Sex is absolutely important for brain functioning

Sex is extremely important for brain functioning. I can say that it is the exact reason why the concept is much more appealing to human than animals, where such actions are mostly for reproduction functionalities. Hormones that activate during sexual relation are like food for the brain. I talked about three different areas out of which every one is important for a happy and successful life. Barely anyone manages to align that well with his partner, to have everything in one package.

He – Ruben Papian, healer

Born in Armenia, lives in the Netherlands but works around the world. His method of mental hygiene teaches people how to better handle their brains, thoughts and emotions that can be carriers of diseases or pose obstacles in our development. He teaches us the importance of energy and information. He claims that every human is a mage. His bond with Slovenia is traditional, and he has a lot of patients and a handful of students here.

– What kind of skills are required to have to be successful in esotery? How many people are there like you?

– Certain skills are required for everything a human does. Without them there are no real results. But they are just the basis, it’s a condition of entry after which a lot more work follows. More so, I claim that it takes a lot more talent to play a violin then for doing esotery. Playing the violin is not a natural human deed; esotery is a part of us. Its using earthly and cosmic powers of nature, but without knowledge and practice it doesn’t exist.

A lot of people can play the violin, but there is not a lot of true virtuosos. There are even less people that deal with esotery, that magical job, and even less that do it like me. We could count them on the fingers of one hand. My knowledge is a result of over 20 years of work. Studying and research are not supposed to stop – ever. It’s a hard job! I choose the hardest way like some extreme mountain climber in the field of esotery. That impassable, insurmountable and invincible – that is a true direction for me.

– You work in several different areas, from healing to increasing brain abilities. How do you do that?

– It’s always about the brain. That is where the key information is processed. My system enables people to learn how to work with their thoughts, with their energy, emotions. They react to social environment, awaken perception, our senses, and on that basis the brain should choose real information from given circumstances.

On average an individual develops ten types of emotions, though not equally. To understand fully, you need to develop hundreds of emotions. Because of lack of care and routines, life can’t develop these possibilities – it is necessary for these barriers that prevent clear perception and research to be removed. The point is to harmonize the personality, for it not to be static, to spirally change, increase, improve.

– You say that people get ill by repeating thoughts, especially the negatively oriented ones.

– Ill thought – ill body. If someone awakens a painful memory, he would be hurt on physical level. Lets see, what is a negative emotion. Every emotion, including love, can be positive or negative, because each represents an information that our brain processes. Emotions will therefore be in optimal frequencies.

For example Mozart music is soothing and relaxing, if you listen to it in certain volume. If you set the volume to maximum, it will become unbearable, devastating. We won’t get anything pretty like that.

– You don’t have anything nice to say about compassion?

– Because I don’t see anything in grief in two. How lesser will the sorrow of one human be lesser when another human is sorrowing with him, and the problem looses its personal seal? Relations need to be cleaner. Everyone should give as much as they take and not damage the relation. Therefore we must allow flexibility in thinking to allow ourselves to change. Its all for healthy thinking which is also a good prevention against all kinds of illnesses.

– Why do your ten rules of communication, especially in practice, sound selfish?

– It is very important for us to communicate with our surroundings, to not needlessly strain our and others minds and emotions. As an example lets take someone who asked you for an advice. At first glance this requires from a well disciplined human a hastily reaction and dedication to that human.

But wait! You need to think about why is that human waiting for your advice, does he need it and is that really what he is interested in, is he willing to accept your opinion – why did he even came to you? If someone opens his soul to you that doesn’t mean that you should open yours to him, nor that he fully trusts you. But, should you accept the “offer”, then its your duty to play fair and until the end.

– So, questions should be asked when relation is already lasting?

– Exactly. Selfishness is not a bad thing, if there are no personal connections. From there people should follow ethics and their personal norms, they implement into his soul and high command. Outside morals come from social climate, economy, politics, interests – and personal morals are our right. They are like an inner police that we have to have and respect, if we want ourselves good.

– How do you cure?

– I fix damaged systems, like programmer for computers. In my work I cooperate with official medicine. First goes an examination where I gather information about a problem – first how a patient sees and feels it, and then how it really is. Sometimes the problem is somewhere entirely different, in comparison to where a man thing it is. I can easily see, hear and feel problems.

Eventually I evaluate how much I can help and what is the situation. I start the process of correction and the person gets better. But that is only the part of the story. Patient still has to consciously change his thinking that led to these fatal mistakes that caused his illness. It happened that some people were so self-programmed toward death that it was horribly hard dealing with resurrection of their health. It sounds weird but sometimes it is easier to die then to refocus on new life. People are often stuck with practices they are used to, even if they are bad and destructive.

– Do you, during your examinations, often use and consume water? Does it have some special meaning in esotery?

– All natural elements have a meaning in esotery. Since water is a dominant element on Earth and it can be found in every living being, it’s a very important element in esotery as well. Empty space, vacuum, that doesn’t belong in esotery. Every frequency of water changes its quality and sound. Water is adapting to signals that remain after certain events.

Simply put, pictures are formed, a movie, that can be seen and understood by those who can read them. Inside every human being there is 80 percent of water, and there are prints of changes and events. Those prints are like our copies of movies about specific events, but not events themselves. That is where a special ratio of time and space beings. All this starts to sound like science fiction.

– What you do can easily be called magic. You worked, on that basis, with companies, managers and politicians.

– Those were skills that are necessary to all of them and are asked for. No matter where you are, Slovenia, Holland, Russia, England, in short – everywhere. Strength of natural resources in humongous, knowledge about them is limited. There are several people who can handle these processes. Magic is nothing else but a system of strength distribution and enduring such actions.

This is not just a human energy, but also cosmic. Today, the concept of magic is hardly identified because we live in a world of energetic conflicts. Think about restoration of quality of water, food and atmosphere. Knowing the uses of these energies is part in genetic code of individuals and part in studying of old scriptures when Wiseman were in capabilities to live in narrow harmony with natural forces. That is why we have to go back to the source of power and wisdom. Were they conscious about it, are we all that are involved in such a proves? Those people carry large responsibility.

– Quality of life also lies in intimate emotional experiences, empathy and kindness. How to reflect those abilities?

– Allow me to begin with kindness. People are usually kind when they feel fine and are as happy as you are. There is nothing bad in that, but it has a different sense. Something completely different, and more important, is being humane. Sometimes you need courage, judgment and decisions. In terms of humanity, maturity of people is recognized, not kindness that is personal value and pleasure.

Happiness and pleasure are, of course, very important, but for that you need partners, family and local environment. And all of them have to work like an orchestra, where ever instrument plays its own thing but somehow it’s all in harmony and same tone. Happiness is having a handful of people around you that act like that on life.

Love has a powerful meaning, but with a large condition. That is not a restaurant where you take and give, it’s a much more subtle event, harmonically aligned, for what you need a large effort. True love grows slowly, you need a very enlightened stance that changes and complements both partners. Everyone who can achieve such love, knows how powerful it is.

And finally, a word about sex. It is extremely important for brain functioning. I can say that it is the exact reason why the concept is much more appealing to man than animals, where such actions are mostly for reproduction functionalities. Hormones that activate during sexual relation are like food for brain. I talked about three different areas out of which every one is important for happy and successful life. Barely anyone manages to align that well with his partner, to have everything in one package.

Source: “Ona – Seks je izjemno pomemben za možgansko delovanje, Lidija Jež” 2005 June, Slovenia

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