I – Ruben Papian

Read these pages and try to ask yourself the question, “What may be the preface for this article?” Who can speak of a man better than himself? Despite full concentration on nonstandard thoughts and actions, it is difficult to present a personality with any rigorous mathematical definition. This is the case when the information should be taken at once – bottoms up. The main thing is – do not choke on it.

-Introduce yourself, stranger…

-I am Ruben Papian, born on 6th June 1962. In my very early age some extraordinary abilities emerged. I’m not going to say, “foreseeing”, but – strange feeling of completely different reality. Completely by accident, in the twentieth year, I met a man who was an extrasense, that is, he waved his hands over my mother. I was so intrigued that from that moment my whole life practically changed. I was a longhaired musician. In my life there were only music and girls. I was young! Instead of becoming an architect, then I became – it’s still not clear what. Now – how did I become what I am? I began to learn the job. At the same time, I studied non-stop, 24 hours a day.

-Then people could learn it, really?

-It’s a process of education – self-education, with the help of hand-written books. Fortunately, the man I met had the relevant literature. In short, I took it all from him. But not a lot of good will come out of it, of course. You need to throw all of that out of your head, because in our literature 99% is ultimately unnecessary. 1% should be there, but it’s hard to get anything out of it… It is not commercial, not for sale.

-Well, you took it and then…

-With 26 years I’ve become an extrasense of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow. I went to Yugoslavia in 1990. They called me to help a grandchild of a highly ranked diplomat. I came to Yugoslavia and the first magazine article about me appeared. Then began a real “Rubenomania” – I received from 150 to 200 people a day.

-Cool! You’ve improved your skills. You’ve reached…

-Not yet. Unlike other people with such abilities, to me a plus was that the head was doing it all. Intellect forced me not to find the pleasure in people needing me, in having money and fame. I was supposed to develop and systematize the science itself: “What happens in the mind of a human?” I plunged my head in there, in that so-called science: something was written, something was made, something drawn up and tested. I created “The Method of mental Corrections and Mental Communication” – my own method. The form influences, so to speak, the processes in the brain and their construction that is fertile for organic changes, psychological or natural. At that time, when you turned on the TV – everywhere, from morning ‘till night, it was only junk…

-In everyone’s life there is an event…

-The event occurs. I had an acquaintance – an international lawyer, who really loved to chat with me. Once a month, as per protocol, he came from Vienna and he invited me to a restaurant. We sat as usual in the restaurant and he asked a stupid question: “Is there life on Mars?” And I – as future “specialist” about life on Mars, began to explain why is that so, and not in some other way… That way we came to the subject of the king – the Dutch king. Turns out that the Netherlands has a queen. I did not know that, I did not speak English. And something inspired me… So I started talking about the family situation of the royal family. I said that Klaus has a problem that cannot be resolved. We had a chat and that’s it.

One month later, he called me. We have met again. I found out that in the Dutch embassy there is a letter from Queen addressed to me. In short, the situation was like this: our conversation was passed on to the ambassador by my acquaintance when he was at the reception in the embassy. Of course, he was surprised, since what he heard was known only to family and close people of the family. He repeated what he heard about the Queen: as a mole, in the streets of Belgrade there is a guy who chats with people about your internal problems. The queen wrote a letter to the embassy: “Please arrange a meeting with Mr. Papian at his first coming to our country.” At that time, the material related to my theories and possible methods of their use in any way, through high circles, came to the Netherlands. Among them was one detail – “effective methods of detecting and accelerating talent development in gifted children.” Their Ministry of Culture was quite intrigued by it. They suggested that we make an experimental school in which we could test my theories and methods. I’m Armenian. It’s difficult for me to answer: “Yes, I’ll think about this proposal…” But of course, I didn’t think for long. With my wife, I knew that the answer was “yes and no”. No – because that is Netherlands. We in Yugoslavia… We didn’t live badly there either. The thing is that in that country I already reached practically everything I could.

-You got used to the new place?

-Yes. In 1994 we came to the Netherlands. Project of the Ministry failed to even start and in my life appears Shell. I was involved in oil, gas and nuclear industries.

-And how did that happen?

-In my materials another segment attracted their attention – “Alternative method and forms of communication, thinking and negotiation in economic structures”, that is, how to use the brain in economic structures. One of the directors of Shell came to talk to me and “take a look”. He came with his wife. “La, la, la, la…” – we came to a factor of coincidence in the chain of events. Then he said that the next day he is flying to Germany. And he asked: “What might happen in order for me not to go to Germany tomorrow?” At this I replied: “For example, you can lose your passport.” He said, “I can not lose my passport. He is always with me. I sleep with him for thirty years. I can get lost – it cannot. ” And he went home. The next morning he called me from the airport, in shock, and said that he lost his passport. It was not lost! It was in his jacket, which he left at my place. That has, of course, left a deep impression on that man.

He invited me to meet with the directors and CEO. So I became an unique specialist in Shell in the area of ​​negotiation and communication. I started training people and I didn’t speak English. What I’m talking about – is really amazing! Firstly, with no reputation, from post-Soviet environment, with no knowledge of the language, I did not have any experience in the necessary fields, practically nothing! And everything was on such a level. I spoke Armenian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian. Everything else – I did not know.

I was working with them intensively. After half a year senior management talked to me. I began to learn. And then – I was invited to participate in the negotiations for the time of the contract. A new range was revealed to me in that moment. I started to learn finance, geopolitics, economics. So I got a solid experience. I participated in large projects – worth from 50 million to 1.5 billion dollars.

-You forgot your previous destinations?

-No. In 2005 my Center in Belgrade was transformed into the Institute for esotericism and parapsychology where there is practice. Staff was employed, experimental work was carried out according to my method. I am a specialist for the brain. All internal processes – organic or inorganic, their relationship, are a part of science that we call “esotericism”. Here it is called parapsychology, occultism, paranormal phenomena. And that’s how we live…


Анна Христафорян

Афиша  2008

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