Armenian Merlin in Belgrade

Born in Armenia as descendant of Armenian tsar Papa in an appreciated family of intellectuals. He studied architecture, medicine and psychology, he paints, sings, plays several instruments, speaks five languages and but what he is the most famous for is esoteric work that he dedicated more than two decades of his life to. We present you Ruben Papian.

He says that his profession is wise man. He reminds us that in ancient times wise men were right next to kings, like Merlin next to king Arthur, “not because the king is stupid or ignorant, but because he is alone and in his thoughts he can lose orientation and focus.”

He reveals that somewhere in the world, since ages past, there is an association that finds people with esoteric knowledge and abilities. They gave him the title of wise man.

Do you believe in theory of universal logos that governs the Universe and the assumption that we are all on this world with a predefined task or rather destiny?

–  Having a predefined task is a cute thought if you ask me but I think if such a task exists it’s most likely a very simple one. First and foremost every human being has a task of living, breathing, consuming and producing energy and with that energy potential of Earth is filled. That is how the system works. Human beings and animals are not just spenders but also producers of energy. That is the most important task of every human.

In relation with other people you can see a certain path forming and that is your destiny. As such you can observe the destiny path of Napoleon, for example, who in certain historical moment became so dominant that he influenced the destiny paths of many others.

Sure, there is something there, to say godly, in terms of great strength and individuals who possess it but that doesn’t mean that others don’t have it, because they do. It is naive to think that destinies path is so defined that nothing can influence it. I look at it from a more global perspective.

– You say that eighty five percent of esotery is something you learned while only fifteen percent is talent. Isn’t that something that was given to you by divines?

– Potential that biological matter has is not hundred but million times stronger than we think. Concentration of energy that we need to produce in order to raise your arm, in spite of gravity, is huge. Basically even human, if observed from energy perspective, is one atomic bomb.

The brain controls that energy and its streams. But the brain is a closed system and it doesn’t allow our conscious part, every ME, to mess into our internal processes. It basically shields itself from itself. The only problem is that our ME and every instance of I want, I don’t want etc. can damage the whole system. For example we can’t influence the digestive system or our liver work because we could damage it. Simply put, there is a lot of power in our brains.

What does talent mean? I still haven’t seen a child that doesn’t have a lot of talent stored within it but with education and social “net” its possibilities are closing down. There is one very important factor in that notion – nobody needs a human that is not in the social system, uncontrolled. We all like to do what we wish to do. That is those other eighty five percent where you need to learn to raise your consciousness on such a level where you gain more and more influence over your own system. Like that you manipulate yourself and find strength.

– Does that mean that when you learn to manipulate your own system you can manipulate systems of other people?

– Yes because it’s all interrelated. Energy never stops just like electric power. Imagine one big network, all humans and biological beings connected together. If that is hard to imagine, lets look at our brain as a telephone. Knowing your matter and matter of someone else you can send him signals – and you do it all the time. His brain even detects it but consciousness doesn’t.

– On your institute for esotericism and parapsychology in Belgrade you are organizing a school of energy therapy whose slogan is “trade in arms”. So every one of us can learn to use their life energy for self healing or healing of others?

– Everyone can learn energy therapy. That is a possibility of manipulation of own energy state and state of other biological creatures and people simply call in bioenergetics healing. If it’s easier for someone to believe that energy therapy is a gift, I won’t object but I doubt God didn’t have anything smarted to do so he gave all those possibilities to one Ruben. And even if he did give me possibilities, that’s what they are, possibilities, you still need to learn the rest.

– You said in one interview “I am one crazy guy that deals with death”. What is that relation of yours with death?

– Death is like birth – process that never comes out of nowhere. It is formed and matter has to walk the path from its live condition into so called dead condition. For such transformation, including one hundred cells that we have, you need an organized process that is controlled by the brain. Let’s put it like this: there are certain units in the brain, systems that are activated when death is supposed to come.

Long before physical death, they prepare matter and send signals left and right. If we knew in which regions of the brain these system are held and why are these processes activated, then we could shut down some of them and change the place, date and form of death. That doesn’t mean that everything will be alright, but we would change something and most optimally we would push these moments further in time.

– Are you saying that death cannot be avoided but it can be postponed?

– There are people that know how to do that but not indefinitely. That means that you can stick to your road of life a little longer because time is not that set in stone, as we believe. Time is a very, very flexible category.

– Distance healing is surrounded with the most skepticism but also interest. How do you do it?

– It’s very simple. If you take the concept of school from first to tenth grade, then this is the second grade. It can simply be learned.

– You say that you don’t directly heal but help in self-healing. How?

– Yes I merely help the process. There are different methods – mental signals, organ copying – in a way that I copy how certain organ of mine works and send the schematic to the patients system so that he can fix his organ. You can also reprogram how other organs work. For example, some organ has problems and is unreachable so instead of focusing on him I can change how organs around him work, some to work faster, some to work slower.

One organ works on frequency of ten kilohertz, second one on thirty, third one on fifty etc. but the fourth one cannot withstand it. As such I change the frequency so that their speed allows the fourth one to catch up and works with no problems. I could also start the process of self-healing by implementing my thoughts into the patient and leave his system to do the work.

Then there is a method where several people work together simultaneously. Those are very strong treatments because you loose the finesse and because all systems are communicating very intensively. It’s like the classic procedure of changing ones blood.

– With your knowledge, parapsychological and esoteric abilities, do you use any secrets in your treatments and diagnose?

– I smell, hear, see, touch… Depending on what I have to do.

– What diseases and illnesses can be cured by your treatments?

–  I am not a doctor; I just find ways to correct the system in the right way. I don’t heal people, I change them.

– What is your preoccupation?

– I am not really sure, for me to be me I guess and for my life to be dynamic.

– Do you recommend that way of life to us as well?

– Dynamic yes, but esotericism should not be looked at lightly. That is tremendous force but also a huge commitment. It all fitted into my life like a puzzle piece either by a coincidence or situation.

But that doesn’t mean that everybody should go toward it. It should be left on a level of program because for someone to become something in that area, he needs to possess a high knowledge on the subject. It’s not pleasure, it’s a commitment.

– The ring you are wearing is of an unusual shape and pretty large. It is just aesthetics or it has some kind of a function?

– No, it’s not just for decoration. It’s an energy instrument that accumulates and sends, all those tiny, tiny energy particles. A professional never works with a strong energy; he always does his job with very little energy.

Man that created it is a famous artist that knows how to work with energy. He made it according to my instructions that described what I wanted that ring to be. While he was creating it he made a mistake and got very ill. When I came to him to see the ring I immediately noticed that something was wrong. He claimed that he didn’t make a mistake but then we joined forces and found the problem. As he changed the ring and put everything in place he got better.

Papians healing teas

After the war in Yugoslavia, some people came to me and brought me several teas and told me what they are and how they function. I smelled them and said, no those teas do not work like you say they do, instead they work on this and this and that. Discouraged they told me to take the teas and make them myself. And so I did.

They are on this market for six years now and they are controlled by one laboratory in Holland. They are a mixture of ecologically correct and healthy herbs with high energy potential. They possess EU certificate that they are of organic origin and of top quality.

How does Ruben’s pyramid work?

I made a energy “machine” where you will find organized energy streams, selected in such a way that they change the flow of time and you can experience both time and space differently. It holds no less than six patents of mine plus twenty years of collected knowledge and my system that can detect a lot of things people are not able to detect. The pyramid is actually ME.

That is my individual product that can’t exist without me, I am built into it. Without me it wouldn’t function. The goal of my project is very mild effect of cosmic energy and natural bioenergy on human organism so that biochemical, metabolically, psychical and mental processes get into perfect harmony. The very effect is regeneration of tissue, relaxation, rising of energy potential of organism as well as mild healing effect.

Source: “Alternativne medicina – Jermenski Merlin u Beogradu”, 2007 October, Serbia

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