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Last year in December in Almaty a new school of spiritual development was opened by the name “Sfera” – it was founded by psychologist and energy therapist Ruben Papian. For almost twenty years his school is working in Serbia and now it’s opened in Kazakhstan as well. Everyone can be trained in it and… Start fresh. Today, Ruben answers the questions that are most commonly asked by his students.

– Who are you, Ruben Papian?

– Apparently I am a human being. I should be an architect, psychologist, artist, musician – I never became any of that, even though I understand all of it. I am constantly learning, but not at teachers and mentors, but through people that do best in what interests me personally. For example now, in Almaty, I took classes from photography and I really like them.

– Can you explain what esotericism is?

– World is divided into two pieces – esoteric and exoteric.  Exoteric – outside world, the one you can see and live in, and esoteric – the inside world, the one you can’t see but which is factually connected to exotery. For example you can see a person and both of you can look at each other but things inside you, the one that make both of you human beings, that you can’t see. Or for example – you take a shovel and start digging. What you see and do is exotery, what is about to happen is esotery. Somebody told you there is gold in there but you don’t believe it until you see it, until it becomes obvious and factual. That is how humanity makes exotery from esotery and that is why esotery has always been present and will continue to do so.

Basically everything that people know used to be esoteric, secret knowledge. Thousand years ago people thought that the way human beings see things is that light comes out of the eyes and that is how they sense objects around them. And then after just one experiment performed by Isaac Newton, where he demonstrated that light comes into the eye as opposed to radiating out, esoteric knowledge about how eyes work changed indefinitely. Such knowledge at first hit a snag and negativity – people were just used to think differently – and now a different thing presented itself as both different and factual.

– Exotery and esotery – are they dependent on each other or not?

– In time knowledge, that was only available to few selected, became ordinary for everyone. But that doesn’t mean that people are coping well with everything they see – in exotery. For example, a very simple process: how does water climb up a tree or through paper towel despite all laws of gravity? Very few can explain this correctly and in detail. In every, for us ordinary topic, there is depth that not only we didn’t reach by now, but we even consciously prevent ourselves from doing so. Did you know that research in nuclear physics is on halt because quark – fundamental particle – actually demonstrates materialization? If you separate one part of him from the other, another one fills its place and becomes a new part. Nobody knows how or why. As it turns out the matter is constantly demonstrating a form of self-preservation and physics, in all of its researches came to materialization. Thus, if materialization exists always and everywhere, esotericism is then all around the world because, as much as we dig we would never get to the core of the Earth, it’s too deep.

– In many books about esotery it is said that if you transfer your wish correctly to the Universe, that wish will come true. Why is it then that sometimes you just think about it and it already happened but sometimes, what you want the most, never comes true?

– Books are often written to be sold. That is why their content is often interesting, banal or whatever it needs to be for readers to like it. Here’s an idea about wishes: it is said that everything that is required of you, is to wish. That has nothing to do with reality, but people are willing to buy those fairytales just so that they don’t have to learn or work. That is not esotericism – that is what is sold as esotericism. Every wish has a very subjective factor. It tells the human that what he wants is extremely objective – he had a wish and the whole world is waiting because he pleases so. The world doesn’t wait for a moment to fulfill every wish everyone ever made. You asked me – why are some wishes never coming true and I will ask you – why do they have to come true?

– Maybe because it can be useful to me.

– And who decides on that? Lets say you want this phone to be yours, and the man that sits across is against that – because he wants the phone for himself. So why does your wish has to come true? Seven billion people on Earth very often have conflicting wishes.

– Not all have secret knowledge on how to correctly conduct wishes.

– So you want knowledge from esotericism? In that case you need to spend a lot of time, study, research… Or you just want to wish something and be convinced it is good for you?

– But some wishes do come true, and not necessarily the deep and thoughtful ones.

– For example, you wished to see some man and few minutes later he called you. Common mind think like this – it’s a force of attraction! I wished for something and it came true. But here is the question: he called because you wished for it or he wanted to call you and you just picked up his signal as he was going to the phone? Whose wish was it? It could be that your wish was a manifested element of your intuition and you just picked up someone’s signal? Could it be that control over your wishes is not that but just developed system to pick up signals?

If people were willing to just get to know intuition and what it really is, everything would look different. There would be no “I wish he would call me”, instead it would be “I thought about it, looks like I am getting a call”. Your intuition doesn’t work under your control, it’s automatic and you don’t know how to register its signals. There are special exercises for that – for example how to differentiate your own thoughts from thoughts of a person across the road because your own head has no idea what signals it picked up. Ability of quality receiving of these signals depends on whether you are aware you are receiving them or not – automatic filtering of your wishes and someone else’s signals.

And finally we came to the question: why someone’s wish came true and someone’s didn’t? Because terms required for something to happen matured and your mind is filled with thoughts and wishes that can be fulfilled. For example: “I want to fly to Mars tomorrow” – and behold, that same night you have a dream where you fly to Mars. But you wanted to physically fly to Mars, in a rocket – but that can’t happen because the terms didn’t mature and what is required is not present. That is why your wish doesn’t happen – your wish might be formed but required conditions are not. As such, are you even sure that it is exactly you who wished something, or is that just a natural consequence of terms you developed?

– But if our wishes are just consequences of created terms, can we influence terms to help them come true?

– Terms rarely depend on the one who is wishing. Processes are constantly going on, that is why the wish itself is presented as the result of changed terms. Your wish came true because the terms were right for it to come true. However the human never knows when that happens. It is required to not only acknowledge your fantasy that is a product of your wishes, but also the terms of everything around you. If you are drowning in the middle of the ocean, no matter how much you wish to teleport to your room in front of your TV, you will drown, because the ocean doesn’t need a human wiggling in him. If we compare you to the ocean, you are of course the king of the nature, but a sunken one.

– So as it turns out I can’t influence my wish – she is born on its own, coming true on its own and only if the time is right – and there is nothing I can do about it?

­- If the time and terms are right the wish will come true. If you came up with your own wish, then it’s not a wish, it’s a fantasy and they are very different. If you remember how, when you were little, you were stealing apples, if you want to taste them now – that is not a wish, it’s a fantasy connected to your past, and this fantasy cannot be realized currently.

It really is required to differentiate wishes from fantasies – to not have your consciousness involved, to not force every fantasy until you get that “I want”. Educate yourself, be a human. Develop your skills and abilities, in yourself, how to properly wish and know what to wish for. Wishing is one of the parts of human existence – but for its internal goals.  If you want to get involved into those internal goals, then you need to study and learn, not to position yourself above it.

– Perhaps I didn’t ask the proper question? Are questions about wishes even asked in esotericism?

– The most natural factor of human development – a wish – science doesn’t work with it and no science can say where, how and on what way does it appear and comes true. Just a thought – it is immaterial, and esotericism is interested in that concept more than any other science.

– People today often fall into depressions because they want something but can’t get it. Can those people be helped?

– Can you tell me why, during wars, nobody seems to suffer from depression even if there are numerous larger reasons for it than now? Because in time of war the first thing on everyone’s mind is survival. Get that depressive man out of warm home into the cold street and don’t give him any food to eat – after a week he will wrestle with a dog for a bone with great enthusiasm.

On the other hand – look at the life of an average, everyday man. He gets up in eight in the morning, drinks coffee, goes to work, then he comes back watches TV, then goes to bed to sleep, once a year goes to vacation – usually to Turkey (interesting  – what is he resting from?) – and comes back to his schedule. Where does that life lead? Is life really that pathetic? Monotonous? Because of that, sooner or later, in the minds of 80 percent of people you will see thoughts of suicide. It creates a type of internal life, at least for a while. But after that people get accustomed to such thoughts – if the outside life is such monotony and boredom, then the inside life goes along. How to get out of that? Change your terms!

– How to avoid falling into that?

– Develop yourself. People always try to work on the outside issues and businesses. They read, go to movies, go out, travel – by that logic the more you have fun, the less depressed you will be. But that’s not how it is because, while you waste your time with outer work, you never developed yourself – a book won’t develop you, you didn’t write it, and a movie develops only the person that created it. Thus, turn on the movie in your head – become a director. Develop yourself.

– Where can you learn that?

– In “Sfera” for example. You start to understand and educate yourself. Enrich your world; not with outside factors, but look from the beginning, from what are you composed off. You will understand your internal life that is a million times more interesting than your outer life. Movies, dancing, going out… You have a million reasons to be happy and you can always find more. What depressing can there be – if people could wake up every day and rule with what they have – there would be no depression. But people always seek for an easy way out – it is easier to choose depression over hunger and cold or cancer. You begin to suffer, suffer but not falling into depression. Such suffering is called life after all. So, the choice is yours.

Source: “Время – Будь режиссером своей жизни!”, 2012 March, Kazakhstan

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