Ruben Papian – Miracle maker that solves unsolvable problems and saves human lives

“I am one crazy guy who makes deals with death”

Extreme stability of personality, deep dark eyes, strong energy that he emits and catchy smile are first impressions of our reporter about Ruben Papian, mage well known world wide, born 38 years ago in Armenia. With his family today he lives in Amsterdam, but his home is, as he claims, the whole world, because he spends more time in airplains and on roadtrips than at home.

Serbian language, that he learned more than ten years ago during his 4 years long stay in Belgrade, is just one of five that he speaks fluently.

He belongs to many proffesions: from nuclear industry, management, IT, TV talk shows, financial constructions and transactions, to tea productions, alternative medicine and alternative science. Alternative is the smallest source of his incomes. He is the advisor of few powerful corporations, located in many countries world wide.

-Are you practicing alternative methods of healing just to prove that conventional medicine isn’t always right?

-Absolutely not. I’m having a great collaboration with conventional doctors. I’m not an alternative man, I would rather call myself a scientist that goes along with the science, but can’t stay inside its borders, because the spectrum of my knowledge is wider than that. Scientific organizations are ready to cooperate only when they see that someone can represent in their own language what that science considers to be alternative or supernatural processes. Healing is only one part of that.

-Can I call you a healer then?

-Don’t, because I’m not a healer in it’s classical form. It’s would be easier for you to only say that I’m one crazy guy who makes wonders. I solve problems. Often health problems aren’t caused by anything inside our organism, but by something else in our personality spectrum, like social environment, education system, communication… In those cases, no matter how much you treat it, you can’t solve it just like that.

-How do you diagnose the problem?

-When I first meet my patient, I listen to the vision of the problem. That’s very important, because I have to get to know the reality of the problem and how the patient sees it too. Those two are often very different. Third factor for me are diagnostics and analysis of conventional medicine.  After that I compare the picture that I see, literally, with it, up to last cell that I’m interested in.

-Isn’t that a scanning ability?

-It is even more than scanning or magnetic resonance can show you. You don’t have to see the problem, you can hear it or smell it. Those are very well developed perception abilities that help me detect problems in any area. I compare the way I see it with the opinion of conventional doctor and with the vision that patient has of his problem. Based on that I create my own system and find a way to help him.

-What systems do you use?

-I use my own brain constructions. I own operative analysis system, constructive memory, operative memory… I start to make optimal system in my head, the most adequate one for every case individually. It’s not only about that. Every diagnosis has other image when it comes to people. When you do a energy therapy diagnosis with your hands, you can feel the changes. But you can also feel a change when you give 1000$ to that man. Just waving your hands during the treatment is not a sign of quality or warranty of success. It’s important how long  you wave and with what intensity, the schedule matters and over what body parts do you position your hands.

-What kind of cases do you deal with when it comes to health problems?

-Those who have nowhere else to go come to me. I am their last hope. The most important thing that helps me get results is knowing of my “machine”. If there is even a segment of myself that I can’t control, I won’t be able to control it when it comes to someone else either. Knowing and controlling yourself are basic terms for  success.

-Does that means you treat only the hopeless ones?

-I deal with hardest cases, but not quantitatively. That means that, if there is such a case in one country, or maybe two similar cases, and they engage me, I fly there only because of them. That has it’s value in time and finances. I don’t want to make my brain hyperactive. My machine mustn’t be overburdened in any way so it could dedicate it completely to the problem it has to solve. Only that way I can get the best effects.

-Can you tell us how do you manage that?

-First thing I do in that type of situation is “entering” a person and calculating the position of the death trigger, that is, what functions are disabled. Not a lot of people know that inside our brain there is a center where death process is being formed, that is, transformation from living to non-living matter. My task is to calculate those parameters, decide which ones are the most important and see if I can do something to change them.

-Can you give me an example?

-Lately I’ve been working on a lot of cancer cases. For example, doctors have told a 75 year old man that he has two more days to live. I fly to Sweden, I see the situation, the person already smells like death. Doctors diagnosed gizzard cancer with metastasis on other organs. I saw that two or three parameters of death haven’t yet triggered. I make a calculation, like a computer, to find a way I can help. People think it’s a miracle. But it actually just happens in nature on the level of natural processes, not on a conscious level. My work is short and sudden, as I call it, “linking” and “un-linking”, changing the parameters. Regeneration treatments come later, when it becomes visible that death has been avoided.

Next morning, that man, who when I came couldn’t see or talk, was not only alive, but talking and moving his arms and legs. He told his family: “I was supposed to die last night and the man you brought to me saved me”. His son asked: “Dad why do you think so?”. He responded: “I saw our dead relatives, they were waiting for me, but that man didn’t let me go, he was with me and he brought me back to life, saying that my time hasn’t come yet.” That patient is not 100% healthy, it’s been only three months since we met, but he walks, talks, eats.. Doctors don’t comment on it, because they know Ruben did it.

-All religions tell us that it’s destined when do we come and go from this world, and you stopped that from happening in that case. How do you explain that?

-I don’t stop death, I make deals with it. For some that sounds like science or non-science fiction, but that’s how it is.

-Do you preform distant treatments?

-Everyday people from different countries that I work with call me. In fact, I’m tracking them. But I prefer that our first contact is face to face contact. Not because I don’t think I can work form far away without seeing my patient, but because I want to check up on myself, that person and diagnosis in person.

-Who are your most successful students?

-One of them is in Slovenia, one in USA and one in the Netherlands. In Yugoslavia I have three students that accomplished a lot, but they need more time to reach the highest level of healing and they are already studying for ten years.

About magic

-Do you consider yourself a mage?

-Yes, because magic is nothing other than using natural processes. In nature everything works fine. Cat comes home no matter where she finds herself. Isn’t that magic? Or small spider that heats water inside himself up to 100 ‘C. All those energy processes are magic. Magic is nothing other than a system of energy deployment and it’s time schedule. It’s not only biologic energy, but also cosmic, natural. And the knowledge that is used is a part of our genetic heritage or result of studying written on old records that were made long time ago by those who lived in nature and used to use it. Today it’s hard to define magic because we live in a world of energy conflicts, starting from quality of food and water to society environment.

Source: “Nedeljni Telegraf – Ruben Papian – Čudesni čovek koji rešava nerešive probleme”, 2001 March, Serbia

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