All that will be tomorrow is an alternative for today

Ruben Papian is hard to categorize.  He’s a healer, teacher, founder of the Institute Ruben Papian, economist, personal adviser and a mystic.

-You do not intend to die?

-Quite the opposite. I can not wait. (He raised his voice) To miss the greatest mystery of life, which we call death? Absolutely not. Certainly I do not understand the historical human primitive religious idea that you have to fear death in order to live. And that as long as you live, you will be a slave to social systems. You were born to work. There are so-called tax systems in our lives. We have to pay to live. We always owe something to someone. To do something, to write, to love…

Ruben Papian, esotericist, healer, counselor

Ruben Papian is hard to categorize. He’s a healer, teacher, founder of the Institute Ruben Papian, economist, personal adviser and a mystic. He was born in 1962 in the Armenian capital Yerevan, in an Armenian prominent family, who originates from Armenian Emperor Pope. His parents are architects, and his grandfather was a Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Stalin government. In Moscow, he studied architecture, medicine and psychology and has mastered several music instruments. He paints, sings, speaks five languages, he’s been exploring parascientific phenomena for more than twenty years and also explores various esoteric techniques, from which he “made” his own methods.

In 1990, at the invitation of the Yugoslav Foreign Ministry he came to Belgrade and stayed there (about his work tells us the publication “Ten years with Ruben” written by Stevan Lakatosh). In 1994, after a brief stay in Slovenia, he responded to the call of the Dutch Ministry of Culture. In the last ten years he has worked as a consultant (actually extrasense) of the Dutch government, he was an economic advisor to various corporations and individuals from the world of politics and the movie, which we won’t name. We can mention some of his clients, which include an international group of companies Stork Engineers & Contractors B. V. based in Amsterdam, big oil companies like Kuwait’s oil company, Indian national oil company, Shell.

He is currently working on three places: in the Netherlands, in Belgrade where he founded his institute and in Los Angeles. To Slovenia he came at the invitation of some of our companies, which also due to business ethics we can not name. We had to go to meet him in his suite at the Elephant hotel, in which he spent a few days during last week.

– How are you, Ruben Papian, in fact, different from other healers, esotericists, energy therapist?

– (Smile) The question indicates that you have not paid attention to the matter. I belong to parascience named esotericism. All the processes that are happening, but we can not detect them with our senses are esoteric processes. Processes that form patterns that we can observe with our senses, are egzoteric processes. I deal with esotericism – with what’s inside and what’s making it easier to establish what is beyond, what can be seen and felt. Of course, there are different directions in esotericism, relations to natural phenomena and human biological phenomena. Effects from the inside, effects from the outside, the yo-yo effect, self-healing, autocorrection, things such as telepathy, reprogramming… Esotericism is a global parascience where there are so many directions that it is impossible to deal with all of them. Just as you can not be an expert in all areas of medicine.

– What is it that puts you out of those categories? Your treatment skills? Your inventions, such as the Pyramids and treatment rooms, a mathematical formula for dreams?

– That, what you mentioned are primarily forms of understanding how certain things work. When I understand the relationship between the material and immaterial world, I make a tool, something that I am convinced that is good and it will function without my effort. And it works. In the case of the pyramid, it is not only about pyramid structure, but there are special structures inside the pyramid, at least six patents in it. Simply I calculated how to pick highest quality of frequencies below the pyramid. Test pyramid was built in 2004 in Amsterdam…

-Have you confirmed that with research?

– Sure. It is a project made in collaboration with the Dutch government. When we did this project in a smaller version of the pyramid, we tested it on about a hundred and ten people of different nationalities, religions, of different sexes – and the results were great. People have, for example, described it as an “energetic shower”, some of them experienced the regeneration of damaged tissue, they all experienced the increase in the potential energy of their body, like a slight effect of the healing…

– Soon as, among other things, people say that you are an effective healer, especially in the field of cancer treatment and addiction, how do you heal?

– In short, with Ruben Papian method. (Smile) I can tell you that when I use the method of reprogramming the organism when it comes to cancer, it acts as a natural “trick”. Simply put – this method eliminates the coding system in the human mind, it replaces his mental construction. Like installing new software. It would take too much time to talk about all areas of my work, you can find information about that on the Internet. When you say energy therapist, for me it’s like saying that someone is able to use a spoon. Energy therapy methodologies are endless. Certain therapists can work in a certain ways, but the basic thing is personal. You should know that in our sphere 90 percent of the people who deal with this are mad. I’m not saying that they are charlatans, no, they think they are doing the right thing. But a person who can not help himself, can not help your child. Here’s one thing that can help you find out if they really are able to help – look them in the eye. Because what you see there is the true quality of their work. How they live, how they think, how they behave.

– How do you, for example, explain when a respected healer has an effect on some people, and on some other people he doesn’t?

– An healer is not a factory that prints the same blue Chinese slippers. Healing is truly an art. He is an artist who deals with a character called a man. And you’re unique. Your organic discrepancies will in your case be completely different than in the case of others. Imagine if I, as a healer, treated everyone in the same way. What would be the result?

Healing always requires individual research and I have spent more than twenty years of life in it. There is always a percentage of possible errors. In fact it is not even a failure, depending on how we look at it. When I do a mass therapy, it is mainly to stimulate the immune system. Your immune system knows much more than you could ever know about yourself. Ninety percent of the success of our healing guarantees your immune system, which is incredibly strong. If there were no immune system, we would not be able to cure you. We only encourage the process. The process is in your hands.

– You are also an economic consultant to various corporations, as well as the Dutch government consultant… Can you tell us about some of your clients?

– Not about current clients. But I can tell you that these are some of the top politicians in some countries. There are also well-known producers and actors. Anyway, as a consultant in the business negotiations, I learned about top management, made a system for using mental abilities, all this time I educated myself further, so I could be more useful.

– “Useful” for whom? Mankind?

– What do you think? Define the “benefit of mankind”…

– But you use your skills for the benefit of mankind? Are you a “good” man?

– Am I a good man? (Sighs) I am not. I’m not so handicapped to introduce myself as an antibiotic. Antibiotic helps, it helps with thousands of dollars, but for how long? Things are much more complicated. We want to get the molecular structure of atoms, which consist of necessary positive protons and electrons that are negative. Without the minus we can’t get a plus. The system does not exist. Phenomena, emotions, thoughts – do not exist without their opposites. It is naive to think of the welfare of humanity and progress. On this planet there is seven billion of us. And we are all terribly moral, full of ideas about humanity… When someone dies close to us, we  panic. When that happens far away, it does not affect us anymore. At the same time we eat 700 million animals a year. Deliberate and organized.

– Are you a vegetarian?

– No. I eat whatever I like. I appreciate life the way I see it, but I’m not a follower of utopia, I understand the essence of things. I mean, if you know we have 70-80 percent of the water resources of the Earth and of which we have only 7 percent of the fresh water and 0.9 percent of drinking water – this means that there is almoust no water. According to scientific calculations, Earth can support 12 billion people, after that it will collapse. Mankind has increased from six to seven billion in the last ten years. What will happen in fifty years? So much about the “good” of mankind.

– Do you believe in the conspiracy theory that this new pandemic flu virus was artificially created?

Unfortunately, there is no artificial virus. It’s evolution. If you now ask… What time is it there? (He looks out the window at the November foggy morning.) Can you feel it? Like it is no longer 2009. As 2010 has already started and 2009 never happened. That’s because the time and space jostle. We see great changes. These changes are not only in humans, but there are changes in viruses, bacteria. This flu has its own function.

– On what basis do you have that information? Do you have any references for this claim?

– I am the reference. (Smile) The information I got from those who are above me, that’s all I can say. Humanity is going through the most exciting period in his history, but he’s not even aware of. We are witnessing a global change.

You see, you, as a human, have 300 million cells that live, die and are developing constantly. We know how a human is made: his mother plus father, the sperm plus cell, the cell wants to multiply – and you emerge. But your cell is not new. It has been transformed from one to another being. That cell is over ten or twenty thousand years old. And through her life the cell carries information about evolution. In each of us there is God. In each cell. But he’s not yours. He is in you, but you do not have access to it.

– How can we gain access?

– (Smile) You see, I deal with this all my life. In the last hundred years, we were talking about the twentieth century, which was the century of growth, we have really reached puberty, when we – as children – began to play with the technology. The next step is biotechnology. Humanity has begun to raise awareness about dealing with electronics that can be dangerous, it can strike back. This transitional phase of elevating human as a person, is the last stage of puberty. Our civilization is in fact 17 years old. It’s slowly growing. And it hurts.

– Since you are an economic consultant, you probably can explain the cause of the global economic crisis?

– It’s very simple, it is a step in evolution. Tastes change, priorities change. One is no longer the same as he was several years ago. If, for example, five years ago, 100% of a given population wanted to buy the latest model of BMW, now only 50% of them want it. That feeling is still there, but it declined. This means that the estimated sale of vehicles from two hundred million potential customers, meanwhile, fell down to hunder million. You understand what I mean. So we already have economic collapse.

– Do you think that’s the main reason?

– That’s the only reason. The evolution of human genes.

– Many experts mention greed as the main reason?

– You see, in the last one hundred years, we had the Anglo-Saxon economic system – the economy of greed and greed of the economy. In this so-called modern world, for a few hundred years, two plus two are four. But it’s better if it’s five. That’s the whole concept. More is better. This is the concept of greed. Both about the money and ownership. It is better to have three cars rather than one. But the system that worked until recently, has been blocked. It’s time for humanity to get a complete makeover.

– How do you help your clients to “improve” their career?

– I do not promote their careers.

– If some politicians hired you to help them with their political careers to go up sharply, even if you personally felt that that would not be for the good of the country – what would you do?

– Every politician wants power, that is, every politician wants the same. All of them. I do not know of any who does not want that. But I am the one who chooses. I decide who I’m interested in working with.

– Your scope of work is closely connected with the latest discoveries in science: have you discovered what’s written in the undeveloped and unexplored parts of the DNA code?

– There is a whole history of all cells in there. This is just the base of everything.

– Do you have access to that information?

– To some part of it. Not to all, because it’s a film that lasts for millions of years. Fragments of this film you can see when you sleep. I’ve devoted a lot of time to research the possibilities of biology during sleep. U 1993. I made a special system of dreams, using a mathematical formula, by which one can dream specific dreams. We came to some interesting conclusions: different people who are part of the dream systems and use the given code are having dreams with similar emotions.

– How did you achieve that? How is that different from, let’s say, hypnotherapy, hypnosis?

– Ah, hypnosis is ineffective, that was proved long time ago. I’ll try to explain my technique: by using a specific code, which I give, it’s easy to dream certain dreams, but that’s not all: concrete precise codes allow the learning process, education, uploading and downloading information… Everything works like internet. Everything is within you, it would be nice if you were able to download it. (Smile) But to do so, you need an access code. This does not mean that every human, that is every hardware, is ready for downloading. It’s not. A preparatory phase is necessary. In the year 1993 I founded the so-called Golden Step, a program that deals with the harmonious development of the personality. The project has evolved over the years, so we have the highest rate of transformation in the global spiritual community right now. There is an infinite amount of information out there on virtually everything. But in order to gain access to them, your system must be set up as an orchestra. And just when everything is in line, then you can hear the music. This is called spirituality. In short, this system I’ve transfered to the Netherlands and two years ago to the USA.

– I heard you have been intensely present in Hollywood during last few months?

– In Hollywood, I love it. (Smile) It’s amazing how many people there are obsessed with spirituality. Nowhere in the world have I seen anything like it.

– Why on the Internet, except your official website and some old videos of Serbian television shows, there is no information about you?

– Ah, those videos are dating back more than ten years… I control these things. I did not commercialize myself, because I do not want to, and because I can’t. What you see on my site, it’s Ruben Papian limited in human form.

– Which – according to some witnesses – can turn water into wine?

– Anyone could do it. It’s nothing special. It is a technique. Wine in the water no one can transform, and there’s no need for that. But to create an atmosphere in which people feel that water is wine because it has such a taste, smell and look, it’s easy. If you are wondering whether the change in the structure of water is based on the human impact? It absolutely is. And it’s not just about wine. These things are well known to science. Humanity is a part of the many interesting things that it does not even know about.

– Why did you decide to give an interview for the “Delo”?

– Because I do not know when I’ll come back here. And because some things have matured. The time has come for some information to be given out. But I know that my mission is not to give advice to someone how to live. I can only explain to him how not to think. But, how to live and think globally – you need to find the new Christ for that, it is his duty. (Smile).

– Are you a believer?

– People don’t know what it means to believe. People do not even know how not to believe. When someone says, I believe, I believe in the water, I’m talking about it (he takes a glass of water and he smells it), but I do not feel its smell. This has nothing to do with religion. The human simply does not know how to express himself. In fact, he should say: I do not understand. I do not know. It’s sweet. It’s cold. But perhaps this is what contains the greatest medicine. Belief is a condition that must be achieved, so the process could begin. A human will never learn how to get into that state. Because it’s too powerful.

– In connection with your business activities you are mentioned as member of Masonic Lodge?

– I am not only a member, I am a mason of highest category of international rank. But it does not say anything, right?

– What is your primary goal as a member of a Masonic organization at this time?

– (Long sigh). People view Masons as sharks. Everyone is afraid of sharks, not knowing that they attack only three times a year, and usually avoid people. Hippopotamus is a real killer, but it does not have to be dangerous. The Masons are an organization that has made great progress in human civilization. But the truth is that this is an old, worn out, uninteresting organization and there are rumors about abandonment of Masonry.

– So again, what is by the opinion of the “top-level mason’ masonic mission today?

– Masons have emerged as the Knights Templar. And among other things, Templars infiltrated their own banking system in the world and they formed an economic system as it is today. Templars resisted the idea that human is a slave of religion. So, we made a big step in that time: we have shown that God has no form, no limits. We named him. We called him the Great Architect. It did not matter which religion you belong to and how you came to it. I want to say that the Masons played an important role in the history of mankind and changed the image of the world as we know it today. It was written by the Vatican, as well as their followers in the history of mankind. It influenced the Middle East, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Iraq and Egypt, because historically these are countries in which human was created. By the way, there wasn’t a ruler who explored this area more than Hitler. Germany has been doing it all the time, during both Reichs… Mankind is only interested in one basic thing: Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? The second question has no answer. In order to find an answer to this question, we started the First World War, in order to continue the resarch the Second World War occured. But let’s go back to the Knights Templars – suddenly the Vatican together with the French crown decided to destroy them. Why?

– French king Philip has obviously in the beginning of the 14th century by burning Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay caused the war, primarily because the Templars became financially and politically too powerful.

– Philip was an interesting man, yes. But it was not about the money. Vatican had the most money in the world and they still have, believe me. The Vatican is the richest country in the world with a billion people. It is true that the power of the Vatican declines. The human mind has come to the moment when every child can sit at his computer and become God. Communicate with the whole world. The Vatican is a small child in relation to this technology. Can you imagine that today, anything can show up on the Internet and attract the attention of two billion people? What is the Vatican in relation to that? But back to the question: The Vatican has begun the destruction of the Templars. Why? Because Templars found something they did not want to give to the Vatican.

– That does not sound much different from The Da Vinci Code version. The Holy Grail and bloodline…

– Ah, no. Templars found the simplest thing: the map. And in this old map was described another continent, a region, which until then, no one knew about. This continent is called America today. And now, if we skip the whole story by the time the United States were founded – that is a system of the people living together, regardless of religion and beliefs. Construction of this system was greatly helped by the Masons.

And it is very interesting that it is extremely efficient for two hundred years already. Think about it, America needed less than two hundred years to become a global superpower. And they started from scratch.

– If you look at the history of mankind, which historical period inspires you the most?

– Future. The future is exciting.

– But in your spheres of work, as well as in quantum physics, the future and the past do not exist. The time, as we know, is only an artificial structure.

– There are many theories. Let’s say you’re watching a movie on television. And let me ask you, is what you’re watching on TV real or not?

– It’s real. Because I see it.

– That means anyone who has a TV can watch what he wants to be real. And where’s the reality in that? There is none. Science says that something does not exist because it does not belong to our vision of reality. And time exsists – we recognize it like this: there’s the past, present and future. The time is a linear category for us, because we are linear. We can’t understand it differently. As 2 + 2 = 4, this other concept funtions similarly. (He gets up and pulls out a piece of white paper and rips it) Look! This paper contains X points. The connection between these points is not the paper, but matter. From this point to some other point in our primitive linear thinking, there is X distance. Now look. (he crushes the paper) What has changed? The number of points? No. The distance between them? Yes. This theory of space was created in the fifties – if space changed, it allows the system to work, regardless of the distance. Distance is something that is constantly changing, and it’s irrelevant. Mankind has not yet found a practical use or confirmation of this theory. Our physics and mathematics insist that 2 + 2 = 4 but in this case you can see that it does not exist, that 2 + 2 can also be 1 if we move from one point to another. Now we won’t talk about multiplication and so on.

One theory says that 70 percent of the energy potential is dark energy. If this is true, then 70 percent of everything is completely unknown to us. In addition to these 70 percent remains 30% of something that we should know about. Which means we have no idea.

Now science has finally discovered the infosphere, a thin layer of substance in the upper atmosphere, where vibrations that correspond to our mental system are created. It means whatever you think – like through a phone – is transmitted there. Every thought is there. The next evolution of the 21st century will be in biotechnology. Nikola Tesla created the technology, biotechnology means that the same effects will be created by biology.

So, it seems to me that the period upon us will be exciting: the human will become quite different. Not in a hunferd, but in twenty years. I should mention the development of nanotechnology, which is in conflict with the old laws of physics. It is now called alternative physics. All that what will be tomorrow, today is alternative. And religion and science, everything.

– You do not intend to die?

– Quite the opposite. I can not wait. (He rasied his voice) To miss the greatest mystery of life, which we call death? Absolutely not. Certainly I do not understand the historical human primitive religious idea that you have to fear death in order to live. And that as long as you live, you will be a slave to social systems. You were born to work. There are so-called tax systems in our lives. We have to pay to live. We always owe something to someone. To do something, to write, to love…

Tell me, who said that the only way of life is being a slave to someone or something? It should not be that way. Any creature with human values has the right to water, because the water is already here, the right to food, because there’s food. But not like now, when we printed out pieces of paper on which we write values and call them money. That triggered a strange thing: who collects the most is considered to be the smartest and strongest.

– And what does money mean to you personally?

– Actually, nothing. This category is made by people and does not actually exist.

– Although supposedly your services are expensive?

– I am very expensive, yes. Because I live here and now. I respect the situation I am in. That’s it.

– It appears that the massive rise of the New Age spiritual movements in the West are inextricably linked to the state of “permanent happiness.” And how about you? Have you reached a “level” at which you can maintain a state of happiness?

– Ah, no. No one can be happy all the time. Happiness is a moment that is very short. Like an orgasm. If it lasts for 30 seconds, it’s wonderful. But imagine that it would last for two years, constantly? It would be a disaster! The essence of happiness is in its diapazone. We have to respect the system as it is. A minus is required for a plus to be made. Is anybody happy, just because he has ten fingers? No, human is not really aware of any of his fingers. He becomes aware of them only if he loses one. And then he starts suffering for the missing finger, and he appreciates the remaining nine more. That’s how we are made.

– As Dostoevsky wrote, Western human thinks he only loves when he really suffers.

– It’s a nice saying. But how much suffering and how much love it takes to get in equilibrium? For this you have to be strong enough not dependent on love or suffering. But most people are slaves to their emotions, they deliberately create strong emotions so that they could become their slaves. Otherwise love would be boring, wouldn’t it?


Source: “Subotna priloga -Vse, kar bo prišlo jutri, je alternativno za včeraj, Vesna Milek”, 2009 November, Slovenia

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