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Program for increasing personal effectiveness: what is it?

For what kind of a learning program that lasts for seven days are managers willing to pay 37.500 euros?

Spaceman, non-earthly man. That’s how Ruben Papian describes himself. He is a parapsychologist, healer and coach for managers. His field of work is wide and comprehensive. While we talk about it, it’s like images rotate in a circle on a star background behind him. Impressive, but not really practical, because if you want to read this text, you need a little patience and a steady hand. In an interview Ruben Papian leaves completely ‘natural’ impression. I did not need a striking proof to notice his extrasensory ability – although, of course, all people are trying to get a proof from him. Clearly, we all need it. That’s the way we are, we Earthlings. He says. “I do not work in the circus, that’s not my job.” However, just to make me happy (“If you want to see the show”) he taught me how to see the aura. I do not know if I should be proud of myself – this is a fact that removes the suspicion that it was all just an optical illusion… We spoke in November, when he arrived in Ljubljana, at the invitation of the director of a large company. He didn’t mention by himself, however, that in Slovenia he has already worked with some people in business and politics. Papian, who became a famous healer about a quarter of a century ago, also has 15 years of experience with counseling and coaching. It’s main program is the so called Personal performances upgrade program.

We can safely say that for this individual learning program, which usually lasts for only seven days, you need 37,500 euros, plus additional costs. “This is the most expensive program in the world,” he said confidently, “But it’s efficient.”

From Moscow through Belgrade to Holland

Ruben Papian was born in Yerevan, Armenia. As stated in his biography, his parents are architects, and he studied medicine, architecture and psychology. He says that he started showing signs of unusual abilities as a child, for example, he could see the condition of the internal organs and predict certain events, “Do not assume that I foresaw major world events as a kid,” he says, “these were small things: where the elevator will stop, what number will be drawn in the lottery and so on.” He also studied and developed his skills. When he was 26, he started working as a energy therapist in the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the time of Gorbachev, when the Minister of  Foreign Affairs was Eduard Shevardnadze. He also cured a 13-year old granddaughter of a Yugoslav diplomat, and that went very successful, so he got invited to Belgrade. After living in the closed Soviet system, in Belgrade, as he says, he finally got some fresh air. He drew a lot of attention to himself, many people came to see him. In Belgrade he remained until 1994, and during those four years, he had treated more than 5,000 people. Then a new opportunity was offered to him. Occasionally, he was met with a Serbian lawyer who worked in Vienna and was very interested in parapsychological questions. When they talked about the Dutch queen (“I did not know anything about her, back then I barely knew that the Dutch queen exsists.”) Papian said that she suffers from an illness. Apparently the lawyer mentioned it to a Dutch diplomat, who passed it on to the Queen. It lead to the Queen of the Netherlands inviting Papian to Holland. Before that, he sent them some of his plans – at that time he was designing a Method of mental correction. Two weeks later, he received the invitation of Dutch Minister of Culture concerning Program of skills development of gifted children. “I was 32, I had no experience in education, I only spoke Armenian, Russian and Serbian. Minister has proposed to set up an experimental school in which they would test this methodology. Netherlands has opened wide doors for me when it was stated to the Ministry of Justice that the arrival of Mr. Papiano (then they called me Mr., never before that, notes Papian with a smile) contributes to the development of culture.”
And so, together with his family he moved to the Netherlands, where he lives today.

After Papian’s talks with the Dutch, many became interested in his methods in all spheres, as well as in the business world. The interest of energy company Shell woke his study on the effectiveness of the use of brain potentials in the negotiations. “It was a small study on how to think. I talked for several hours with their management, and they hired me. I lacked experience in this field, I had no knowledge of the language, and with “home made” methodology I became a coach in mangement” said Papian. After six months of training top management, he started to take part in the negotiations when he reached an impasse. “For three years, I’ve learned a lot. I teached them and I learned from them about the job,” said Papian. During this time, he says, he has developed a Methodology for increasing personal effectiveness in management.

Program for increasing personal effectiveness: what is it?

Papian first explained what was necessary: ​​”When the potential of the system exceeds the capacity of a person in the highest position, it becomes a hindrance, because the system can not be bypassed. Even huge companies can easily collapse. Managers, if they are reasonable people, they see it, but the problem can not be solved. They want to continue with the growth of the system, but they know that it couldn’t be possible even if they worked 24 hours a day. So what should you do when it’s not going well anymore? You should increase your capabilities. Human possibilities are much greater than those we use. But how to transform a computer in their head from Windows 95 to Windows Vista?” Papian said that his students learn how to see better, hear better, how to make better use of all the senses. Human possibility of perception is great, but they do not know how to accept all these feelings. When you learn how to accept these information, you actually learn how to think better. “If a human asks himself what is right and what is wrong, that’s the wrong way of thinking. Thinking gets more complicated. During the third phase, they learn how to produce thoughts, ideas, and explain them to others in an appropriate manner.”

He takes a piece of paper and draws. A sea of information, in the middle of it a tower, and a man on it. Man sees what his eyes can see, that’s the reality as we see it. However, the information is out of his field of vision. If you raise a higher tower, you will be able to see what is invisible to others. Does he turns managers that he teaches into some sort of parapsychologists? “In your world everything is parapsychology. In ours it’s not. They just become better people.” he explains. His program lasts for seven days. And no longer than three hours a day. “And three hours is a lot. People think too much. They think that the more they analyze the problem, the better. Wrong. It’s like making barbecue. If you bake for three minutes, it’s still raw, if you bake for seven minutes, it’s too much. Thoughts are the same. Factory in your head works very well by itself. You have to learn how to not block it and how to give her what it needs. You have to learn how to change managers in your factory.”

Ruben Papian about the inevitability of accidents

Dutch company Stork’s hired Ruben Papian 15 years ago, after several hours of conversation with him, even though he previously had no experience in advising companies. How did you persuade them?

“We talked about the challenging issues they knew little about, but that they were very interested in. For example I explained the organization of chaos to them. We talked about the coincidence of the structure. I explained to them that coincidence is a matter of human perception. Then one of the managers said: “Tomorrow I’ll fly to Germany, it’s about a very important project. I have traveled many times. What coincidence could prevent me from doing that? “I told him that it could only be the simplest coincidence: “You will lose your passport.” It seemed impossible to him. Then he drove home, about 100 miles away. In the morning, he called me in a shock and told me: “I lost my passport.”
– Did you program him to lose his passport? “I did not. Maybe I knew something, that’s something else. No, it is much more subtle, nothing should be changed. If you know the system and you place right thing in the right place, everything just happens by itself.”
– I do not think you’ve hypnotized him or something, but after that, you’re saying that he simply couldn’t do anything else other than losing his passport. “Exactly, that’s what I explained. I do not even know how it works exactly. I told him, you did not lose your passport, you forgot it in your jacket at my place. And that led to everything else. I programmed nothing. People think they have their system under control. Absolutely not. When you watch a movie it’s not real, and your perception is made in a way that each one of us looks at the movie differently. Hundred of spectators means hundred perceptions. And what is real? Well, the film is not.”

The healing pyramid

Ruben Papian is constantly learning, and is particularly interested in energy flows. In Belgrade there is an Institute for Esotericism and Parapsychology, where he teaches these skills to other people, and also engages in research. He investigates, for example, is it possible to use certain codes to enter into certain state of sleep, if it’s possible to design an image of certain emotions using a computer and reach those emotions through it and similar things. One of his main projects is a pyramid, designed to make the healing energy flows. The pyramid is also patented. A smaller version of it is already been made, and Papian says he wants to build one in the Netherlands, in one of their parks. Investors were interested in it, says Papian, but the country could not agree on the size of the pyramid and in which park should it should be built. And so that project got stuck, while he develops new, similar projects. Let us mention Healing Room which could be built in any house and be set according to the individual biological frequency of the people living in it. Now he is thinking forward: how to get these natural energy flows in a larger space, large enough to build a resort. He says everything is calculated: where the pyramid should be positioned, how antennas should stand, what kind of spiral should be put underground… Also what kind of a show would cause the appearance of this place: almost like a solar system formation.

Source: “Manager – Ruben Papian – parpsihološki coach, Cajnko Javornik”, 2006 January, Slovenia

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