Extrasense Ruben Papian: The matriarchy is coming

Extrasense Ruben Papian promises that 2012 won’t be the end of the world. But people are in for a surprise : there comes a time of Matriarchy and women will rule the world. That is an opinion of a man who, himself, is different in the eyes of the public. Some consider him to be sent from God, others that he is allied with the devil.

One of the most profound figures in the world of esotery who is categorically against calling him extrasens or healer. Papian is convinced that he came on to this world as a mentor. Ruben is known far and wide in Europe and USA, he opened an Institute for Esotery and Parapsychology in Serbia and his successes in the area of non-traditional methods of curing incurable illnesses deserve every praise. The queen of Holland herself Beatrix called Ruben to Holland where he was, among other things, involved in a project of finding talent and abilities in children. Results exceeded expectations: Rubens students are successful in different corners of the world. Since recently, maestro opened a center in south capital – “Sfera”, that people already christened into “School for Extrasenses”. How to find and awake secret talents, learn how to read thoughts, see the future and search for missing persons, Ruben Papian, for readers of “EK” says:

– When they ask me what it takes take for me to be extrasesn, I reply – just my will. Trust me, hidden talents exist in all of us : we are born with them, all that we lack is the knowledge of them. We don’t know how to open a case with precious things that are hidden in all of us. But I can help people in finding that secret knowledge. In fact I didn’t know about how to use the force that is in me earlier. During all my years of work I learned one very simple thing – every person can discover talents, no matter how magical or unreal they look or appear to him.

– Famous extrasenses like to point out to their significance and exclusivity. Even more, they often talk how their gifts are awaken after large shocks and emotional quakes.

– I don’t consider myself an extrasense, magician, healer or mage. I am simply Ruben Papian – all the magical titles and ranks are not important to me. I grew up in a beautiful, intellectual family and I didn’t have any large problems or mishaps, no accidents nor did I live through clinical death. But with sixteen years I started noticing human pain. I don’t know how to describe it but I knew exactly who was ill. Furthermore I could exactly say what the problem was. In the beginning I was healing with my hands. Rumors spread fast and so did fame, first among friends and relatives. They gave me money for healing, but very soon I had a dream in which someone invisible said: “That is not yours. You didn’t come to this world because of that”. I immediately realized that you couldn’t take money for healing and that my gift was gone. That is when I went back to the people that visited me and I gave their money back to them. My gift returned to me. I later on healed people on high positions, I was sent toward the most influential soviet people by plane. Soon they discovered me abroad. Now I live in Holland and I am healing only those cases where medicine simply cannot help.

– Tell us about some unusual case in your practical work.

– Once an icon of European top modeling came to me for help. She claimed that her whole life was going to hell. As it turned out she dreamt of large breasts but was scared of plastic surgery. Now I would most definitely refuse such an experiment but back then it was interesting to me. Can I enlarge this woman’s breasts? I can! I did the same procedure several times after that but it became boring to me rather soon. Once a close friend of mine asked me to move her menstrual cycle (she needed days to be free of it for her and her lover). If you think it’s an easy task to do, you would be wrong. Healing someone is easy because you are working with nature. In this instance I was working against nature. I will honestly admit, I wasn’t sure I would succeed but everything turned out great. If a woman wants something, she always gets it… Even with hands of others (laughs).

– Did you ever heard conversations about how you sold your soul to the devil?

– As many times as you like! I will tell you another thing – sometimes they think I am Satan himself. On the other hand there are people who think God sent me on Earth. Neither of these statements bothers me.

– Can you learn to see a great hidden evil in the soul of a person?

– Yes. There is no uniqueness to that gift. I repeat, you and every other human could learn this technique. It helps in prevention of poverty and catastrophe. In America I met a mother of three ten-year-old children, two girls and one boy. Looking at her I immediately thought that she was in some trouble and so I asked her: is she threatened by one of her children? She admitted that her daughter expressed the wish to kill her in several occasions. This strange little girl also threw knives at her own brother. The mother was afraid to leave the children unguarded. So I decided to help her family. I found out that her long time back grandmother was burned as a witch. That left a terrible heritage to that woman that is, apparently, still showing three centuries later. Every single child got a gift from her – one girl came on this world with invalidities, second got all the rage of that witch and the boy got her fear. I managed to put control on her rage, I gave the boy a much needed rest ( he couldn’t sleep and had constant nightmares ), and in great effect improved the health of the invalid child. Unfortunately her full recovery was impossible.

– You live in Holland yet you opened your center in Kazakhstan. What is the reason behind it?

– They called me in your country and I gave my proposition. Besides, the second school will be opened at the same time in Slovenia. True, I won’t teach in the center in Almaty. On the first December on the grand opening a teacher Roze from Serbia will attend. I plan to come to Almaty to keep surveillance of the schools work. I also will construct an unusual pyramid that will reveal a whole specter of human abilities and talents. I think in three – four months it should be placed in the courtyard of our center.

– Next two thousand and twelve is awaited with great fear and anticipation. What can you say about the end of the world?

– There is no need to panic. Yes, hard times are upon us, there will be a lot of disasters, climate changes and numerous others. One more thing – it’s probable that matriarchy is coming. Look at how strong, smart and full of self-confidence women have become. Personally I see nothing wrong in that but it is sad that men are loosing their positions.

– What are the chances of your students in Kazakhstan to reach your level of training?

– I am not standing in place; I am working on myself all the time. It’s hard for my students to reach my level, but I don’t want the center to be turned into a sect. I say to my students: “You don’t need me. Your talents are within you. You all have them.” Me, like the wind, just fill the sails, but the owner of the boat is the one who decides where to sail.

Source: “Экспресс К – Грядет матриархат”, 2011 November

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  1. Hmm it appears like your blog ate my first comment (it was
    extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what
    I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything.

    Do you have any tips and hints for beginner blog writers?
    I’d genuinely appreciate it.

    • Hello,

      My advice to you would be to write whenever you feel like writing and to never allow writing to become something mundane and boring, something you feel you HAVE to do. Instead, let it be something you WANT to do.

      Kindest regards,

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