes but it gets in our eyes became well known and accepted. We know that new knowledge always gets bad reactions at first because people are used to think one way and they don’t like to change it – but we’re used to it.

Source: “Treće oko –  Čovečanstvo je u fazi adolescencije”, 2012 June

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