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Ruben Papian, founder of the school for spiritual development “Sfera”, which exists since 1993 in Belgrade, Serbia. Inventor of the special pyramid and other famous inventions, esotericist, thinker and rhetorician, author of the book How to Wish about the purpose of life and peoples need to pull maximum from themselves.

– How to recognize the potential in ourselves?

-Recognizing the potential within is rather difficult, not because some don’t have it, but because every one of us is “trapped” in some routine. For example, some guy is successful in the production of plastic cups. When he goes to bed however, underneath the fake self-image (I am successful after all) there is a though: I am not satisfied. Let’s say that he has the wish and gift to paint and he wants to pursue that. How many people would put a lock on the production of cups and become a painter? Nobody. To truly change, people need to have a strong character, incredibly strong in fact.

– Can character be improved?

-Certainly, I am working with the program of “creating”, an improvement program. People come to me with already formed fabricated selves but they never created the essence, they didn’t find themselves. When someone is 25 years old and asks himself: who am I, it more sounds like: who am I going to be when I form myself? When someone is 30 or 40 years old on the other hand, the same question is often: It’s impossible that this is I? It’s a lot more painful.

– What percentage of people today have fabricated selves?

-100 percent! It’s not the fault of people though; the world is forcing individuals to “create themselves”. Show me a normal, reasonable human with a family and responsibilities that doesn’t need money! The system, again, doesn’t need painters, but production and sales of plastic cups. It’s the same in the oil business…I have a friend whose finances are reaching nine zero figures and he asked me: What is the meaning of my life? In essence the system with nine zeroes owns him, he is a slave to it.

– What did you tell him?

-As always, I was direct and honest. I told him: You have the possibility to ask for something from the higher forces, if that is God, then God. Form your “I WANT” and it will be fulfilled. He didn’t know what to wish for. He got scared: What if it actually comes true? The whole system crumbles…The change of personality must happen within the system, not outside of it. Everyone must decide whether they will meditate for 20 years and repeat mantras like parrots or they will get introduced to the natural streams of spiritual development? That is why I formed “Sfera”.

– What level of spirituality can we except in the future?

-People in the future will ask themselves: Is there an element that could be observed from the level of spirituality in production of plastic cups? Everyone will find themselves in the work they are doing, under condition that there is someone to show them where spirituality and creativity are hiding in that work, what can be constructively used for his or hers personality and system in general.

– How did your book “How to Wish” came to be?

-One American producer planned to make a movie about me in Hollywood. That is how I met director and screenwriter Eric Blakeney and we had a long talk. I asked him what he think is important to people. He said: Ruben, every human want’s his wishes fulfilled. I analyzed what he said: If people want their wishes fulfilled, they first have to understand the construction itself – what is a wish, where does it go…It’s not like in the book The Secret, you just think about something and the Universe takes form of a maid to remove all obstacles from your path.

You need an instruction manual to know how to wish. And that is how I came to be. In one show in America they asked me: Can you prove that your instructions are absolutely correct? It was expected that I provide an American answer: Of course, this and that and this…But I responded: I neither can nor I want to prove it to anyone. It’s a book, read it, do what is written, see for yourself!

Honestly, how can I prove to someone that wishes can be fulfilled if he himself has to fulfill it? For someone’s wish to beat similar wishes of other people, he must learn how to wish. In the book you will find descriptions how to form the wish, how to prepare yourself, what and notice its fulfilling. The wish is fulfilled when its first effects are realized, not the end result.

People for example will never think of a random car that stopped in the middle of the road as something good for them – they are hurrying to get to the airfield and catch the plane! Behind them they might find someone they need to meet. That person knows another person that has a high position and through that person they meet another person where their goal fulfills. A human that wishes also creates the path for that wish to fulfill.

– How can people know if “oh my car broke down, this is a good sign that my wish is fullfilling”?

-Common folk – hardly. That person first has to be wise and to know that there is a reason for everything that happens to it. People are terribly short sighted. For example someone has a large firm, family, spoiled kid, cheating partner, business success…In one moment that person looses money, almost ends up in jail, son becomes a drug addict, partner leaves…Broken and on the brink of existence, the person meets another partner with its own child that acts and behaves normally.

Three years latter happiness emerges and a new small and sustainable firm. If you asked: Would you go back to how it was before? That person would respond: No, I am happy now. Nothing needed to be stopped but how many people do you know that would go down that path? Everyone would look at his or her fall as something negative, the end of the world. Basically we never do know why “the car broke down”.

– You need to be patient and wise, but still, how long is it worth waiting for the wish to come true?

-Every man and woman want to get everything today served on the plate. I was making a deal with a friend of mine who owns several hospitals to open my own ordination for alternative healing. I asked him: Did you ever lose money? He responded negatively. I continued: You know, I wouldn’t go into business with you because you have a fear of loosing money. He confirmed: You are right, I fear that, what if…I had to tell him: When you loose some money and cure yourself from that fear, then we will work together. For now we will remain friends. Loss can build a man you know.

– How many times did you wake up and say: “I won’t produce plastic cups, today I will paint”?

-I do that every day. As a young man I passed though the phase of popularity and you know what saved me? Destiny “broke” me. It’s the car that broke down. Consciously I changed the state I live in, I started from scratch and built to the top. At the time I was helping one man that had a perspective company and I had my share in it. In one moment the company was so big that it became necessary for my whole family to move to Switzerland. They told me that business is skyrocketing. That’s ok but I wondered do I want to skyrocket?

-I exited that business. People should not be deceived when they are served an amazing meal that is actually poison…Last example, a month ago I came back from America. Everything was great in the American kind of way: TV, radio, papers, meeting Deepak Chopra…and then what? Another victim of the system. I am more comfortable talking with you…

– Why did you choose Serbia of all places?

-I will never break my car on purpose hoping that someone I need to meet will come, I don’t do that. Why Serbia? It’s how it happened, it has some sense, I am not complicating things.

– When you go to bed, are you satisfied or there are thoughts that make you have sleepless nights?

-Satisfied? I am not so naïve to be the victim of my own happiness. You know, happiness, it’s the end of something; human desires and fantasies are fulfilled. I need constant creation, which in turn is constant happiness. Another little secret – I am more active when I am sleeping. Night gives away possibilities, body doesn’t matter, and if you know what to do, you can do a lot of creation.

– When will the book How to Wish be published?

Digital version will come out before my birthday on June 6th on English language on which it was originally written. Printed version will come out when the stars give approval…and they do.

– How can people reach you?

-Only via recommendations or through “Sfera”.

– What regions are covered by “Sfera” in Belgrade?

-Only Serbia. The goal of “Sfera” is not to cover half of the world and turn into McDonalds. “Sfera” is a diamond, she was slowly created for over 20 years. You don’t create money in it, but people of the future.

– Did your associates that worked with you for years change into people of the future?

-All people in “Sfera” are advancing more and more every day. It’s a very dynamic movement. Why change our associates when they change themselves?

– You are a healer, teacher, inventor…What are you the most?

-I wouldn’t say any of that…I claim that the inner possibilities of people, not their talents, are much greater. They say God created people based on his appearance and essence. Even if it isn’t so, I believe God invested in people a million times more then people know about. I am checking that all the time. There is no greater joy then meeting with yourself, constantly new, blooming, in new color…

Source: “Ona – Kako poželeti želju” 2013 June, Serbia

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  1. Hvala što dobijam poštu vezanu za Rubena Papijana. Zanima me kako da dođem u parapsihološki institut u Beogradu. Ali ako treba da se desi, osećam da će se desiti. Već sam imala i predosećaj o povezanosti sa Kazahstanom, zato sam se i javila. Zvuči besmisleno, ali volela bih lični kontakt sa gospodinom Papijanom. Veliki pozdrav od Tatjane Drobac Todorić

    • Poštovana Tatjana,

      adresa centra “SFERA” Rubena Papiana je Murmanska 10b, Zvezdara, Beograd. Brojevi telefona su:
      063/726-00-78 ili 011/382-22-02 i možete se javiti svakog radnog dana od 12-20h.

      Srdačan pozdrav!

  2. Hello, yup this piece of writing is actually nice and I have learned lot of things from
    it regarding blogging. thanks.

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