One of the world’s biggest parapsychologists

He heals and teaches others how to heal themselves

Ruben Papain, Armenian, born in the country where esotericism is an integral part of everyday life, became a world’s famous healer and parapsychologist. Nurse named Jana told us about her miraculous experience with Ruben. She met him in 1995 when she suffered from gynecological problems so severe that her life was endangered. Doctors were afraid to operate her. In her search for help, she found out about Ruben’s healing methods.

She trusted him from the moment she met him. Healer did his treatments and then had to take off urgently. Jana says that she didn’t believe it when he told her he could finish his treatments even from a distance. Here’s what she said: “He did exactly what he said. My condition improved extremely and doctors together with my colleagues were shocked. Now they could operate on me without fear. It all ended well, even without any radiation. Since then I believe in this healer completely, so much that I even took his classes in his Institute where you learn how to heal yourself.”

Is Hollywood Ruben’s patient?

You can find Ruben’s Institutes world wide, in Armenia, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, England and also here in Belgrade, and he made quite an impression in USA during the last few years too. Many celebrities turned to him for help, and one source told us that one famous Hollywood’s diva plans on doing that too, so we asked Ruben to tell us more about it.

“Many celebrities use my services. When it comes to them, if you make a single error, it’s the end of your career. That’s why discretion is guarantied when it comes to my work, so I can’t tell you anything about those rumors. It’s true that I am very busy working in USA, but I am trying not to neglect “good old” Europe, or Asia. In Belgrade I have many patients and students that finished my school, which helped them to raise their life quality and self-healing. Some of them are now experts in energy therapy and other parts of esotericism. Among other things, Belgrade is a place where my first grandchild was born, which is a reason more for me to love this city, this country and people that live in it, so I always try to find time to spend here.

When I’m away, a fully trained team that works in my Institute of esotericism and parapsychology provides people with services of healing and raising life quality on other ways.

Harmonization of personality

About his school for personality harmonization “Golden staircase” Ruben says:

“It’s a developed system of special exercises that affect mental functions and potentials, control sensibility of senses, enables clear analysis of personal decisions and improving focus and memory. That system of exercises helps us find balance with ourselves and our environment. People who come to this school have a problem of managing their life, they feel blocked by prejudices, misconceptions and concerns, they can’t tell the truth from lies and they waste their life energy. They believe in what we have to offer, together with the ones who can’t put balance needs and desires with their possibilities, and those who want to learn more about esotericism and not spend half of their life reading huge books. Beside energy therapy school, soon as we can’t access some areas without a password, we organize courses for decoding of dreams and many others.”

Ruben explains that people’s greatest enemies are living in the past, fears and their own thoughts. Some people live in the past and become actors of their own movies that aren’t valued by anybody else. Fear makes them feel tense because that script didn’t happen in real life and maybe it won’t happen at all, which leads us to anxiety.

Thoughts must complement with object, subject or result we are trying to achieve. It’s important for thoughts to exist in order for them to turn into reality.

Ruben’s teas are also well known – green health guards, as he calls them. They are made by his recipes in laboratories in the Netherlands.

“Ofa” helps with anxiety and stress. “Magos” bring the organism into emotional and energy balance. “Grom” strengthens energy potential, and “Salsa” normalizes the metabolism and endocrine glands, so it is highly recommended to diabetics.

Source: “Zona – Jedan od najvećih svetskih parapsihologa”, 2008 February, Serbia

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