Ruben Papian: Miracle workers may wear suits

To interview Ruben Papian is like interrogating a secret agent. It is not clear how to present him: occupation, specialty and title – all remains a mystery. Speaking about his profession, Ruben explains: “My profession – is life”. On the question: “What exactly are you doing?” – he responds: “Not even my wife knows that.” At the end of the discussion a key word appeared: wizard. That term fits Ruben more than anything…

From our sources we found out that Ruben Papian is considered to be a world-class parapsychologist and extrasense, works with elites in different countries – with ministers, politicians, businessman. He knows different methods of influencing a human being – energy, psychology, he does healing, teaching, negotiating, ensuring the effectiveness of the projects. He speaks five languages and works in Europe and the USA. Ruben will be in Almaty few days.

– Ruben, in what way did you start your activities?

– I was supposed to be an architect, but I am not. I was twenty years old when I began to understand that some things are fine while others turned up side down, something was wrong either way. As it turns out I had certain abilities. People who had upper functions and certain connections with people came to seek my help. I was in Moscow and met with the officer of higher rank from MID SSSR and I was suggested to become the official extrasens. At that point I was dealing exclusively with healing. People came to me with perfectly humane problems – stomach boils, joint pains, heart aches. Of course, every Ministry has its own hospital unit but that doesn’t help in some cases. You will be surprised but I will tell you – interest toward non-traditional methods exists in all highly developed countries, in all highly positioned men. The question is not whether you believe in alternative medicine, it’s who do you trust?

– They trusted you?

– They checked it first. A man with a mask comes with a patient. He observes my work, what changed in the patient – it was a very important factor. For half a year they observed me silently. After that, when they were convinced they can trust me, they allowed me to work with highly positioned people. Through MID I got contacted by a lot of foreign diplomats – that is how I got to help a granddaughter of one Yugoslav official. They invited me to visit that country. Once, twice, three times… And then suggested I should move there because of my knowledge. In ninety-nine in Serbia I opened my center of alternative medicine. That is when I had from one hundred and fifty to two hundred people a day, from morning to dark. I became tremendously popular there; people wrote about me, I even had my own show on TV…

– How was it possible that you saw two hundred people a day? You dedicated a minute to every man?

– For one minute I can turn the whole life upside down. I am like an engineer: I create a scheme, connect everything and then the system does its work, I don’t interfere with it. Usually, so-called specialists are like workers: they do everything by hand, like with a shovel. As long as they are waving their hands around – the effects are there, when they stop – everything comes to a halt. A system should work without a healer, and not in his presence.

– Can you predict the future?

– I am not so silly to talk about it. Earlier – yes. My chitchatting was, coincidentally, the reason I moved from Yugoslavia to Holland. In ninety-three I had a lawyer friend. When he came to Belgrade we used to hang out and talk. Myself, young and stupid, and he interested in how I do things. He asked me questions like “is there any life on Mars” or “what do you think about the royal family of Holland?” Me, like some nightingale that couldn’t shut his beak, talked about the royal family, everything I saw, including the expanding of their family. Very soon after that I got a letter waiting for me in the Holland embassy. As it turned out that lawyer friend of mine represented interests of the lands of Benelux and he told his associates the contents of our conversation. All of that eventually reached the ears of the royal family: some weirdo on the streets of Belgrade is talking about the royal family of Holland in great detail. I hit the dead center with my predictions. I was asked to come to the Netherlands from their Ministry of Culture.

– As far as I know by that point you stopped dealing with healing…

– What I did there was a project of experimental school for development of creative and talented abilities early with children. Then one large energy company got interested in my research – more specifically into using resources of my mind in leading conversations and negotiations. I worked for them for three years on training of their employees including the general director that was involved in negotiations. I connected with them in that stadium where the situation was that bad, that they could barely deal and negotiate. I had to do everything in my power to simply make them understand each other – all that without directly getting involved in the conversation.

– How is that possible!?

– It is like a piece of art. A man sits across me and talks, he wants to gain something and I “write” to him: “Make a better retort, lower your voice, stop the conversation, contact me, go back, speed up…” In general I was like a conductor of the conversation.

– Is that from NLP technique or is that some kind of parapsychological influence?

­- No, nothing of the sorts, those are my own methods. No paranormal influence is necessary. It is all possible do to with normal human technologies.

– And when did it come to connecting your extrasensory abilities?

– I will tell you a story but I won’t mention any names. One very famous woman came to me to check on her father. I flew to her and found the man on the deathbed. He was in coma – seventy-four years old with last stage cancer with metastasis. The man was literally gone, he was hooked on machines to keep him alive and even so doctors were looking at the time – they said it will be over during the night. I thought there was nothing I could do there but his daughter begged me to do whatever I can. Usually I work quickly but in this case I couldn’t do anything forcefully or his last chances might burn away quickly. If I wave my hand the man is gone. I didn’t move – I just stood there for 10 minutes.

I went to the hotel to wait for news. The following day his daughter called: her father didn’t die; in fact he opened his eyes! In this case, this is not miracle – it’s downright amazing. He came to his senses and whispered to her: “I came out of my body and went toward the green light (that is the usual description of the “tunnel”) and you know who pulled me back? A young man that came here yesterday”. The woman explained that he was in coma and couldn’t see anyone but the father insisted: “He came this way, took my arm and said – it’s not your time! And then I woke up.” I am not a God. Father of that woman died. But ten years later and from something else.

– Ruben, explain how you affect people?

– You have eyes, correct? I don’t really need anything else to be in your mind. And you have ears too – why you are basically an open person! Any word or sight, in your mind, can become a virus but also a healing pill. There are two mobile phones in front of us. If I compare them to people and their consciousness, then I can use my Bluetooth and transfer all the needed informations.

– Can you help change the path of someone’s life? Give a bit of luck so to speak?

– Yes and no. A person builds with his own hands. If something fails, that doesn’t mean me or anyone else should intervene. A little signal to help is possible but not everyone will endure such a change. When something suddenly changes in the life of every human – do you know the amount of fear he feels? To change destiny every person should first prepare and see if they can endure it, and not fail after they already started. A lot of understanding is required so that you don’t think you are a God.

– If they suggested to you to appear in the show titled “Battle of the Extra-senses”, would you accept?

– Since we are on the subject, in two thousand and five I was contacted by Endemol (one of the world’s larger companies in TV content producing) when they had esoteric channel “Signs of Destiny”. I suggested that such a show was interesting if it was used to discover talents. But for me to participate, that no.

– Tell us then, is it possible to differentiate a charlatan from the real extrasense?

– In our world, just like yours, there is gradation. Among us there are a lot of those who are psychically unstable and they often go toward certain forms that are purely entertaining but not helpful. Waving arms around, discovering chakras – that is pure commercialism. But there are others, powerful, so to speak. A lot of them have abilities so you can’t say they are charlatans but at the end of the day they don’t know how to work. On the other hand you could call them uneducated.

A person that is turning toward extrasense is ready to find salvation. That is why the person is more important than the ambience – candles, crystals… A lot of people think that extrasense should be some witch that sits and tells fortune. Or it’s supposed to be a shaman with tambourines. In truth we can wear any clothing and be no different than any other person. Because of that look in the eyes of the person you are hiring her for help, not clothing or accessories. If what they are trying to represent is real, you will see it in their eyes, you will feel something unexpected, you will feel like you didn’t before, that is the force that can help. If you can’t find anything, if such a force is not present, than what is before you is a common human, don’t expect anything out of him. People who can conjure them perform miracles, and you can’t see that from the outside.

– Do they even exist?

– They are rare but they do exist. Earlier they were called wizards and Wiseman. Next to every ruler there was a Wiseman. It’s a responsible position and it is required when a king talks and negotiates with someone. No ruler accepts no as an answer, he can do everything, and thus he needs a person to channel and simulate situations and get to the real solution. It’s called a job with the mirror. You need psychology, magic, fantasy, energy… Good specialists know all too well the whole construction of the entity known as “human”.

– They consider you for a very good specialist in your area… Ruben, what is your purpose of coming to Almaty?

– I am here for the second time now. I was here two months ago. Why – I cannot say. I came for a visit so to speak.

– Is it true that you plan to open your own center in Almaty?

– We will see, I still don’t know.

Our archive: 
– Ruben Papian was born in Yerevan where he finished school and signed to Polytechnic University
– In 1990 in Belgrade he opened the Center for alternative medicine
– In 1994 he was invited by Ministry of Culture in Holland to participate in experimental project for development of creative children abilities
– From 1995 to 1998 works in international company in Holland
– In 2004 belgrade Center for alternative medicine transforms into Institute 

Source: “Время – Рубен Папян: Чародеи могут и костюмы носить”, 2011 October, Kazakhstan

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