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Ruben Papian is an Armenian who lives in the Netherlands and Serbia, and who is called for help by financial magnates from America to Kazakhstan, Hollywood stars, political leaders who find themselves in a dead end… Who is this man? What does he do? He is an intuitive healer. Creator of metaphysical system and designer of power structures. Interlocutor from the distant future. Reader of cosmic software and a connoisseur of a machine called human being, who will lead us from point A to point B in this interview, from hopelessness to health and happiness, using the shortest and quickest route. Buckle up, away we go.

What do you do when patient comes into your office for the first time, do you read his thoughts? 

I do not work with patients like a doctor, I am not an energy therapist. The hardest thing has always been, and always will, be to characterize Ruben. If you ask my wife Natasha who is Ruben, she will not know that answer. I am not an alternative in the ordinary sense, what I do is a miracle. Miracle is a recipe and technology and requires knowledge in classical sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology… In order to know how this world works, I need to know politics, finance and also something that hardly anyone knows, that is, the structure called human.

I turn to a human being and view him not as a living being, but as a mechanism, a machine. Objectively, a human’s life does not depend on him alone. One feels that he is making his life, but it is not so. It would be nice for him not to create it, but at least to understand his way of life and not to stand in the way of his life, but people usually mess it all up with their I want-I don’t want. A human thinks that his beautiful wish is the thing he lacks, while not understanding that his beautiful wish is just the thing that will ruin him. After fulfillment of that beautiful wish come consequences.

Knowledge of the structure of a human and functioning of the human mechanism is allowing me to, at the right time, with the forces of nature and the knowledge of nature‘s secrets, create a recipe for a specific person, in order to move her from point A to point B via the most appropriate and least painful path for her. The satisfaction of my success is like artists satisfaction. When an artist creates his work, he does not know what it will turn out to be, but the mastery of it is that it will turn out to be  exactly what will fill the others emotionally, not just him. What I do, those are biological works of art.

Did you set the point B or do we all aspire to it with our common sense? 

Human understanding of common sense and common sense are completely different things. If you ask seven billion people whether they want to be happy, everybody will answer “yes.” If you ask them to describe happiness, 99 percent of them will give exactly the same answer: “a bigger car, a bigger house, a boat, for everyone to know me”. And that’s it. Seven billion of absolutely different structures and mentally they are all the same. How is that possible? People tend towards the Hollywood vision of the so-called happiness, which has nothing to do with them, nor their energy, nor their character, it doesn’t fit them mentally or physically… Women want to be Angelina Jolie, although she suffers from depression and wants to commit suicide. If they want to be her “good luck”, they will receive consequences.

Do you set the “point  B” in the name of those who you ask for your help?

I work with a little more exclusive world, from country to country, with recommendations. A man who has an ulcer does not come to me, he can get all the help he needs elsewhere. To me come people who have nowhere else to go. These are mostly businessmen, looking for someone who will not only understand them, but also the matter they are dealing with. People with subtle industries and subtle, yet huge problems. Of course that man gives in to me then. Well, who would not want someone else to deal with his life, for him to solve and deicide everything?

The higher you find yourself on society’s ladder, the greater responsibilities you have. Imagine a happy family: husband, wife and child. Imagine a different situation: a husband, wife and twenty children. Explain to me, where is the happiness? It should be 20 times bigger, but it is not. It’s the same with money.

Rumor has it that you were called by the Queen of the Netherlands. Do you ever mention the names of the people you helped?

No, no, it is a moral category. I meet my people, I work and I forget it.

How many Rubens are there in the world? 

I do not know, because Ruben is a creation, not a finished product. It’s constant work, but not in one direction. Growth requires the breaking of the former thing to construct a new thing. For many people the loss of the past is a disaster, even though they know that a full cup can not be filled with new water. A human should pour out something, but how to pour out the past? Heavier past is easily forgotten, but the good, the beautiful past, that is the largest virus. Well, that’s not where you can find me, I’m more for the future!

When did you first realize that the human is a machine? 

It can not be perceived at once. I was supposed to change my perception of the human being, my eyes were supposed to be like engineering eyes, not human eyes.

You did not have a teacher?

No, but that does not mean that there are no places or resources from which to learn. If there is the Internet, and it exists in the world, imagine that there is some form of Internet in the Universe, in which our planet is just one in a network. I’ve got a planet, called the head, the brain and it is constantly connected… Understanding why it requires deformation of your own abilities, which is not easy. The possibility of transforming from human non-biological parameters into human settings allows me to fix something here, knowing where I will get information on how I should do it. Learning is continuous, without a teacher in physical form.

If this is the 22nd or 25th century medicine, how do you interpret that it is given to you at the beginning of the 21st century?

The question is absolutely common, you demand that I value myself from the human point of view… But my answer would be very simple: “I neither know nor want to know.” Everyone, including myself, should take care of their design, and not be excited about it being in a certain way, compare it to someone else’s and stop its growth due to its own stupidity. There will come a time when the way I am speaking and observing things now, will be learned in schools. Pupils will laugh at how stupid people were before. Biological Internet will be normal and we will “google” constantly. But this is not a human as it is today.

How many people there is that can understand you?

There are some, but not too many, nor do I want or  need to be understood. In human communication there is an exchange going on, and that exchange is deeply individual, every word may be a virus. It goes to the head, takes place, you call it “I made an opinion” or “I felt good” or “that man is friendly”, and the virus is already positioned. While communicating with a larger number of people, one is even more prone to catching a virus. What do I need other people’s opinions for, or their viruses? If I need it, I know exactly who I’m going to ask and what to do with his opinion. And forming an opinion based on the responses of 10 different people, that’s just a pathological stupidity.

In Belgrade, there is a Center for spiritual development Sfera, which you founded. How many Ruben Papians can be found in Sfera?

Sfera is made ​​for those who want me to pass them my knowledge on how to “operate” on a man’s construction and how the “machine” actually works. I have packaged my knowledge in short exercises. Do this and that and the mechanism will improve. Yes, it is a creation of Ruben, but Ruben himself is not really there. Sfera is for normal, pleasant people who want to have a harmonic structure. Sfera has been around for 20 years. Something is always added to it because the human is changing, and that is happening with abnormal speed.

What is the direction of the acceleration of human’s changes?

Everything goes the right way, because nothing depends on the human – not an ounce. Our globe is a very young planet. Mankind is now 16-17 years old. In the phase of transition from adolescence to youth. Youth includes new hormones that are already created. The human transiting to the phase of post puberty, it is not slowing down or speeding up, because, at the moment, there is no time… It is like a day does not even exist. A human can see how many hours have passed by looking at the clock hands, but in reality, he does not know how long the day lasted, was it a long day or a short one. Earlier it was all clear. Now it is not, because it is the time of transition, and everything that is going on is extremely interesting. A human has only just stepped into a new part of his evolution, into getting to know himself…

Is there reason for fear?

There is no basis for the fear but there are as many fears as you like. Modern economies are based on fear and hope. They control you with your fear and then they give you hope so the system will not collapse. It is like a child of 12 years. You always have to praise it but in the same time also scare it, so it would not jump in front of a car or sit in his father’s car to drive while being 13 years old.

What moral principles and emotions are worth cultivating in the mechanism called a human?

In this time of transition a man should cultivate himself first. Egoism, absolutely yes, but not to be egocentric. When a human is slammed by the wind from this or that side, mental, psychological and emotional, it is very important that he saves himself. Everything about him is right, everything goes on, it’s a temporary thing, he will stabilize, thank God. In the world the number of suicides has radically increased, because of the lack of ego and because they all talk about love and no one can explain what that is.

What is love?

What a human considers love to be, are slimy, pleasant, sweet emotions… Love is an 24/7 obligation. And people think, “I do not want to love, I want to be loved. I’m full of myself and at the same time I would like to get a nice massage.” It’s very pleasant, but it has nothing to do with love. Love is when a mother loves her child, no matter how it is. Ask a mother: Do you love your children? Of course. And why do you love them? That’s a funny question. Where there is love, the brain shuts down. the System itself takes everything over, including the obligation and preservation.

How do you preform distant treatments?

It’s simple. Each human is connected to the global Internet. To find him, you just need to know his parameters.

You do the reprogramming of a human. What is that? 

It’s a miracle in the truest sense of the word. Your perception of yourself is changing, the way of thinking is changing, everything is changing completely.

Can a human reprogram himself? 

The time will come when they will be able to, without any problems, but it will not be the same people as in today’s sense of that word.

How long will the human from the future live?

When the time comes, the concept of understanding and evaluating life and death will not be the same. Body and soul are not things that are connected. The body will be used as a shoe. All will be reversed. And then you will lose the view on death that exists today, it will be a lot more like a nice lady that we will wait for a long time to come.

What would you say to readers of Ona Magazine for the end? 

Women are intellectual beings and are more advanced than men, absolutely. They believe in themselves more than men, thank God. I would love to tell them that not everything is like people speak about it. The world is different, much richer, much more subtle, more invisible… People do not see even one percent of what is happening, for example, in this area at this microseconds. And what they see is not the way it is, so it is not what they see. The brain chooses what to see, just to create a specific opinion. Lets count to 10, during that time we will get more information. So do not rush with the opinions. When the time comes, opinions will come too. Human is born as God, he just doesn’t understand it. In theory he is a God and in practice he needs only 10 fingers to do anything.

Ruben Papian in Serbia

What are you doing in Serbia?

I hang out with this country since 1988, when I first came. I was 26 years old, I was a psychic, bioenergetics, healer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. I helped the diplomatic circle, including one girl who was a granddaughter of the senior diplomat in the former Yugoslavia. They invited me as a guest. From that time the friendship with Serbia continues.

Did you replace Armenia where you were born with Serbia?

Honestly, Ruben is not an Armenian product, Ruben is 50 percent Serbian product. Armenia is a very traditional, old country. I’m sure my past would prevent any other alternatives for me in Armenia. Getting out of that country enabled me new air and new dishes. And there was Serbia, where I blossomed as a person.

Your children live here?

Sergej lives here, Alina lives in the Netherlands, but now goes here to college for one year. What will happen after I have no idea. That is not something that dad decides, life decides that.

Is it a good sign for our country that Ruben’s son is here?

I would say this: I would like to thank Serbia that my child lives here. This is not because Serbia is great, it’s his own decision. And here I feel I am at home too. It is a different question whether I could live here permanently, because I need the whole planet.

How do you feel Serbia today?

Serbia is lost between the past and the future. Serbia doesn’t let go of the past and doesn’t let the future to arise. In one pot there is soup, kebabs and turtles. And that is where the taste and the smell gets lost. Maybe it’s good, you might get something out of it, but on this day – Serbia is undefined. In any case, everything will be great. I do not see that as a bad factor, it is what it is.

Source: Magazine ”Ona” – ”Čovečanstvo je u pubertetu” December 2012

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