Exclusively – Ruben Papian

– Do we know who we are? What we want or don’t want?

Some among us know. Ruben Papian, esoteric, famous across the globe, definitely knows. Together we will try to fill in the true picture of the world and the man since the dawn of time to the current crisis. If your fears, worries and suspicions lessen at least a bit after our interview – then we succeeded!

– Ruben, are you a man of this age or a reincarnation from some old civilization?

A bit of both, every future is based on the past because every future becomes past. To be effective in the future the past must be rich, which doesn’t depend on you today. How you are today is not your decision, but how you will be tomorrow, that is where your decisions come into play. I have potentials, abilities and gifts and also a rich and strong past. In my own reality I am trying to respect my past as much as I can. That asks a large understanding of present and everything I do with it.

– What were you in the past?

Before I answer I would like to think aloud, the question of incarnation and re-incarnation is left for the reader to decide whether he believes in it or not but every human cell is a product of previous cells that existed so all our cells were made from cells of our mother and father, and all of them carry in them informations about history of existence thousands of years back.

Having the ability to read the memory of my gene I know that there were a couple of strong and interesting incarnations. Even when I was young I had visions of a pharaoh, I don’t know which one but when I was young people told me I look like a pharaoh. My soul is old, as Wiseman would say.

– What will you be in the future?

That is something nobody knows, I don’t either. The thing is, it’s a bit forbidden. You can know what will happen in the future but not what your next incarnation will be. If we would know today what we would be in the future, that would have significant effect on our positioning today. For example if some poor man, who barely has something to eat, found out that he would be rich in his next life, he would disregard this life easily, wanting it to pass quicker – instead of building this one. By doing that he could actually change his “today” which is connected to “then” and therefore the knowledge itself would ruin his potential and future. Evolution is shielding and protecting itself and us from such informations and from us who like to put our nose where it doesn’t belong.

– When did you realize that you were different?

I am realizing it constantly. Yesterday, today and tomorrow – being different is not just one quality. If the question is when I did first consciously notice the difference between the surrounding and me – it was when I was twenty years old. However that “consciously” hurts. Unknown scent doesn’t say anything about the quality of a dish – it can still be poison! I recognize harmony between myself and surrounding areas every day because it addresses me and changes every day.

– Is that available to other people and can they achieve it or do they have to be born special?

My opinion is subjective. I want – I don’t want doesn’t have to translate to something that can or cannot be done. Modern world is trying to convince people that they can do whatever they wish or want, I guess it’s a confortable form of addiction that is trying to accustom people to a drug – called “I want”. Every change in every human carries a slew of small but vital changes and not everyone can look at all consequences of their “I want” or “I wish”. And right there we have the element of potential destruction. Answering your question I would say that every human construction is capable of performing radical changes within himself and outside, but its very rare to see a person that not only has a strong “I will” but also the power to endure and sustain the force of changes.

– What is the significance of human conscious on the living world of the planet?

Answering your question I would like to avoid the disdainful opinion that human is the emperor of nature. Such egotistic opinion is something human created for himself so that he would have something to justify his errors and mishaps. He is fulfilling his biological function of existence just like any other living creature on the planet and with every breath he takes he is filtrating and enriching the bioenergetic balance.

– And what is the significance of the living world of our planet to the cosmos?

By my opinion that amount of the biological energy that is produced by this energy machine called Earth, is used to fill our Universe. There are a lot of machines just like it out there – millions of them, so can you just imagine the amount of energy?

– How about crisis and wars? How do they affect the process of developing consciousness in people?

You know, if there were no economy, there would be no crisis. If human nature didn’t exist as it is, there would be no wars. Exactly that consciousness created the system as it is and will suffer the consequences. What we created, we got. Crisis and wars are like tax authorities – the more you profit the more attention you get the more you have to give – and as much as nobody likes to give – he has to. If there are no tax authorities there is no organization connected to them and all falls to chaos. Nothing happens out of chance, crisis and wars have their why and because.

– We know that nature is perfect, when will human beings become perfect and will they in the first place? It is said that God is in all of us, when will be able to see that?

There is a model of God in all of us and human beings are modeled after it, but never to the end. At the end of the day why do we need seven million Gods? We can’t understand even one of them. God is that horizon, something that pulls you, something always in sight, gives direction, you are going toward him, and you will never get there. But thanks to him, while you are going, you have faith, hope and doubt. But you should never reach that horizon because that is the end, you have nowhere left to go, and that, is God!

– Many people are seeking help from you. How does one such quality mind recognize who needs help?

That is not for me to decide. That quality mind you mentioned thinks that he still needs a lot to learn – in fact just in contrast to previous questions and answers needs to show constraint to prevent personal bias. Some people are hard to be helped, they have problems and they suffer but no matter what you do they are holding on to that problem with their hands and legs to the point where their illness became their personal accessory, their defining trait, something they need – making it extremely hard to heal them.

– When we take into consideration the results of your methods, are you accountable, or is it all on your consciousness (head)?

A bit of both. When one is young, everything falls on its consciousness driven with the constant fear of failure. As you get better, on a higher level, you don’t focus on failures or mishaps, you focus on doing good and you measure it all with the amount of people you helped. Perhaps I am accountable but not for people I didn’t help but those I did, especially those I saved from death. I take care when making these decisions because, after all, if you are saving someone from dying, you are messing with things that would and will inevitably happen.

– I believe those who get help from you also bond with you, how do you live with that?

They bond in every country, why would I run away from that? It’s a realistic sing of who I am, what I am and where I am. I am especially careful with that because I don’t want that to deform or change and I don’t want to become something I am not (even though some people see me like that).

– Do you have emotions? Do you feel sad for someone or is it all-automatic at this point?

I can’t be addicted to problems of others. As a human being of course I feel sad for a child where nothing, along with my knowledge and possibilities, can’t help him but I really must control my emotions to the fullest because not even my failure to make a better future for that child should influence my capability to help someone else. I always have to get the best results when I can.

– For some case to be successfully solved, do you have to make that decision, or your patient?

In our line of work, the more you know and can do, the more you have to value the factor of morality. Great power opens new doors but doesn’t give you absolute right to take and solve cases. You mustn’t forget that every man that came with a problem had to work hard on it before he came to see me. He created that problem, the problem belongs to him and is, in fact, a part of him. As long as he doesn’t ask for help, I mustn’t do anything about it based on my emotions and wishes. Successfully solved case in great measure depends on my professionalism in any case, someones decision and co-operation is a priority.

Source: “Isidorine Ženske Strane – Ekskluzivno – Ruben Papian”, 2009 February

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