People are slaves to their emotions

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Ruben Papian, the Armenian who has completed three faculties (architecture, medicine and philosophy) and speaks six languages​​, tells us: What is sold to us in the name of love is nothing but trash, poison, commitments, meaningless emotions, empty words …

When asked who Ruben Papian is, you got the answer in the previous two articles published in “She” magazine – “Humanity has reached puberty” and “One thought changes everything.” The most interesting part of the interview we had with this man of future knowledge, erudite, humanist and philosopher, during his last visit to Belgrade, remained for the end. Just in case, be prepared to be surprised and perhaps to get a virtual punch in the stomach, there where the hub of our emotions lies, because this fantastic speaker and star of esotericism, does not intend to patronize our illusions.

Ruben Papian about the burden that we are not aware of

-Explain to us your claim that “people are slaves to their emotions”?

-Let’s take a child. If it is afraid of something, it is because it has a reason for fear, but after 10 minutes it has a reason to smile, it’s forgotten. A grown man has reasons to fear non-stop, from his own experience or someone else’s, and most of all because of the dependence on their own conscious creation of fear. Do you have reasons to fear? Yes. Where? In your head. If your neighbour has experienced this and that, and now fears something, why should you fear it? You know the drill, your neighbour says: “when I went there three years ago …”? That was three years ago, then you had a reason to fear. What about today? People are so dependent on emotion, they would even create them when that is uncalled for. They do not know how to experience the world differently. They need emotion to have the feeling that they are alive. It’s a faulty philosophy: “I do not feel anything, so I do not exist”.

-Will “new” people make better use of their emotions?

-Emotions will change their function. Today they are the target. You think you are listening to me. But no, you’re not listening, trough senses you get a specific emotional state that can be pleasant, surprising, intriguing, sometimes uncomfortable, but no matter what I say, it will all end up as emotions. First comes a word, then your creation and then emotions. if you were disgusted by what I’m talking about, would it attract you to listen to me? Why? Well, it’s just emotions. Show me people who control their emotions in such a way that they do not permit a feeling of disgust even if they find a diamond in something that is 99 percent disgusting. Trust me, they would find even that diamond obnoxious. If there were 99 percent of diamonds and the person found only one percent of something disgusting, that one percent would win. Everything is great, but have you seen, for Gods sakes, that one stain on his shirt? Yuck. People do not see the essence, they do not know what to see it with. Their understanding of essence ends with a cozy feel of essence, and not itself. Essence, it is a construction, it is a mechanism. It does not involve any emotional attitudes, “yes/no”, “I like/I do not like”. Modern people are still working on the “I want/I don’t want”, “pleasant/unpleasant” principles. In 1000 years they will choose emotions adequate to essence, they will receive and use their emotional attitude as an instrument.

-Are emotions a burden?

-Huge one, of course. Will I make it or not, what will he say and what will happen if by chance she does that? People are able to create nonexistent emotions. And they call it logic. Come on, how do people know that it will go that way or happen that way? They say it is obvious. How obvious? Tomorrow a bomb drops and it is a done deal. Well, the bomb will not drop, people say. But It will. Two years ago no one in the East thought a bomb would drop, but it did …

-Are all humans slaves to their emotions?

-A mind that “receives” a revolutionary idea, is already a mind that is not ruled by emotions, it is a mechanism ahead of its own time, its own era, of its environment. There exists an opinion that Christ came from the future. Absolutely. Christ was adequate to the system of that time, he was a mechanism. If he was a subject to emotions, they would win, emotions connected to: safety of my family, what will happen tomorrow, will I be in danger … he who receives a revolutionary idea, is an absolute idiot from other people’s perspective. Their emotional spectrum does not function „normally”. He is stubborn.

-Are you a slave to emotion?

-Completely, do not you see, ha ha? I am not a slave to emotions, nor can I be, nor will I be. That is scary to me. If I were a slave to emotions, I’d be in Hollywood and I just backed away from there because I did not want to be a slave in pleasant circumstances. I cannot allow myself to be praised and feel like a whipper-snapper. Other people’s opinion is irrelevant. What it means to me if someone says to me: Oh, we are so grateful to you … Banal thing. If something is good for them, does it automatically have to be good for me too? If someone gives something to me, he obliges me to receive it. I do not want this cake that was baked all night, I won’t eat it, it has cinnamon in it. Oh but you have to because I gave my best, says that someone.

But I do not eat cake with cinnamon! And then I become very rude because I am not eating a cake that person baked for me all night. I have to put myself in the position of a slave, to make that someone feel good. What do you say to them: Hit the road with your cake! Or force myself to eat the cake that I hate? What is right? The world holds moral categories of slavery, where everyone should be educated as a slave so that the slave society will accept it as its own. And success is to become a famous slave. Angelina Jolie? And that slavish time that you will live, you’ll call life. My life is much more interesting, and there is no slavish commitment. Now, everyone chooses his own … The first revolution occurs in people themselves, when they dare to look at the social, moral, and their self-worth from their point of view.

-Gratitude is, therefore, a burden?

-Everyone wants to do something for someone, so that that someone would be grateful. I won’t do that, not even a bit. Gratitude is a duty. But if someone is not aware of its own values​​, then it is based on someone else’s gratitude. I am so good, 10 people said that I was good because I saved them … If those 10 people are not there tomorrow, then who are you? If you want to “create something”, then you should create it yourself. That’s where the problem lies. People can’t even create their thoughts, so they take someone else’s.

-Love? Are we going to undo that too?

-Not at all. Man sees love just like McDonald sees himself as a five star French restaurant. What is sold to us in the name of love is nothing but trash, poison, commitments, meaningless emotions, empty words …

-At what age did you get married?


-Would you, looking from today’s perspective, do it again?

-Of course, yes.

-Would you marry the same woman?

-Without any doubt, yes. I do not even plan to divorce. Look at how you ask questions. What do social formalizing or paper,  have to do with emotions? Nothing. See, that is the standard. You think that marriage has something to do with love.

-Can I ask who you love?

-I do not love. I’ll explain to you what is means when I say that I do not love and what does it mean in your sense of the phrase. Loving someone means being a slave to your own emotions. Love is, in fact, anything but emotion. Sometimes love is very pleasant, sometimes very unpleasant. Now, imagine how great it would be if someone could love with that emotion but it is secondary and not primary?

But explain to me, I’m not from this planet, what is love to you? Okay, I’m doing all this. I do something for that person very gladly and I forget what I did immediately. Is it the same to you? When you do something you just forget it? No, no, you count. I’ve done this, that, this, that … Count and see how much I love you.

In fact, the person in front of you should return love or whatever, because you did this and that. Let’s move on. Do I think about that special person? Yes, but only with the option to turn on and off my thoughts when I want to. Because I am a slave to my thoughts about someone or something, and I can’t turn them off, how is that love?

Basically the inability to control mental processes is called love. That means that I love you because I’m a mental case. In that case I do not, in fact, love. Thirdly – I love you and you love me. Makes sense, right? Maybe, but I do not expect that either. Then, actually, I do not love. I respect those whose essence, whose construction is worthy of respect. That person does not know that, but I do. When it’s necessary I will push him forward a bit, to let him go his own way. Is that love? Huge.

Or should we weep together? I can create love perfectly, in the right configuration and in relation to a particular person, that will be stimulating for that person, but not for me. But how is it with humans? Show me a human, the one and only who creates his own love. As it turns out love creates him. And if that love stops creating him in a way he thinks it should, he will blame himself and everyone around him. Because of you I’m down, I love you, but you do not love me …

-How can people start to create love?

-The human has not yet been told that there also exists such a perspective, that there is an alternative formula to love, that absolutely crushes the previous one. That perspective requires extra measures. Choose what you eat. You cook with this pan and you’re a slave of that pan. I want to cook on my own. There, you see, the first step has already been made. And so, in 100 years, people will form a new, free, moral, social environment.

When you and everyone around you change your way of thinking, your approach to priorities, a critical mass will form, and a different way of thinking will prevail. That is called evolution. So, why do people come to us at “Sfera“? Because here you can find what you cannot find outside. Here all people are normal, very educated, but this is not a world which offers sweets, but new emotions in new colors.

Why do people go to the movies? To see lies? Maybe that is what they miss – complete lies? The lie becomes stimulating, fills the whole truth and that is called wealth. Behold, “Sfera” is a form of theater. But here people are not passive, they have to suffer. There they are staring at the leading role, here they are main actors.

-“Sfera” has ten levels?

-More will be added, as time goes by, we make new human being, with new protocols, new software. Nothing is stable, it is constantly changing, constantly evolving …

Source: “Ona – Čovek je rob emocija” 2013 March, Serbia

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