Healer and esoteric Ruben Papian

We live in social slavery

He researched the human mind, emotions, shapes and colors that resonate with us, dreams and even made special devices that help him in diagnostics. He works as a mystic, performs magically and very confident. I present to you, because of ethics that should be a friend of all – esotericist!

Eighteen years ago, when I met him, we discovered the world of mental and other possibilities, and he dedicated years to professional energy healing, mental world and risk for better results. Twenty years later, Armenian that studied in Moscow, dedicating time to uncovering of human secrets, para-science, esotery and what happens inside of substances – things that can’t be seen – and made a huge advancement.

-Eighteen years ago you told us, among other things, that image is very important. Does that include you, do you have an image of mystic?

-It is important depending on activities, what you do in life. Image is a fabricated category and genes and upbringing are much more important in that class: things written in them are hard to fix or modify – it’s like mixing shirts and socks. While you are upbringing your company the image is important. I often think of my image and how it came to it – people say mystic. In truth my image is this: nobody understands what am I.

-With your enormous knowledge, what are you then?

-I know a bit, but not much. And honestly thank God for that – if I knew and understand everything my personal development would end. Realistically I can say that I am in a phase of intense development since 2005. Until then all the changes were overly radical for an average person or didn’t appear on the outside – I live in my skin so I know. If I tried to give some value to the speed, intensity and spread of my development I can say that four years ago I was but a root while now I am blossoming in the sky.

-You used to present yourself as a energy therapist, councilor, healer – what are you now?

-(satisfied laughter) Since then I don’t deal with public that much. Of course my job requires communication, but not so much in public – I expanded my diapason. It’s not that I want to classify myself but what I used to be is now secondary. I understand the functioning of human mechanism on a deeper level now – I didn’t know all that earlier not because it was stupid, but because it was forbidden. I am more mature now.

-You were talking about different sources of information?

-No. Every source, especially genes and what is in it, it’s all deep – it all comes from here. New data appeared in the system that topple the system as he used to be. This isn’t a literal destruction – more like arranging and changing. I would lie if I said that all data, that I absorbed, had a kind effect on me. No, that hurts! I had to pierce what I created for the past 20 years because I realized the system functions differently. Only a strong human can step away from his own actions. I reorganized myself.

-I would ask you to concretely and understandably explain this. Are you still an energy therapist? Are you still involved in esotery, energy?

-I still help people. I still deal with esotery. Energy is – people don’t understand what it means well. Allow me to explain with electricity – it can be used for many things, from weapons to washing teeth and its inventor had no idea how and where it will be transformed. What we have is a transformation of the same thing into different shapes. It’s like that with other forms of energy, like say human energy. But what to do with it? Well, that is the hidden knowledge.

-Is it correct that we are the biggest producers of energy? Yes? Explain please.

-Not just us, it’s all in the nature. The largest producer of energy is what moves the fastest – energy is the result of movement. Thought is a product of movement, it’s a final phase.

-What is the starting phase then?

-(laughs) You still want to learn everything in just a few hours! But lets talk about this – the fastest change in the cell is of biological origin – that is why there are so many of us. It’s faster than things, more cells are produced. If you multiply that with the number of cells in each organism, we get abnormal energy. People are often tea pots on fire – when we sleep the cells move slower but when we are awake and emotional, the energy pours from us and fills the biosphere. We are here to allow the cyclicality of the system and enrich it.

-We are the trees of the Universe?

-(laughs) Earth lives from an energy production of seven billion people, flora and fauna excluded. Just one planet pours enormous amounts of energy like a generator. It’s a constant explosion in the solar system and the galaxy has billions of solar systems – it’s all alive. In essence the whole Universe works just like your body.

-That means we are all producers and creators?

-Add to that the fact that we have around 70% of unknown energy potential – so called dark energy, I have no contact with it.

-Do you sense it?

-It would be very bold of me to say that I can, I am not sure. I have opportunities to experience something that is not normal for all people. I would have to be super human to see that.

-So there are beings, energy associations, that can create our lives, our future?

-That absolutely depends on the soup we are cooking in. Imagine that every one of us is a pea, we produce energy individually, but we are all in the cooking pot where the soup is made. It is clear that the pea depends on the water, its temperature and effects the water itself but the pea is not aware of that. Why are you the way you are now? Maybe because some energy surrounds you and changes you – it forms and you adjust to it. To say it banally – when it rains we become depressive.

-You can see such energy? Could you help me?

-I can help but for this kind of aid the help of my rank is not required.

-What is it then that you and only you can do?

-Me and really just me (laughs): I can teach people how to properly make the first step outside of themselves. I can do that.


-To change people and their answers so that the soup starts smell differently.

-I know that as a healer you can literally feel the human structure. What can you feel?

-Very good question! I can feel absolutely everything. A human has five senses, realistically they all work the same and share the same range of frequencies like similar abilities – eye is responsible for your sight, nose for smell etc. Priorities of the system are protection before destruction.

-What is a system – consciousness?

-Consciousness is not the system, it’s an obstacle. System works while you are sleeping, and that is when it’s working at it’s best. When you wake up – chaos. No, this is not a soul – the term soul sounds sweetened, we formed it similarly to the image of God, an old man with a beard, in accordance to your own invalidity. System can be called God.

If we return to senses – range of frequencies and energy detection is enormous. A s hark, for example, detect a drop of blood five kilometers away, birds return home from the other side of the world. There are parameters that we are not familiar with. If we had the chance to expand our assortment of senses, what would happen? Nobody taught you how to see or hear, this science lies in the future and even if it was here today, it’s not made for the human of today. It’s made for a super human. The world needs ordinary people, they are easier to control.

-So it’s all about control?

-Our community is a highly developed society of slaves. It’s a slavery. Realistically nobody controls us but ask if there is a hierarchy – and yes it’s there!

-Please explain.

You, for example, are a deity, you live in your apartment and you see seven billion bugs in front of you, every bug thinks that every bug is unique and special.

-Isn’t every mistake, no matter my superiority, a part of me?

-Yes but you, as another form, you have to watch seven billon people that think they are smart. That is how a human is designed, to be the king of nature. It’s all a part of the mistake of God, but it’s not the God himself – this allows his existence as well as functioning.

-What is it with higher forms and us being bugs, why is it so? Are we just simple puppets? All structures are of human origin?

-We are not puppets, we are the problem. That, lets say, higher race is biologically made out of human origin. To explain, if you go to Africa among the tribes that live outside of civilization and you bring a dictaphone, you will be considered a God. In the beginning such state will exist but not in ten years when the dictaphone stops working. It’s all still rather large but it’s degrading.

-What is considered under a higher race?

-Darwin convinced us that we evolved from monkeys, but the people currently populating the planet are a artificially populated category. People are doing something nobody else does – destroy, change and then create and build. In realistic conditions this change is completely unbalanced and unnatural – therefore fabricated. If you look at the behavior of creatures under the name of human, they don’t really seem natural – fifty years ago there was a crisis that was going toward a disaster – the plan can’t be kept in such unbalanced state and it’s all thanks to us.

-How do your powers work then?

-They are biological products so to speak. They came from, lets call them higher race – civilization that was on the planet and had enough technology to develop a new planet. What matters the most is that the gene is spreading and moving.

-So we are all a part of the higher race?

-Yes, every human carries that gene, that is a part of every cell – evolution comes and one gene is transferred several times in that phase.

-Higher race sounds like something Hitler would say.

-I am not the smartest man on the world but you could see those things during the beginning of last century – it’s why they fought both in the first and second world war – for knowledge. Concept of the higher race is nothing new, Germany in the First world war wanted to come to the root and origin of human. During history, there is no army or leader that didn’t somehow go into the direction of Egypt or Israel. Why, what is out there?

-Well it’s the Holy Grail, or actually the explanation to the secret where we come from and where we are going.

-Yes, the root and origin. That is what Hitler was searching for and so did USA, England and many others.

-But that higher race regulates our lives in the sense that there are so many of us so they must be easy on us.

-Pfff. That is a popular thought but in a negative sense. They are on the level of a human and we are bugs. How would you and could you hunt down a bug if you knew it has your genes? There is no need to think like that, we destroy ourselves anyway. If you ask however what the state of out planet is, I can tell you it’s time for cleaning.

-Do you communicate with them? What kind of cleaning are you talking about – militant?

-I am not the only one, I am one of many actually, to whom is communicated. They are with me, from where, nobody knows that. I am small, but not too small to think how smart I am and that I know everything – I look in the mirror and I see a bug.

As for cleaning, it’s hardly going to be a war because every bomb has an effect on the form of the economy. It’s what is happening right now. Our civilization is currently in the phase of radical chances.

-Everything is under surveillance, planned?

-(sigh) Unfortunately no, because there are seven billon bugs there – every one of them thinks it knows something. Sometimes you need a step back for the system to reorganize – first it has to fall for it to get up. It creates a new system. All economical problems, new illnesses, they are all a part of the problem. I don’t or shouldn’t have more information, which makes the story harder. My position can influence that segment. The year 2005 was very hard for me because I was in the role of I want-I don’t want-I wish monkey… With strengths like this in me it simply didn’t work.

-What can you do with your powers?

-I can’t say everything I can do, but what I do best is observe and receive signals. I should be in USA now but here I am in Europe, in Slovenia.

-Why, what does Slovenia mean to you?

-Nothing, common reason calls me here. I’ve been here occasionally in the last 20 years and surely the social aspect that attracts me got built. But more important, Slovenia is not directly involved in global questions and such a thing is not needed here – these changes are not healthy. If we are talking about future changes, Slovenia will act like other countries.

-Slovenia is, therefore, a lot safer?

-Safety no longer exists. If you live next to a country with hungry children or if migration happens in the neighboring countries, then a country cannot be safe – migrations are going against it. What I want to say is that global migration is coming – we are talking about millions. Can you imagine reorganization on the surface of water, that happens every 5 thousand years, when North and South Pole shift? Whole Earth starts to change. What do you think will happen to England? There are maps and simulations that show what happens when you switch poles, water (tides) are dependent on the movement of the Moon – if there comes to a bit larger shift there comes to a complete failure in balance. England as an island will disappear according to calculations. What are those people going to do?

-You are talking about a possible scenario, like the one we looked at in recent movies about a new Ice Age?

-Not in the sense of ice! It’s simple – water will rise and we are talking about a large number of people.

-Where would you go?

-I don’t know, it doesn’t matter. When the time comes I will give a signal and it will be heard.

-You are famous in Holland, you are there with your family?

-I wouldn’t say famous, I come and go, it’s a country with no sense. Quite often things change and there is a reason why that is. To succeed there you have to be talented but you also have to be stupid when it’s necessary – because everyone there know “too much”.

-Being stupid is preferable to being better?

Exactly like that! There is no return. I repeat – a shark can sense a drop of blood 5 kilometers away. That doesn’t mean that it is smart, on the contrary, it is stupid enough to only sense a drop of blood.

-What do you sense?

-(sigh) Oh sh**! Large migrations, large amounts of people missing, complete reorganizations of companies, new economic system – few hundred years all in all.  Humankind, as a race,  grows, changes the world, priorities, perception as well as a wish to change. What is the attitude of a human who lived ten thousand years ago?  He was a human but we don’t see him as a human being – transformation occurred. X years in the future some reporter or online writer will talk about Ruben and world where people pressed numerous buttons on numerous apertures – they will think we were idiots.

-What about time and space?

-What about them? Such dogmas are not thought out enough…

-Everything happens at the same time and in the same space?

-Time and space as categories, don’t exist. (takes paper and crumples it). There I changed the space but the same thing is in the same ratio as before (on the paper). It is a concept from 50s that changed everything. Don’t forget – 70% around and in us is something that is called dark energy. We are not aware of its dimension but it is a part of space and time. Our perception of time and space is handicapped because we don’t know all the components that create those categories – it’s all on the level of understanding this existence.

-So that process of different understanding is going on for several years now?

-No, a lot more. For you to, lets say convert Christianity, you would need three hundred years – to completely remove it, freely add a couple of thousand of years. Of course changes that we are talking about are going to go faster but we cannot ignore the opposing strengths in the conflict of understanding. We can’t ignore the new economic system of that new model of existence – but first the modules themselves have to be made. Everyone has their own module and that is why the conflicts happen.

Unfortunately for humanity, it is not nearly in compliance or smart enough to know in which direction to go – every element of it has its own path and segments that, each, thing they are right – therefore conflicts arise.

-So there are changes because of further development. Why?

-The question is not why but rather – if this planet breathes as it does now, on its own way, then that changes every 5 thousand years. It’s the evolution of everything and it has its own tempo. Meanwhile humanity became a higher race, not as small as it used to be and became a small, microscopic part of the system. Those are adjustments to the system, you can’t do otherwise.

-What kind of system is that?

-You can call it God if you want.

-It feeds and sustains itself?

-Of course, every system is like that. It’s a pot of soup where everything is cooked. But if you are a small ingredient then you can’t imagine the scope of everything. Based on its size and microscopic reason you then form a picture of God, the understandable and sensible for you.

-Do you like that soup?

-Me? Nobody asks me if I like it or not. I am a pea in the soup and end of discussion.

-How did it come to the transformation of humanity in such a painful, aggressive way?

-Because we are bugs, because humanity is on the lower level of intellectual development. Everything we see, everything is social slavery. We didn’t exclude ourselves from it and now it transformed into something else. We are like animals in a zoo – we got a bigger cage and with it a sense of freedom.

-Isn’t that the same story with mental correction? That sense of freedom, change?

I said it is! You don’t belong to me, you belong to the state! A state is a structure of understandings on several individuals just scaled in proportion. System of slavery didn’t change – for example there is a tax system in which a human becomes obliged to pay as soon as he is born, only we call it economics. New system will be made out of principles of free economy – I don’t owe anything to anyone and I shouldn’t give to exist. Existing is a commitment, like breathing, taking in energy ( food, water ), and it doesn’t  belong to anyone. It’s the biggest treasure with what you can trade. But now I am talking about humanity before a hundred years or so. Humanity changes, yes!


He was born forty-eight years ago in Yerevan, capital of Armenia. In Moscow he studied architecture, medicine and psychology but dealt with mystical and esoteric research (processes that happen in and around us but are undetectable). In the last decade of the last century he came to Belgrade and worked there for four years, remained for a short time in Slovenia and from there moved to Holland.

He worked there as an economics advisor of several corporations and celebrities from the world of politics and entertainment industry. Healer, founder of the Ruben Papian institute, teacher, councilor, man that likes music and is very talented for learning foreign languages – he speaks five of them. He has ongoing projects in Holland, USA, Belgrade and it is expected for Slovenia to get one institute similar to the one founded in Belgrade.

FRAME 2: About thoughts and health

“Human race is such that everyone thinks that they think, but rarely anyone thinks it over. In most cases thoughts are radio waves very much alike others in the area – it’s all due transformation and adjustment. Upper layers of the atmosphere are like accumulators that accumulate frequencies of mental waves and store all the potential. It’s called the info-sphere. All those waves are completely ours. Now imagine one such sphere filling and re-filling during hundreds of years and we are all connected to it like via Internet. After all, our head always produces thought signals.

How do I heal? Simply said, I learned how to work with my PC that is always connected. But since my conscious parameters are changed, they understand their design better and I am capable of producing just the right mental signals that will be accepted on the right way and start up the right processes. I change, program a human to function on that internet and it takes quite a few high level parameters to achieve. I speak about parameters of a developed eye, ear and with them I take data about the human sitting next to me – I don’t say is it good or bad. Thoughts, that is the key to communicate with a human and turn these abilities into the form that is compatible with that human.”

Source: “Misteriji – Živimo v socialnem suženjstvu, MIŠA ČERMAK” 2010 January, Slovenia

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