Ruben Papian. The verge of freedom

“People need me”, he said – “I am not striving toward false modesty, as some sort of complex denial, I am saying it like it really is – they need me, I don’t need them.”

He is an unusual man – extrasense and a founder of  the school for personal development “Sfera” in Belgrade that works since 1993. Very soon, the same school will open in Almaty.

He calls himself a spiritual leader. He claims that he got rid of all the addictions. Can you imagine such a person living in our society? Maybe you even know someone like this? I don’t, even though I’ve met Ruben Papian.

During the preparation for the meeting, I was skeptical. I expected to see a man that is waiting for the opportunity to demonstrate his vision and sheds doubt on the world without extrasens. But no, luckily Ruben Papian is not from that kind of a story.

By exterior, Ruben is very attractive. He is balanced, collected and simply gives away trust and his ability to see your moves several steps in advance. Actually what can a man who claims that is without any addictions do? I didn’t believe in it. Addiction is always relative. Even if we assume that it’s minimal, it is still there, because without it you don’t have anything, that is how a man is constructed. I had a suggestion to Ruben, he is cunning, but whether he likes it or not, his followers, students and common people come to ask advice from him, and he needs them.

Even I, sitting next to him, I am necessary to him – I react, I respond, I am an expression – at least minimally I give him the possibility to make his wish come true.

In expressing of my facts, thinking that his view might soften, he laughed and denied.

-That simply means that people need me – he said – I am not striving toward false modesty, as some sort of complex denial, I am saying it like it really is – they need me, not the other way around.

Strong tactics. Impeccable endurance. He is simply made for diplomacy.

He practiced esotericism and spiritual growth for the last thirty years. Even in his youth he noticed some abilities he possesses and started healing others. And it worked. Rumors started, and with them, fame. It all got so loud it came to the ears of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of SSSR where he helped a few of highly ranked personalities. In his words, he was an unofficial extrasense of MID, just like Juno was in CK. When he helped some Serbian politician he was asked to come to Serbia. He spent a lot of time traveling around the globe until he was called by the Holland Queen to live and work in Holland.

If we are talking about the method of spiritual growth, that will be taught in Almata in the school called Sphere ( “Sfera” ) that Ruben slowly constructed in the last eighteen years. He still continues to create and construct – as he says himself, he spends his whole life learning. In the center of Rubens expertise is the spiritual growth of human, process that is made out of a lot of components. Since a personality has a lot of levels – physical, spiritual, psychical, mental and others – and you need to work on all of them individually. Like in music, either the tones are scattered or they all sing in the save voice.

Physics of a human, his soul, emotions, mental plan – if all that is in tune together, do you understand what kind of a human would that be? Ruben is convinced that it would be God, in the sense that we understand. That is when his sphere  will shine, sphere of energy and strength.

At the beginning of our discussion, after my question about what “Sfera” is, he asked:

“What do you think about esotericism, what is your view on the matter?” I replied with great pleasure that that nobody should go toward the help of extrasens, because every human can do change everything he needs to in his life.

“And you think correctly,” he said. “The only definite thing is that you are currently living on a designated place and you will die in some designated place but everything else is entirely in your hands.”

I calmed down a bit – he is his own person. Even though he is “tactician”, he teaches his followers to be awakened, to not do harm.

During our meeting, Rubens words echoed with sense, and he is infinitely right – we do not know ourselves. Least of all our past. We supposedly know all about it, yet somehow we know very little. No, we are not talking about things like what you ate this morning or yesterday or why a year ago someone you loved moved on. We are talking about the past of your cells – because you didn’t start with a body like you are currently occupying.

Not even the body that was given to you on birth, not even while you were an embryo in your mothers womb. You started with your parents cells, and they, in turn, cells of their parents. A person simply can’t represent itself because of how archaic it really is.

And all those informations that transformed for thousand of years are within us. They dictate who we are, what we will be and what we should be. They go on like that until we don’t see, don’t realize that we are not ready to take responsibility for our lives before we look into ourselves to know ourselves better.

“In there, inside, there is no pleasure – there is strength.” Religious and pseudo-spiritual teachings always place itself, even today, in the epicenter of joining something that comes from outside. Ruben Papian is ready to show you the way that leads inside, because in there is the only true spirituality.

“Who is, in your opinion, a true spiritualist”, I was asked by my interlocutor. “Mahatma Gandi”, and even before I said “di” I realized that it wasn’t the best example. I didn’t even manage to correct myself before he asked : “Gandi? How can a spiritualist be involved with politics? Do you know what he died from”, a question I answered with a negative response.

As it turns out it was cancer. On Rubens question how he could die from such a disease I gave a suggestion. In conjunction with principles of Ayurvede, with which I agree and learned from the books Rami Blect, cancer is born on the grounds of egoism, meaning Gandi didn’t know how to love… How paradoxal does that sound? More accurately he didn’t know how to properly take care of his loved ones and closes ones by spreading his love on the whole nation, thus taking her away from those closes to him. “There, you see”, Ruben remarked triumphantly.

I realized – I don’t know the model of highly spiritual people because nothing is certain with them and they need to be uncertain to deal with certainty, including the fame. Ruben is nodding his head in acceptance of my proposal. I still think about his own addiction that I previously proposed. I will have to think about it in my own free time.

I asked : “When you look at most people who are loaded with problems, don’t you wish to help them, consult them?” He calmly and with a cunning look replied: “Can you try to answer instead of me?”. To that I negatively responded noting that every new person should represent a new challenge for him.

“You are correct. Every new person, and especially stupid person, is a new challenge for me. Stupidity is incredibly interesting. Sometimes it is hiding something unpredictable and it would be inexcusable to miss. Person that said that the Earth is round was also called stupid.”

That is when I tried to capture my interlocutor for the last time: “What if all people – that is the challenge – are not in the temptation to intervene, to help, learn, understand?” He replies with laughter : “Yes, I used to sin too”. After that I said to myself that I shouldn’t spend more time discussing independence. Perhaps, spiritual freedom of Ruben Papian is freedom to take from yourself when and where you can.

“How do you heal someone, using your extrasens abilities? Isn’t that a little unacceptable involvement into someone’s life?”, I wouldn’t let go. “Indeed it is”, he replied. “But you are now sitting there and everything around you is getting involved with your life along with my words, no matter how you comprehend them and understand them. Is such interference acceptable to you? I can’t and don’t want to get involved with someone’s home or financial business, but when its all about someone’s health, I can help. Someone who, for example, is dying but wants to live. The immunity of a person, just like a river, is flowing down established streams – but if you go against streams you get hurt. But to control the flow of streams you need to control the force, with a great knowledge, even I would like to see such a person.”

“Let’s say that a persons illness is given to him so that he can, through physical illness, get rid of some internal problems. If you are helping by removing his illness, you are removing his need to help himself. Isn’t that a problem for you?”

“No”, he calmly puts an end to it, in such a way that “I simply trust him.”

Interview with Ruben went quickly and smoothly, even though it’s so lengthy that I could stretch my writing, but like this it went accordingly. Ruben won’t remain in Almata for long, he will be there until first December when his commitments toward his school call him elsewhere. The method of learning in “Sfera” school is simple. Lessons are given once every week, but you practice other days of the week, until the next lesson. The most interesting thing – that represents magic of those lessons and, as Ruben says, he never saw that anywhere in the world is, from obvious reasons, out of our story. Hope remains that we will see at least one lesson demonstrated at the opening. In any case, suggestion to do something like that he did with great interest.

In tandem with Hollywood author, Ruben Papian wrote his first book, whose publishing was halted because of a very bad situation in USA. He said that it’s not the time for a book to be published where it won’t be understood and accepted properly. You could say that the book is waiting for better times.

Source: “ – Грани свободы”, 2011 November

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