How to reprogram disease and other problems?

-Ruben, how does a parapsychologist work?

-Human mind caries within himself a colossal number of information (in this moment, the brain in each of us gets information about millions of processes that are happening in the world, but the consciousness doesn’t register all of that so that the panic doesn’t precipitate in a human). If only even a part of information for the brain is destructive, problems start – with health, in a family, at work, in relations. I, as a parapsychologist (but more as a para-scientist) own the possibility to literally go into the human’s mind, “adjust to his frequencies” and clean it from a destroying information.

Today we have with us Ruben Papian – remarkable explorer of the human mind, specialist in the area of parapsychology and esotery, that helps hundreds  of people all over the world. 

-In what sort of situations people come to seek help from you?

-To me, people come with all sort of problems that are already so complex, that help is almost impossible. Now I am talking about the pre-mortal situations. Occasionally,  I have to fly to different places around the world and you can say, in the exactly the same sense of a word – I save people. For example, a month ago they asked me to urgently come to Europe to see a nineteen year old boy that fell of a tree. The child hit his head on the asphalt, got a huge hematoma and fell into a coma. He had 10% chance to live, and even that for him would be a surprise: reserves in his organism were practically none. I started with mental work: carefully I entered the mind of this boy to activate hidden powers of organism and mobilized them for struggle for life. After that treatment I flew back. A miracle has happened: after two days a patients reflexes recovered, on a third day he got out of a coma. After six weeks, mother with her son came into my office – before me, I saw a regular, healthy boy.

-This is just breath taking… How is something like that even possible?

-I’ll explain. Let’s take a phone conversation for example. How does that happen. The parameters of one device are being connected with parameters of the other – and that’s the whole secret of phone conversation. With the brain it is totally the same and my brain owns the unique ability to adapt, to adjust to another brain. But, I have a moral codex and according to it I never go into some head, unless they asked me to. If they ask me, I start treatment and diagnose. If I find a disease, ill organ, right after seven treatments a healing process starts – it mustn’t be faster then that, because the ill organ can not hold on a pressure like that.

If it’s not a disease, but a person is simply stuck at some point of his life, to return informational balance, just one treatment is enough. And after that, a life of a patient improves rapidly.

-Of course, not everyone has that strength…

-You are wrong. Absolutely every human can develop that possibilities within himself, in my institute people train specially for that. But, the truth is, not everyone is given the right to become aware of those possibilities. Even among those who study esotery and para-perception, only a few will show amazing results. Thousands of people learn how to play violin, but Paganini is still only one in the history.

2008, Los Angeles


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