Ruben Papian: Feeling of freedom depends on the size of the bars

Extrasense, parapsychologist and esotericist from Serbia, Ruben Papian created a method for personality development that can be learned in his schools. Now you can do so in Kazakhstan where the doors to your supernatural abilities are opened as well. Ruben says that everyone is naturally gifted but not everyone can take the key to his or her abilities. He did just that. He does treatments without medications and is “in deal with destiny”. Today our interlocutor gives away facts about worldly system and future of  mankind.

To deceive destiny

– Ruben, you worked as a consultant in MFA SSSR?

– It was in my youth, I was extrasense. Then, like now, all advanced nations are looking for people with special, extraordinary abilities. I could heal with energy; they tested me, examined me and then suggested me to work for them.

– Do you perhaps remember some extraordinary story from that period?

– My history with MFA is utterly uninteresting. But one night deputy minister called me – I can’t tell you the name, when you know a lot, then your moral has to be high – and he was in his underwear on all fours. He said that he went to the bathroom that night and crawled out like that. Yes, he twisted his spine. He was there on his knees saying : “Ruben, could you imagine that one day a deputy minister of SSSR will kneel before you?” I was twenty six back then.

– Did it ever happen to you that the situation changed you instead of you changing the situation?

– It happened. It is connected with death. Two years ago in USA I met with one interesting family. Husband said that his wife has cancer. I looked at the wife – the situation was far from pleasant – but now it’s in passive state. It is possible to “wind and unwind” something to see what outcome is possible. I saw that after a while the illness would activate on some other place, and…. The end. But if there exists at least one percent – it still exists. You shouldn’t bury a human before he is dead. The husband asked what could be done. I said I could try to cheat destiny, to reprogram it. And so, in San Francisco, I started working on something that could be called a miracle because it was no ordinary healing. I checked what changed – everything was normal, no death in that period and I told to the husband: “I can’t say when she will die because I don’t see death, but she won’t die from cancer.” Three days later we shook hands and they went on a holiday, on some island. The following day he called me and said: “My wife drowned”. That is the story that impressed me. I didn’t see that death had options, and in this case it had to happen, perhaps not in one shape but it happened in the other. Terms can be created in a second.

Everyone has a gift

– Is it really possible to discover and awake something in yourself?

– Look at me! I am completely self-taught. Everyone has a gift, but not everyone is in the opportunity and possibility to use it. Based on my experience I developed a methodology and opened a school “Sfera” that allows everyone to go that way very quickly. Just imagine the amount of errors I made, how long I invested, and here you have the mechanism that works on its own.

– Does the world needs a lot of “enlightenment”?

– With this economy system – no. The world needs consumers.

– In that case you are against the world system?

– Of course, the world system detests me. But look at the whole thing, it’s falling apart. Do you know how many people from this system, the one they lived through, came to me asking: “How can we continue to live?” A human remains a human; he takes care of his children and wants all the best for them. Today’s society is highly developed slavery. From his birth the human owes something. First he learns to work, then we works so he doesn’t starve. There is nothing for you to decide about your freedom – you are going along the path of the system and the system will use you. You are not taking steps forward – you are dying. Sense of freedom depends on the size of the cage and quality of bars.

– How did you answer the question?

– It is necessary to develop yourself. In this phase of evolution the human gene mutates. Body will change but the consciousness has to as well – it’s a big circle. Religion or faith has nothing to do with it. Under spirituality I consider a state where all your internal instruments are vibrating – like music, inside of you. All of that has to be tuned. Currently it’s that period: everything that was stable is falling apart and decomposing. The economy situation is catastrophic and nobody knows why. And it’s all rather simple – man is changing. It’s like when the sun is shining we are in a good mood and then tomorrow when the rain falls we are in a bad mood – even if the rain, essentially, didn’t do anything to us.

We change our cars every two years. On the West and here something changed in the atmosphere, its not raining but you can hear the thunders, and we are not even thinking about buying another car. We don’t have a wish to buy it but the factory producing cars expects three million buyers a year. What that means is that the production is decreasing. Workers are left without payment and the mood all around is changing. This economics system that was not made for such emotional state simply can’t function. It is a so-called “anglo-saxon model” where greed is the main emotional stimulator.

Human – a model of the universe

– But what to do when the whole world is like that?

– Alien joke if I may: One alien asks another one  – Where did you go for a vacation? – Earth. – And how was it? – Strange. They printed out a lot of paper and the whole planet is collecting them. – Why? – Who gathers the most paper, he is proclaimed to be the smartest.

That is how we look like, observed from a third person perspective.

– So, money – is evil?

– No, I don’t think so. Terms – good and evil are disputable. What we personally don’t like doesn’t mean it’s bad or evil. Money actually created a bridge for understanding in humanity. Both you and someone from Argentine has a general state of brain that is called “money”. Without that category, people would have a harder time coming together.

– Aren’t we united by human values?

– If that was the case I am sure humanity won’t be in this big of a crisis currently. Earth is entering into its fifth cycle of existence, such modifications happened before. Earth gets reorganized, poles change from plus to minus and from minus to plus. This happens every four thousand years.

– And everything is going to end badly?

– And it’s good now?

– Its comfortable.

– What do you consider comfort to be? How can so little emotions, one or two, have a stimulating effect on anything… Is every human so poor? We can count them on fingers, what is good for us, but we are much richer and much more interesting! I am not explaining you morality and basics of the future man. Evaluation of same values will take on a different form, more intellectual and understandable.

– What other characteristics will decorate people in the future?

– Humankind is very young. If we would look at the whole lifetime of humanity it is around sixteen or seventeen years old. Humankind played in the streets, and now it’s in the transitioning period, it achieved technology, computers. In the next evolution, that just began and won’t end tomorrow, humanity will start to learn more about itself. I am not talking about physiology. How is all that working? You have seventy-five billion cells, and every cell is a living organism. You are the product of those cells. Just imagine everything that is going on there…

– So you are saying a human being is a smaller model of the Universe?

– You said it correctly – but he doesn’t know anything of it. What is hope, where is it? You have a brain, but do you truly know how to use it? Will somebody teach you that? Structures of today are closed to consciousness.  If a sixteen year old is teasing you with his “I will – I won’t”, he will make chaos. As such, the system is protecting itself from you.  In fact, when the maturing is over, it can move on to another phase. Many values will be changed. Love will remain love, but the understanding of love will change.

Miracles happen every day

– You said that it was possible to reprogram destiny?

– Reprogramming sounds a bit rough, maybe it’s better to say – to deal with. I will tell you about one case. One famous man was in a coma, hooked up on apertures, he had cancer with metastasis, and everyone just waited for him to die. In the last moment his daughter called me. Hands could do nothing; resources didn’t exist for such work. You need a very delicate work. I came to see if I could do something about it. I looked and told his daughter that there is ninety five percent chances that I can’t do anything about it – for her to think about throwing her money away. She said that she does everything for her soul and that is why it makes sense. If something happens it will be a miracle. I went to the hotel and asked her to call me – I expected her to call me and tell me “Dad is dead”, that would be realistic. She called me and said, “Dad didn’t die”, he came out of the coma. That was incredible! He told this to his daughter: “You know, a young man saved me, the one that came with you yesterday. I entered a tunnel and he pulled me by my arm and said – it is not your time.” There are powerful resources inside a man. Miracles happen every day.

– You help everyone?

– Of course not. Not all people that think they need help deserve it. I currently don’t do that. But, for example, a sixteen-year-old child gets cancer and is dying. Parents – mother, literally beaten up and a father, alcoholic that beats mother all the time – those are the conditions this child is growing up in. If I save that child, father will still continue to do what he does, and she won’t leave him for the child, especially since in two years time the diagnose will come back. Conditions won’t change. There are a million of such cases, sometimes I want to get involved, but I get nowhere because it’s senseless. I just apologize and say that it’s impossible.

Source: “CaravanKZ – Ощущение свободы зависит от величины клетки”, 2011 December

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