Miraculous teas by miracle maker from Armenia

This is not an ad, this is your salvation! Worldly renowned healer, miracle maker from Armenia, mister Ruben Papian made receipts for very efficient and healthy teas from medical plants grown on Serbian mountains. Thousands experienced his impeccable healing powers and many are yet to believe in everything these teas that he gifted to the broad population can do. Why are these teas miraculous? You will find out in the story that follows.


This tea is dedicated toward relaxation, soothing of tension, helping in stress release and in helping you deal with hard and fast tempo of life. It removes every sense of tension, irritability, muscle and chest crams. It healing powers act on heighten blood pressure, headaches, tachycardia, migraine as well as pre-menstrual pains and menopause.

Very important effect is elimination of post-war effect which manifests as stomach ache, messy digestion, shivering, overly sweating, mood swings and trouble with sleep. One cup of tea will ensure healthy, peaceful and quality sleep. Positive results returned from healing epilepsy and addiction diseases as well.

The tea is completely harmless and because of that it is perfect for hyperactive children who would be calmer by drinking tea as their concentration and focus remains calmer. One cup of tea will ensure good and quality sleep and you will get up relaxed and rested.


The tea is dedicated to bringing the organism into emotional and energetic balance. It removes mood swings and oscillations that might occur during the day. It can be consumed as soon as you feel : depression, antisocial problem, communication problems, dispiritedness, feeling of constant bad luck and feeling of unknown dissatisfaction in life. The stronger the negativity . the more effective the tea actually is. We should mention that not only is Magos effective, but its also a unique product on our market.

At the same time it is making the immunity system stronger, fixes your blood problems, eliminates lesser allergy problems and is recommended in autumn and spring because of many problems with respiratory organs as well as sudden mood changes.


The very name “Thunder” speaks of energy potential this teas has. It brings the whole organism into psychical and physical active state, strengthens circulation, fixes bad moods and removes the feeling of being tired. It works exceptionally good on senses, concentration and memory. The tea is recommended to students, professors, sportsmans, telephone operators, administrative workers and the elderly especially if they have problems with circulation and if they are prone to forgetting. It can also be used as a supplement for coffee and is perfect for people who work at night to stay awake.


Salsa is a tea used for leveling and normalization of the metabolism, better work of stomach muscles, thyroid gland as well as numerous hormonic dissorders. This tea can be used to kick out toxins from the body, clensing of intestins from toxic and fat deposits, clensing of blood and throwing out extra water. The effect that Salsa has is incredible – this tea can lessen swelling and intumescence of legs, stomach, hands and face.

It lessens sugar levels in blood and is therefore suggested to people with diabetes. It also lessens the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in blood and therefore has great effect on blood preasure. It has the power to desolve celulite and lessens body weigth and has great power over skin : healing eczema, smudges and capillaries.

It is noticed that Salsa increases quality of nails and hair. At the same time it regulates the wish for food, changes apetite so its perfect for those who want to loose weigth and not go back. All in all it is great for skin cleansing, youthining and skin tightening. Since it doesn’t have any negative drawnbacks it can be consumed by children, pregnant women and women who breastfeed.

Source: “Zona – Čudotvorni čajevi čudotvorca iz Jermenije” 2005 June, Serbia

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