Healing with energy

Ruben comes from an old and prominent family whose origin dates back to tsar Papa in seventh century. He lives in Holland but he can very often be seen in Serbia. He studied architecture, fine arts, economics and medicine and he combined all that knowledge with his natural gift in the area of parapsychology. His qualities made him eligible an counselor of famous politicians and worldly economists.

“You can find protocol module in Holland which creates an image of organized life so esotery is not of interest there. On the other hand Serbia is full of esoteric charge so there is a lot of interest and people here understand it. What you don’t know is that Slovenia is more open toward parapsychology by about thirty percent in comparison to Serbia. Armenia is a strange closed space that is, on its own way, always cooking inside itself. Just the city of Yervan is two hundred and seventy years old and people there are open toward mysticism but still restrained”, said Ruben Papian about different relations of people toward parapsychology.

He claims that some ignorant and unqualified parapsychologists or practitioners of esotery can use placebo effect to affect people. If they manage to start up the defensive mechanisms of a human it can help him or her to regenerate but also, sadly, to destroy.

Wordly famous in the field of parapsychology Ruben Papian talks about the things that are above our knowledge

According to this man every human has three great enemies. “The first one is the past. People often live in the past and are not conscious of how life goes on and that today will become yesterday very soon. Second enemy is fear, or even better fear of fear. In such state tensions rise because of scenarios that never happened and will never happen. Third enemy are thoughts that I personally and visually compare with skewers – they need to be cooked for exactly 8 minutes but if you cook them for 6 they are rare and if you cook them for 10 they are toasted and in both cases they are not eatable.

It is believed that the more you think the smarter you get. Since it’s a product on it’s own, every human is obsessed with valuing his thoughts not thinking that the moment he says it someone else will also value it. I do believe though that egoism, if not pushed to the extreme, can be positive”, explains Ruben.

At his institutes in Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and Serbia, this parapsychologist is educating those interested in energy using methods that are already accepted as methodology of Ruben Papian. His courses also include training of the area of official medicine.

He is an expert that is extremely successful in dealing with energy, parapsychology, mental correction, communication, mental hygiene and is famous for combining official science with alternative, all in the goal of improving the quality of life and health of people. He founded the Golden Staircase school (“Zlatne Stepenice” ) where he teaches people to develop harmonically balanced personalities.  The concept in question is a developed complex of special exercises whose application allows quality realization of important mental functions, control of sense sensitivities, better concentration and other elements that bring a person in balance with himself and his surroundings. This school is visited by the insecure, those who can’t distinguish truth from lie or need to learn how to rationally use energy.

“My institute has a school of energy therapy as well as a school of research of the dream system. As you all know if you want to get to some information on the Internet, like a general database, sometimes you need to have a password – similarly such passwords exist in the dream system. My courses are not similar to regular and often boring teachings in other schools”, claims this parapsychologist.

About his invention – the pyramid he says :”My pyramid is an “energy shower”. The first one was tested in Holland and thus, when the project succeeded there; I built one in Belgrade as well.  You sit in the pyramid up to fifteen minutes and in that time the organism releases piled stress and goes into energy balance, regenerates, speeds up circulation of blood, strengthens the natural immune system, thoughts go into focus and all that leads to rejuvenation”.

There is a great interest for Rubens teas. It’s a rich assortment of tea mixtures made by his specifications and under the control of one laboratory in Holland. They are controlling teas and ensuring that they are only using correct healing plants with high energy potential that can help in healing of many different illnesses. They also have the certificate of EU.

Ruben Papian reminded us that the potential of human brain is infinite. Just remember how many times you thought of someone and right at that moment the phone rang and on the other side of the line that exact person was there. Or how many times did you exactly dreamed what later on happened? Or how about when your child gets sick and all it takes for that to go away is a gentle word, touch or a kiss?

Source: “Lepota i zdravlje – Lečenje pomoću energije”, 2007 June, Serbia

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