I have charisma, that is for sure

Ruben Papian - Imam harizmu to je izvesno

Ruben Papian, man that deals with death. He claims that his strength comes not from paranormal possibilities but rather his knowledge about human beings: ”Core of my work is an answer on the question how does a world you can’t touch function? To follow that path you have to be normal. A lot of people following this path went insane, some count that God has nothing to do but watch them, others deformed their minds and went into arrogance and superiority… Some went into the direction of fame and money.”

Ruben Papian, man that deals with death

I have charisma, that is for sure

With twenty-six he became an extrasens of Ministry of External Affairs in SSSR. Three years he was training selected directors in oil company Shell how to negotiate. Unusual biography of forty six year old Armenian from Yerevan made one Hollywood producer interested in making a movie about him, and Jonny Depp would play him

Because of his special abilities and skills some see him as a god, others as a devil. For some he is salt, for others chocolate. In Europe, and now in America as well, he helped many people to get over their numerous issues, be it health, psychical or business like. Some call him a practitioner of esotery, some call him mage, but he replies to all that that he is just using natural processes. When he told me how he saved a father of one famous Slovenian actress from dying – by “entering” his head and curing cancer – I asked how and he responded: “Don’t ask how, its like going to the internet.”

His definition of abilities he possesses, and they are parapsychological, is as follows: “I have charisma, that is for sure. I used her thanks to the knowledge I possess. It’s no mystery that my knowledge comes from learning every day and seeing something new. I have a heightened ego, as a protection system and protection of my immune system and I am emotionally, psychically and physically stable.”

Who is, actually, Ruben Papian? Papians have a rich heritage all the way to seventh century and tsar Papa, and this “ian” means affiliation. Like someone here who is Popov. Rubens uncle is world wide famous violinist that lives in America, brother of his grandfather was the president of Armenia and close to Stalin… But, as Ruben says, “nobody dealt with something similar as I did.”

He was born in Yerevan, capital of Armenia in ninety sixty-two in a family of architects. It was expected of him to follow in his fathers steps even though as a young man he had a great talent in painting and his work was even showcased in some successful exhibitions.

“Nothing came out of me as an architect. I did get education but I wasn’t interested in it and therefore I didn’t work on it. In my youth I was also a musician, pretty good and famous one in Armenia, I had my band, I sang, arranged… But that wasn’t in my long lasting choice either.”

As a boy he thought he had a very developed intuition because he could say “that and that will happen” and that would later on happen. In twenty years, as a musician, he realized that he sees the world differently from others. He couldn’t explain it but eventually it came out of him: ”My mother got sick and when I came home I saw an unfamiliar man standing above her waving his hands around. For me it was a shock and I had my experience with paranormal up front and live. I started to study something that, at the time, was called energy therapy. I was advancing really quick because it was something I simply wanted to do. I was ready to go toward mysteries I found worthy of exploring.”

Several years later, more correctly in his twenty sixth year, he was so famous that he became extrases of Ministry of External Affairs of SSSR. Nobody asked him if he wanted to, back then it was considered normal for him to move to Moscow and start working there on his new position.

“It was treated as an alternative medicine. There were official doctors of classic medicine but there were services that I had to do directly along with others in my field of work. Juno, for example, was directly dealing with the family Gorbachov, I was closer to the Ministry. They didn’t talk about me or write about me and next to me was a man I knew nothing about.“

Ruben says that it would be too bold to say that he was healing people from the world of diplomacy but he helped them. Ambassadors and their families were asking for his services. That is how he met a high Yugoslav official and he called him for help in Belgrade in ninety eighty-five. It was for his official’s granddaughter.

“In 1989 I planned to move to America. Meanwhile, since the first time I came to Yugoslavia and in the next year and a half, I came here a total of five times. People started talking about me and I felt like being home here and I asked my wife why should we move to America when we are perfectly good here? And so we came to Belgrade. I was dealing with a hundred and fifty to two hundred people a day which was a lot of people but results were good which is what kept me going on and it even allowed me to become better at my work.”

He claims that his strength comes not from paranormal abilities but rather his knowledge about human beings as well as physics, medicine, chemistry, astrophysics… All of which he categorizes as esotery. There are no exact laws there and nothing to grab onto but: ”Core of my work is an answer on the question how does a world you can’t touch function? To follow that path you have to be normal. A lot of people following this path went insane, some count that God has nothing to do but watch them, others deformed their minds and went into arrogance and superiority… Some went into the direction of fame and money.”

Ruben thinks that what kept him in check is the old Armenian gene, good origin in terms of blood heritage. He defines himself as parascientist, because he is not satisfied only with results, but also answers to numerous questions concerning psychological functioning. From ninety-ninety to ninety ninety-four he made a research center in Belgrade from which he pulled his knowledge: ”I came to the conclusion that key processes in human body happen in his head, rather than his organs. I tested it first on myself and modified and tuned myself like a clock. As such I discovered new things about my personality and myself. That is how I came to the method of mental correction and communication.”

For four years hе was infiltrated in all layers of social layers of former countries that were together under Yugoslav banner. Like that he experienced numerous strange events and met a lot of different people. “I met one lawyer that came from Vienna to talk with me. He knew how to ask the stupidest questions ever but somehow we ended on the topic of Holland queen. I never saw neither her nor her husband in my life but I felt that the problem is connected to her husband or rather his illnesses. Don’t be surprised, when you are young and go out of Soviet Union, mostly you know about Brezhnev and Brezhnev. And I told him that problem is not about the queen, but her husband. He is ill from that and that.”

Lawyer eventually told diagnose to the Holland ambassador and after a month he invited Ruben over for dinner and told him that in the embassy of Holland in Belgrade is a letter from a queen to ambassador:
“Before that, ambassador wrote a letter to the queen telling her that there is a guy in Belgrade running on the streets telling people about problems in her family. She asked to meet the gentleman and so I became a gentleman.  At the time I was thirty-one.”

Ruben, even then, had finished written works of his that followed his research on the potentials of human brain. These works, through Holland ambassador and several other people, made their way into the Holland government. Eventually Ruben was called to come into the Holland Ministry of culture:“What they called me about was a segment from my work that was called “Theory and methodology of finding and speeding up development of talented kids”. They were really interested in the concept and made a suggestion to create experimental school to test my methodology.”

And thus Ruben along with his family went to Amsterdam where he officially lives (with his wife Natasha he has a son and daughter and since recently he became a grandfather). A new chapter began in his life: “I didn’t leave Belgrade because I wasn’t feeling good there. On the contrary, I love this country. This is my city. Even so, among the works that I sent to the Holland embassy, there was also one under the name of “Operative system of using brain potential – system of analysis, forming thoughts and system of correct negotiations in economy units”. An oil company Shell became interested in it and they called me. Men came and we talked about it and in true sense of the word they bought me. We signed a contract with very large numbers for me as a consultant and I started training their older buyers and managers. For three years I was absolutely with them and I consider that my utmost success. After all oil, nuclear and gas industry are vital industries in the world but also very closed to outsiders. Getting into them is hard on any level and further more I come from eastern countries without any reputation in such a world with my theory that wasn’t tested in field work.”

In a year Ruben trained seventy-six people in the company and results started pouring in. Six months later high management of Shell asked of him to train top directors as well and eventually he was asked to get involved in every document signing and making of hard decisions. He was not to be an expert but high consultant.

“You should see those dumb European industrialists. Pathology. I came out of the closed club of European industrials because of all the stupidity going on in there. Such people don’t need me because they don’t understand me. The industry of western countries is a mechanism; you don’t need to be smart there – in fact the stupider the better. Stupidity and money are core part of that mechanism. When it comes to the politics, that is where things are different. Politics is a game of chess that has its rules and tricks. That is why you need high intelligence to stay in the political game – you need to know hot to manipulate, you need to know how not to be manipulated, both in good and bad sense of both. Still, today we can see where a lot of politics turning into an industry of its own, where politicians are screws that are being produced to do their part. There is no need for mental creativity. I must say right away that this doesn’t work in the eastern countries. Russian politicians are very smart and they function on a very grand scale of autonomy, like a world on its own.“

Ruben Papian insists on knowledge, education and research. He developed his own methods in the area he is interested in and works with – bioenergy, esotery, magic… All of which are very effective in simulating a person. It is about harmonic exercises that change how biology works: “It’s about balance of emotional, physical, mental and energy state of personality that allows the person to works and functions on the best way possible. My patents help there, all six of them that I developed and protected in Holland. I could say it’s about a certain “energy shower” and other instruments that I use to help my clients.”

Recently Ruben came from America. It was his third time to go on that continent – and also the most interesting one. He went to see his friend and Armenians that live in L.A. where he was taken to see a true Hollywood movie set. He met a director there that became interested in esotery and asked Ruben to tell him a little more about it. Rubin did just that and the producer was amazed and proposed to make a movie about Rubens biography. Very soon it was announced that they are considering Jonny Depp to play the protagonist, Ruben himself.

Source: “NIN – Imam harizmu, to je izvesno”, 2008 May

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