It’s not fog, it’s white mage

With practical implementation of thoughts action on functions in “human’s head”, many diseases and disorders can be healed, and it also stimulates the intellect.

Mental correction and communication center “Ruben Papian”

It’s not a fog, it’s a white mage

Mental correction and communication center “Ruben Papian”, recently founded in Belgrade, is an institution of unusual orientation and work program. It is not an health-medical, psychiatric, social, pedagogical advisory or religious institution. This institution has a serious marketing approach in offering their services of fixing and  perfecting peoples mental abilities. That means stimulation of mental development, improvement of intelectual condition, thinking ability, habit correction and even cotrol of body weight.

It’s sufficient to say that activities we just mentioned meet with distrust and skepticism every time. But that can hardly reduce the proof that “all the founding documents are in order” or a calm note from the founder that “this isn’t a place where they sell fog, but also isn’t a place that has direct connection to the alternative”

“The explanation is in application of special method” – says the founder of the Center, Mr. Ruben Papian, inventor and demonstator of a method of mind gymnastics that he calls the method of mental correction and communication.

According to definition of unusual and new technique of “brain gymnastic” you can see that it’s about affecting functions of brain with your mind, that is, affecting one brain with another!

“When it comes to healing for example”, Ruben tells us, “you should know how to trigger the process of self healing. The problem or disease occurs when brain starts making mistakes and that can’t be fixed so easily. I talked about that in my courses in Moscow and Budapest and now in my Center in Belgrade too. It’s not about God’s gift, it can all be learned but it takes a lot of time and effort. Mistification isn’t included in it.

That means, there is no mystification and everything is translatable to the language of rational explanation (the only thing missing is that little secret piece about the way of triggering the process, that Mr. Papian doesn’t want to reveal). The spectrum of services that this firm of special sort of brain engineering offers to Yugoslavs (and to foreigners too, according to what we found out) is more than unusual. Beside other things, some of the services that “Ruben Papian” center offers are mental analysis of the work quality in a company, marketing and business organization, courses for children and grown ups in applying MCC methods…

“It’s interesting”, he says, “how we had to adjust the name of our method when we presented ourselves to the West soon as correction associates with mental diseases in English language so it’s undesirable in marketing, even though we worked with some Italian, German and Australian firms already.”

Papain came to Belgrade (after living in Yerevan, Moscow and Budapest) two years ago. In the past few months, he successfully treated more than 2000 patients. In “Sava” center he held couple of successful MMK courses. It is said that he is an incredibly powerful white mage that has been hidden inside the circles of Belgrade’s high society, all because of his special abilities.

1994, Belgrade

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