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August 10, 2012

Miraculous teas by miracle maker from Armenia

This is not an ad, this is your salvation! Worldly renowned healer, miracle maker from Armenia, mister Ruben Papian made receipts for very efficient and healthy teas from medical plants grown on Serbian mountains. Thousands experienced his impeccable healing powers and many are yet to believe in everything these teas that he gifted to the broad population can do. Why are these teas miraculous? You will find out in the story that follows.

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August 8, 2012

Energizing Herbs

I tested all of my teas on my organism first

Ruben Papian, world’s expert for esotericism and energies, reveals for “Magical herbs” magazine how did he decide, between many of his activities, to start making his, already well known, teas. Here’s what he says:
Friends consulted me about the teas they started to produce. I just felt the smell of dried herbs they showed me. While they were looking at me with astonishment, I asked them – would you like to hear my opinion? They said yes. And then I told them – your tea could help people with this, this, and that problem! They were amazed by the fact that I actually knew that. They asked me why don’t I make my own line of teas, when I can already tell which herb helps with what health issue. Until then I didn’t even thought about it, because I only loved to drink them and I wasn’t an expert in herbs.

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July 25, 2012

Forces of nature

For over seven years our market had access to a group of wonderous teas that are used as diabetic addition to food. They are made following recipes by famous Ruben Papian and controlled by P.M.C.C.I. lab in Holland. Teas are a mixture of our domestic curative plants from ecologically clean terrain around Sokobanja. They have high natural energy potential and EU certificate which ensures that they are of organic origin and belong in the first class category.

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