Miracles do still exist

In Belgrade he gets carried around like a king; his magic, paranormal powers are being admired, but also feared. Over fifteen years ago Ruben already helped Russian leaders when they were on a lockdown mentally as well as physically. He is also the genius behind the sensational masterpiece that will soon be raised in Haarlemmermeer. An enormous pyramid that will flood visitors with strong enlightened energy. ‘ I am considered as a kind of Rasputin? Haha, you can call me that if you want. When I was a little boy people sometimes talked about ‘that small Rasputin’ and pointed at me…’

Ruben Papian already lives a number of years in the Netherlands. Just like the legendary monk from the palace of Nicolas II, Ruben Papian also originates from Russia, Armenia to be precise. In former Yugoslavia his name has been carried around with a lot of respect ever since he performed successful treatments on the grandchild of the Yugoslavian ambassador in 1988. He is a much sought for guest in a lot television shows. Week after week he flies through Europe to make peoples pain bearable, or even take the pain away. He just came back from a trip to Belgrade, where he treated seventy patients. Next week he is going to Slovenia, where the people are anxiously waiting. ‘What it is that I exactly do? The only thing I do is give people new energy. Everything in our life surely has to do with energy. If the energy roads in our body are blocked, we do not function properly.  I search for what causes the energy roads to block and then unblock them.


At the spot where there once was an art piece, on top of an artificial hill of the former Floriade terrain, an Cheops like edifice will arise. The form of the edifice is not chosen by accident. Pyramids are related to energy. Scientists and never quitting researchers such as Erich von Daenicken have written hundreds of books about the mysterious powers of the pyramids. There are even claims that pyramids have been build according to the pattern of the mysterious galaxy Sirius.

Power station 

Ruben Papian claims the pyramid is no longer a secret to him. ‘Before we launched the project in the Netherlands, we first build a test pyramid of four meters high and thereafter let a hundred people spend a short amount of time in it, about fifteen minutes. Everyone was very surprised about the fantastic results. I however, was surprised by how surprised the participants were. About 80% of the participants had a very positive experience. Before we even did the test, I was convinced that energy within a pyramid has a very good influence on our whole system, and thus on our wellbeing. Pyramids are pure power stations, sources of energy that recharge us, that can take away ailments.


‘Do not forget’, Papian continues, ‘you have energy and energy. Not all energy is good for mankind. The trick is to guide certain energy frequencies that are good for a human.  Therefore there are, in the pyramid that will be built, four metal antennas.  With help of these antennas, the most suitable energy forms are being collected and led to four big marble spheres. The spheres, which are installed in a pool, have a diameter of about one and a half meter. The marble balls recharge themselves with energy and afterwards deliver it to the water. When the water is saturated, it again radiates energy, twenty-four hours long, Day in day out. You can call it an energy shower, positive energy for body and soul’.  About the success of the project, which will cost a few million, Papian is not worried. ‘I know there is an ever growing interest of mankind for these kind of spiritual affairs. If you ask me, the time is right. In these times of doubt and uncertainty, you need that extra power, the power and energy of the pyramid. A wisdom that has been around for thousands of years.


The Dutch pyramid in Haarlemmermeer is without doubt a world first, though builders better hurry if they really want worlds first. The Chinese rave about the plans of Papian and hope the can honor him with a visit. A pyramid like his would certainly fit into the gigantic futuristic park that is being build near Beijing. The park is planned to be finished in 2008. Maybe even with the Papians Pyramid!

Source: “MUST – Wonderen bestaan nog, Karel H. Hille” 2006 October

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