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On question how did he begin to enhance and upgrade esoteric science he said : “In my adolescence period I was enchanted with it and I had a contact with one alternative healer that helped me gain access to literature that fitted my methods of work. In time everything was clear to me and the list of people I could help became longer and longer with each passing day.

Ruben doesn’t like when people talk about him as a famous diagnostic, healer and esoteric – but it’s hard not to present him like that.

Ruben Papian was born 42 years ago in the Armenian city Yerevan where he lived and went to school. His heritage is that of tsar’s family, namely descendant of tsar Papa – therefore Papian. Ruben can commend his family heritage – grandfather who was government president and uncle who is a famous violinist. Recently he was in Serbia where he, averagely, comes every month or so and since he usually stays for a few days it was hard to catch up with him and get in contact.

As to what draws him to these corners of the world he says : “I am always delighted to come to Belgrade. I traveled the world and choose Holland to be my home but western Europe doesn’t have that spirit that walks the Balkan spaces, the one that is highly intriguing to me. Except emotions what binds me to your lands is my own research as well as medical plants that can only be found here. They have high energy potential and energy is the main component of my teas that already gained world fame. It is in general nice to be in a land of high energy surge.”

Our interlocutor speaks like a true cosmopolitan citizen and it’s hard to define all his skills and abilities as well as interests. If we would try, we could say about mister Papian that he is world famous diagnostic, healer, councilor, psychologist, diplomat, polyglot and maker of studies focused on mental correction and communication. A large list of things that characterize him should not be weird if we look at his studies that include psychology and architecture and his personal development with painting and music.

This is what he says about his early childhood where he found out about his esoteric abilities: “When I was seven I watched a movie about healers from the Philippines that could perform complex operations without a drop of blood shed. They fascinated me but I also felt closeness to them. I started to develop following their path and, unlike others, I could see how the organs and muscles work as well as the skeleton. Back then I didn’t have anyone to talk about the subject so people around me considered me weird.”

In time Papian learned a lot by making a compilation of things he discovered and, according to one London magazine, he became one of the most precise diagnostics. We came into possession of information that Ruben can also help with some forms of cancer by using both regular and alternative medicine traditions – both of which he follows and practices.

A large number of people asked Ruben for his help on numerous of issues and, as they put it, luck came to their doorstep. Such is the case of miss Milena Janković from Užice. This forty-eight-years old woman had four big fibroids on her uterus and she was preparing for a medical procedure. She was in big fear for the outcome so she turned to Ruben for help. After intense treatments, three out of four fibroids were removed but after a month break Ruben removed the last one as well. Among many others that mister Papian helped is also Anđelko Nikolić iz Beograda which talks about his life before he met Ruben :

Until three years ago I was suffering from addiction problems. Simply put I was an alcoholic. I tried to get rid of that evil but even in the center for addictive diseases they couldn’t help me. I was aware that I was in my third decade of life and going down the road of doom which is why I was skeptical when I heard about Ruben. Still I mustered enough strength to give it a go. I received help as soon as the first day I came to mister Ruben and the only question was how many treatments I would need. As it turns out I only needed one, the first one I went on and ever since then I led a healthy life with alcohol gone from my body and system.”

Teas that make life nicer and easier to live

On his path of development Ruben Papian managed to perfect his diagnostic system and then decided to use treasure around us in form of healing plants. Very soon they became a key ingredient in his magical teas that became famous over night. Currently he is making five of them. Let’s look at each of them. Grom secures energy potential that wakes up the organism and brings him to active state, improves circulation, fixes mood and removes fatigue. It also improves senses, concentration and memory which is why it is suggested to students, operators, administrative workers and the elderly.

About his second tea called Salsa, Ruben said : “Tea Salsa normalizes the metabolism, enhances work of endocrine glands, extracts toxins from the body and intestines and cleanses fat deposits in the body. It also extracts extra water from the body as well as swollen feet, hands and face. Its other powers also include lowering of the sugar  level in blood so it is suggested to diabetics as well. Further more it also gives good results in lowering the body weight. Of course all of this is achieved through completely healthy and natural means and ingredients that have no negative repercussions so they can be consumed by children, pregnant women…You need to consume it continuously for two to three months and then your problems will be swept away.”

Magos is a tea that works on the whole organism. It changes emotional and energetic state of the body from negative to positive. It is good when you feel irritable, depression or you are unconfortable on emotional or psyhical way.  This tea has its own instruction manual because it needs to be used properly to achieve the best results.

We should also mention the tea OFA that relaxes, removes tension and also works with psyhical problems caused with stress and hard life. Males might also like the nickname this tea got which is “potency tea”. Lastly we should mention “Salsa teeth powder” – it is great for keeping mouth clean. It is good in protection of teeth, removing of teeth deposits and has mild desinfection ability as well as the ability to help with teeth problems and periodontitis.

About the products and sucessess of Ruben Papian we could talk for days and days. A testament to that is the fact that his book is in preparations that is not going to leave anyone flat hearted. His services are used by famous businessmen, politicians, ministers as well as many celebrities. Since Ruben is always in our country for a very short period of time a lot of patients can’t wait for his return.

Source: “Lepota i zdravlje – Neko kome se veruje”, 2004 September

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